Game-Changing Tool Makes Parenting Easier


Game-Changing Tool Makes Parenting Easier

Trumbull, CT (June 7, 2017) – As parents, we all have had those days when our sweet kids behave badly – meltdown in aisle 3, sibling shoving or spilling cereal with milk all over the floor! What’s a mom or dad to do to survive parenthood? The simple answer is an innovative incentive tool for kids as young as three to wear on their wrist. With a mix of the tangible and the digital, one company is changing the way the world parents! Say hello to Kudo Banz.

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The Kudo Banz Starter Pack ($29.95) is a positive parenting tool that teaches kids to listen without yelling or time-outs. Instead of saying “no, no, no!” or “don’t do that!” grownups finally have a tool to catch good behavior. And kids get immediate positive reinforcement for being well behaved. Imagine that!

The Kudo Banz Starter Pack ($29.95) is a positive parenting tool that teaches kids to listen without yelling or time-outs. Instead of saying “no, no, no!” or “don’t do that!” grownups finally have a tool to catch good behavior. And kids get immediate positive reinforcement for being well behaved. Imagine that!Simply stated, a Kudo Banz is like the popular sticker chart, but instead of resting on the refrigerator door, it’s on your child’s wrist. It’s roving, just like they are! And thank goodness, because bad behavior seems to happen more often than not in public places like at the grocery store, dropping off at school or at the library.

Each colored band has three spots, numbered 1-2-3, for three to-be-earned charms called Kudos. Good behavior at the grocery store earns one Kudo, on the spot! It might look like a Kitty, Princess, Superhero or Pirate. Kudo collectible charms fit each child’s personality.

Good behavior a second time earns kids a second Kudo for their band. Then, a third time they earn a Magical Kudo! The reward for earning that third Kudo is entry into the magical app, typically found on Mom’s smartphone. Reward time can happen in the car, at a lunch stop or after bath time. Model behavior becomes mobile. (And you’ll never have to offer a sugary bribe again!)

The digital aspect of Kudo Banz is an embedded AR code on the Magical Kudo that, when scanned with the free Kudo Banz app, the Kudo character magically comes alive. It also unlocks their personalized reward wheel (customized in advance with mom or dad) with treats like an extra storybook at bedtime or a family board game!

“Experts agree that timely reinforcement of behavior is key in creating change,” explains their informative website, “That’s why Kudo Banz changes things. Since the band is worn on a child’s wrist and the app is always with parents on their phone, there is no need to wait until they get home to reinforce good behavior. They can reinforce it wherever they are, leading to lasting change.”

Kudo Banz with a virtual reality twist was invented by Connecticut mom, Amanda Naqvi, who had an a-ha moment with her own 3-year-old who came to her with a sad face saying “I’m not a good listener”. Today this mother of three, along with her husband, Hamza, is nurturing a business that’s a parenting game changer. Their Starter Pack includes a hardcover storybook, 2 bands – one blue and one red, 6 Kudo charms, a carrying pouch and a free app download, on both Apple and Android devices.

  • Parents manage the app, starting with setting up a profile for each of their Kudo Banz kids.
  • When the child achieves their #3 Magical Kudo for good behavior, a fun VR image appears in the app.
  • After spinning their customized reward wheel, the apps tells which reward was randomly picked.
  • Each time children earn three Kudos and get a reward, they progress in the app’s adventure road.

To get started, The Adventures of Drago and George storybook introduces little ones about Kudo Banz in a fun way. Children get excited as they read about two rambunctious boys who are given Kudo Banz by their Nana when she comes to visit.

If you pay attention, you’ll learn how it works.
Kudos are great! They have lots of perks.
Kudos and listening go hand in hand.
You’ll feel so proud when you put on your band.

With enchanting copy by Amanda Naqvi and “Nana” and illustrations by Alexandra Tatu, the storybook reinforces the concept earning Kudos and rewards. The book also reinforces some all-important rules to parents. With Kudo Banz there are no “take backs” – what your child earns, they keep. It is important to keep it positive. The back-of-the-book also suggests “involving kids in selecting their goals and rewards in a fun way is the best way to keep them engaged and motivated. Talk through the Kudo Goals with your child and then personalize the reward wheel on the app together. Thank them for being BIG helpers!”

Not only can kids track their daily progress with the 1,2,3 on their bands, Kudo Banz also provides a fun way for kids to track their longer-term progress. Explains Naqvi, “To make sure the kids stay motivated over the long term, kids move up a level in their virtual Kudo World each time the reward wheel is spun. The results are lasting.”

Available in early June 2017, look for these products online at and at Amazon. Enter your email to join the Kudo community. Like them on Facebook to keep up on all the latest app updates and learn how other parents use Kudo Banz with success!

Kudo Banz Starter Pack • $29.95 • Ages 3+Kudo Banz Starter Pack • $29.95 • Ages 3+
Kudo Banz works like a sticker chart, but it goes on a child’s wrist so it is always there when parents need it. Kudo Banz teaches kids to listen without yelling so families can spend time more positively. Kudo Banz motivates kids through the use of positive reinforcement, which is the proven method that doctors and experts swear by. Kudo Banz get little ones excited about better listening and the easy-to-use app makes it magically come to life. Finally, a parenting tool that works at home or wherever the day takes them. *Starter Pack includes everything you need for 1-2 little ones; a hardcover storybook, 2 bands, 6 Kudo charms (including 2 Magical Kudos), a carrying pouch and the Kudo Banz app.

The Kudo Collections, $10.95 • Ages 3+

The Kudo Collections, $10.95 • Ages 3+
Motivate kids to learn new behaviors with additional Kudos that kids can add to their starter pack. These fun collections each contain 6 Kudos; 2 of which are magical that unlock new reward wheel animations! Theme examples include Kitty, Panda, Princess, Dino and Sports. Kids will be excited to see these fun Kudos dance on screen. They are a great way to keep little ones focused and motivated as their interests change. *Kudo Collections are an accessory to the starter pack. To use the Kudos and the app, you must first purchase the starter set.

The Banz Collection, $9.95 • Ages 3+
Kids can keep things fresh and fun by adding more colorful bands to their collection. Kudo Banz believes in giving kids choices to keep them motivated. This collection includes 6 bands in exciting colors. Kids will enjoy picking a new color each day. *The Banz Collection is an accessory to the starter pack. To use the Banz and the app, you must first purchase the starter set.

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Making its debut in June 2017, Kudo Banz is the only real-time parenting tool that combines tangible and digital components in a kid-friendly, interactive way. The tangible wristband and Kudos keep good behavior on the top of kids’ minds, while the digital component motivates them with a magical experience. This bridges the gap between traditional sticker charts and modern behavior apps. The Kudos not only provide immediate positive reinforcement but the app enhances that experience by bringing the Kudos to life on the go. Discover a new way of positive parenting at

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