Screen Time Is Suddenly Magical As Preschoolers Have A Safe Place To Stream And Learn Via Stories, Cartoons And Songs

Portugal (September 19, 2017) – Chances are that by the time kids are potty trained, they are pros at playing with a smart phone or tablet. They love watching videos, especially on YouTube, but many parents worry about the quality and amount of the time spent in front of the screen. Wouldn’t it be better if kids were learning and parents were given more control while young ones watch their favorite videos? Well, say hello to kiddZtube ($4.99), an interactive streaming app, where the most popular preschool videos are selected from YouTube and curated by teachers who add a pop up quiz — embedded into every story, cartoon or song!

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Parent company magikbee, makers of the phygital magik play starter kit, saw an opportunity to give parents a solution to their child’s YouTube consumption. Explains Hugo Filipe Ribeiro, Co-Founder & CEO, “we wanted to develop something positive, safe and at the same time engaging and fun for kids.”

Parents and early childhood educators eagerly await the September 2017 launch of kiddZtube — an interactive video app for children with safe content and stimulating contextual quizzes that are carefully selected by teachers to help kids learn while watching their favorite videos. Youngsters answer each quiz, asked aloud, with a user interface of a row of four colored stars combined with emojis, making the experience interactive and visually appealing to the youngest boys and girls.

KiddZtube is a closed platform and youngsters can’t get dragged within the app to outside content. Parents can control the all-important amount of time kids spend at the app. An added bonus to this educational app is that mom and dad can monitor their child’s performance. They can get a feel for a child’s likes and dislikes by studying the analytics in the Parents Dashboard in the app.

Everyone is invited to “test” the kiddZtube lite version for free with access to 20 videos with quizzes. Then download the full kiddZtube app for $4.99 and secure the full experience with more than 1000 videos and 7,000 quizzes to view from an iPad or an iPhone. It will be launched for Android smart devices soon.

Boys and girls will be enchanted as they read along to a storybook or watch a cartoon. Like magic, opportunities pop up randomly to be quizzed. Tots select one of those four stars to answer questions that correspond to what they just watched. It’s magical for the child and the perfect resolution for parents to maximize screen time with safe, teacher-curated learning.

Doctors agree that positive screen time can be beneficial. Earlier this year the American Academy of Pediatrics advised that children ages two-to-five experience one hour or less per day of high quality screen time that is both age-appropriate and assists in the development of cognitive skills.

kiddZtube delivers the doctor’s orders in the form of the world’s first quiz-video-app for the preschool years! A child might watch a video about autumn apple picking. The quiz question appears, what color are the apples? The options to respond appear inside four stars colored blue, yellow, red or green. To respond, a child just has to select the star with the correct answer. The youngster will instantly know if the answer is correct or should try again. It’s a fun way to learn about spelling, colors, counting, emotions, activities and directions.

Some parents may currently be attuned to YouTube Kids where preschool content is freely available. The big difference is the ability to transform screen time into an active learning experience. YouTube Kids promote passive screen time and sometimes very young children can get dragged to inappropriate content that skips the YouTube algorithms. That’s not possible with kiddZtube.

kiddZtube • $4.99 • Ages 2+
The newest product from magikbee, this is the world’s first quiz video app for preschoolers! Compatible with both iOS (iPad & iPhone) and soon, android devices, youngsters think it’s magic and parents/educators know its priceless. Try for free kiddZtube Lite with access to 20 starter videos. When ready, parents can download for $4.99 to access the kiddZtube full app that offers more than 1000 videos and 10,000 quizzes. Wow!

Launched earlier this year is another magikbee edtech tool that utilizes smart devices with a twist!

magik Play Starter Kit • $57.99 • Ages 2+
Just in from Europe, magik play is the world’s first iPad smart toy that merges traditional wooden toys with educational games, creating a more engaging, physical and truly fun experience for preschoolers. Each kit includes 10 “smart” blocks, a wooden iPad stand and 3 games, adapted to different ages that explore educational challenges. In each game, kids are asked to find solutions by assembling the physical wooden blocks. This iPad toy enhances a child’s motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity and collaboration. Best of all it can be played solo or with siblings and parents.

Visit the site at http://www.magikbee.com for more information or follow their social channels at Twitter: magikbee_world, Instagram: magikbee_world and Facebook: magikbee.

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About magikbee
Headquartered in Portugal, magikbee is a member of the Portuguese Startup Braga Innovation Hub (Microsoft Ventures partner) and has the ambition to become an important player in the edtech market for preschoolers with the use of phygital and interactive apps. magikbee’s mission is to reimagine screen time by promoting active fun and learning through a range of proprietary technologies for digital devices. Its proprietary patented technology enables a series of smart toys that introduce a special type of augmented reality where the physical toys interact with the iPad near the screen, creating a seamless experience between physical and digital play. This team of parents and university researchers are pros with interactive technology for education. Their numerous awards include honors at the global Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference (ACE) and top prize at the World Technology Awards in the Entertainment category. In 2016 they were one of the finalists of the Silicon Valley World Tech Cup Challenge, in the AR/VR category.

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