Investors Invited To Join Knockout Word As THE Game That Casts A S-P-E-L-L On All Ages While Enhancing Language & Math Skills

Los Angeles, CA (January 23, 2018) – Have you ever gotten a text with IMHO, 2moro or BCNU? That’s how many Smartphone users communicate. Imagine the horror of English teachers everywhere! Between spell checker and auto correct, most kids – from elementary to college — have never opened a dictionary! 2018 is the year to knock out poor messaging with a lively game called Knockout Word ($24.99), now on Kickstarter:

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“Simple, yet addictive — in a good way,” laughs Oliver Parker, one half of the husband-wife team that invented the game. “Knockout Word boosts spelling, math and vocabulary while having fun! It can be played individually or in teams at the kitchen table.”

Clever teachers now incorporate the game into their lesson plans. Seventh graders in Mr. Hanson’s Muskego, Wisconsin English class don’t crack open the text book or use the computer lab to learn new vocabulary words. They are assigned to play. Like Scrabble or a crossword puzzle, Knockout Word is a brain game that boosts students’ literacy in the guise of an amusing competition.

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“Increased screen time, lack of face-to-face communication and decreased stimulation,” attests literacy teacher Ben Hanson of Lake Denoon Middle School, “are common in today’s world. This Knockout Word spelling game is not a typical game. It’s a learning system with a twist – my students are laughing and having fun! They are learning, increasing their vocabulary without even realizing it.”

As Oliver and spouse Anastasia affirm, Knockout Word is not just for kids but couples and families who wish to spend some together-time away from anything with a cord or cell service. From 6-year-olds to senior citizens, knocking off an opponent is always a thrill when it involves using your mind and not simply luck.

As the enclosed instructions explain, players begin equally with the draw of nine randomly selected alphabetical cards. All players then simultaneously create a word or words on the enclosed cardholder. As they begin to form a word, they add up the value of each letter in their head. The fastest player who thinks their word is the top scorer calls out their score only without disclosing the actual word.

For example, the seven-letter word VICTORY, is valued at 110. Values are numbered in increments of 5 making it easy to add in your head. The player who spelled VICTORY would shout 110 and turn over the enclosed sand timer. Now, the pressure is on for the opponents to create and reveal their top word(s) — before the time runs out. Repeat until 5 rounds have been played. The highest scoring speller wins (or scores a Knock Out).

Besides lots of smiles and confidence-boosting wins, the game improves spelling, math, and vocabulary while sharpening memory. Social skills like patience and determination are enhanced. Best of all, it brings people face-to-face! Play it in the classroom or in the living room.


Created by avid word game players, this brand new game is in its Kickstarter phase with the first roll-out ready for Spring 2018. As their pledge page,, explains co-inventor Oliver shares the same background of construction as Alfred Mosher Mutts, the architect who invented Scrabble in the 1930s! Game maker Parker boasts a degree in Construction Project Management.

Co-inventor and spouse Anastasia was a Spelling Bee champ in Oregon. After earning a double Bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Social Work, she became a Case Manager and Skills trainer for children in a therapeutic foster care, developing educational classes and games to help kids with social and academic skills.

“Making time at least once a week, away from phones and TV shows, to enjoy a few rounds of the Knockout word is improving the quality of our lives and bringing us closer. The positive impact this game has had on us is a priceless reward that we hadn’t anticipated when we first created it– the initial goal was simply to settle the score in finding out who was better at word games.”

With a modest goal of $9,500, their Kickstarter page offers incentives from $20 to $500 to $1200 and in between. Each pledge generates a complete game set plus customized boxes, a deluxe game set and more.

Knockout Word • $24.99 • Ages 6+ (Kickstarter exclusive offer of $19 before campaign ends!)
Each game arrives in a game box organizer with 270 letter cards, 6 cardholders and a sand timer. Visit to place a pre-order for Spring 2018 delivery with free shipping in the U.S. As the inventors remind us, all players are on the same equal playing field as they use the exact same letters. There’s no “luck of the draw” with each round so winners or losers vow to try anew.

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Los Angeles-based Oliver and Anastasia Parker have created the perfect educational spelling game for all ages to enjoy. It can be played one on one or in teams of two or three. English teachers praise the game for motivating and engaging students who are used to texting abbreviated phrases rather than spelling out the actual words. Vocabulary, spelling and math skills are suddenly boosted in a fun 5-round knock out game. Discover their Kickstarter campaign at

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