New Magnutto™ Play Sets Allow Kids To Place Expressive Magnets Of Eyes, Brows, Mouth & More To Role-Play People Or Pet Moods

Northfield, IL (April 13, 2016) – Remember when sticking out a tongue or crossing your eyes would have your mom warn, “Don’t make silly faces, or your face will get stuck like that.” Actually, making faces and being able to read them on others is a significant milestone for all children. Neat-Oh! International, makers of award-winning kids’ products, launches Magnutto™ Make A Mood ($24.99), one of three new magnetic activity sets for tots as young as three years old. Kids are encouraged to make a face — with magnets on an easel — as they explore different feelings and the words that express them.

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As much as studying science and math can boost an IQ, being able to recognize facial expressions boost a person’s EQ – emotional quotient. Toys that encourage empathy and emotions are getting high marks from parents as well as healthcare professionals.

“Over the last decade,” reads a recent article in Parents magazine, “mental-health experts have also begun to factor in a person’s EQ (emotional quotient), which measures how well he manages his emotions and relates to others. In fact, your child’s EQ might be an even better predictor of his future success at school and in life beyond.”

Kids may or may not recognize a scared cat, a mean dog or a worried classmate. But every feeling has a face™ as the three Magnutto play sets – Make A Pet, Make A Dino and Make A Mood show in an age-appropriate and fun way. The sets are stuffed with facial features, hair and headpieces for children to select, build, then discuss. The results might look like a Picasso portrait. Or it might be spot-on as to how a child is feeling at the moment. Either way, it’s a wonderful starting point for caregivers and children to openly discuss how people and four-legged friends express themselves.

Tucked inside every box is a curriculum for grownups to guide children to talk aloud about feelings. Making a ferocious face on a dinosaur might be safer than making one on a person. Both themes encourage conversation. Moods might range from jealous, brave and scared to happy, excited or tired. The enclosed cards ask questions such as, “What should you do if you see someone else who feels like ____?”

Each Magnutto set offers over 100 thick foam magnets, ideal for little fingers. The sets start with a strong, sturdy box (making it great for storing pieces and for kids on the go) that opens to a magnetic easel.  The fun is in selecting the mix ‘n match pieces to make a bespectacled man with a moustache or a floppy-eared puppy. Make A Dino offers a whopping 122 magnets including horns, tails and teeth. Make A Mood includes133 magnets from tears to tiaras.

Beyond the magnets are multilingual cards in three languages. Children learn vocabulary words of feelings in French, English and Spanish!  Learning questions are also printed in three languages. A half hour of play becomes a wonderful teaching moment that encourages empathy, consideration and respect. When play is done, pack up all the cards and magnets and close the durable box. How neat is that? Parent company Neat-Oh!® International, known for their award-winning kids’ products, is launching the three themed kits now.

Specialty retailers already look to Neat-Oh! for some of their best sellers. At Toy Fair 2016, ASTRA members filled out forms for Share The Fair that boasted most likely products to place in their store. Neat-Oh! items were listed multiple times!

“With the help of some of our favorite specialty retailers,” explained Neat-Oh! Senior Vice President Dee Farrell, “we developed a line of products that help children learn to identify, express and respond to emotions. All children can benefit from being comfortable with expressing their feelings, even if they don’t have the words just yet.”

Reading social cues is a skill everyone should master. Some youngsters need a little boost to distinguish signals from the eyes and mouth. Magnutto play sets are packed with sample questions for role-play. The activity kit is a fun (and sometimes funny) way to explore emotions or role-play.

Pick one or collect all three at specialty retailers coast-to-coast. The sets are sure to make beloved birthday presents or to give to a favorite niece, nephew or grandchild.

Magnutto Make A Mood • $24.99 • Ages 5+
A tiara, pink cheeks and bright eyes might combine to make a proud princess. It’s all up to the little artists to pick among 133 thick magnets of head-to-chin characteristics. Designed to help children identify, express, understand and respond to feeling and emotions, boys and girls manipulate the foam magnets to create a facial mood. Multilingual vocabulary cards teach tots how to express themselves in three languages!

Magnutto Make A Dino • $24.99 • Ages 5+
Kids adore dinos and sometimes expressing emotions using a dinosaur is easier (and more fun) for tots! This kit offers 122 large magnets that create a full body design from horns to tails. The sturdy easel box opens to a magnetic easel and closes to store all the magnets when play is done.  The enclosed English-French-Spanish activity cards makes this an educational adventure that kids will ask for again and again.

Magnutto Make A Pet • $24.99 * Ages 5+
Whether it’s a woof or a meow, kids just “get” their pets and their wagging tails. Learning empathy for our furry friends is a good thing, too. Using thick foam magnets, youngsters can create pet facial expressions with floppy ears, black noses and expressive eyes. Like all three sets, there is a sturdy easel box to use and reuse. A list of emotions and examples of animal pet expressions is included.

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