Just-Launched Kudo Banz Adds Tillywig To Its Awards Mantle For Smart Parenting Tool That ‘Catches’ Kids Being Good Listeners

Trumbull, CT (July 10, 2017) – There’s a brand-new product that’s creating a lot of buzz among parents with small children. With a flick of the wrist, kids are becoming better listeners as parents catch them behaving well! Tillywig Awards just named The Kudo Banz Starter Pack ($29.95) as its 2017 Parents’ Favorite Products Winner.

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A second industry contest, Creative Child, named the easy-to-use band its 2017 Kids Product Of The Year. That’s remarkable considering the starter pack just launched last month. What’s even more remarkable are the daily reports of good behavior as the tangible band with a digital component keeps kids motivated to listen better. Improved behavior translates to a Kudo on the spot.

“Kudo Banz is an effective and easy-to-use parenting tool,” begins the Tillywig Awards review, “that uses positive reinforcement and cleverly imagined rewards to help shape children’s behavior. The gratifying results include greater cooperation and more fun for the entire family! The excitement kicks off with a full-color storybook through which kids discover Kudos, fun-themed charms that attach to a colorful band worn on the child’s wrist. Each time all three spots on their wristband (numbered 1, 2, 3) have been filled, kids scan the third Kudo using the free Kudo Banz app, where they can then spin a digital reward wheel loaded with rewards of their own choosing, things like bonus time playing outside, watching a family movie or staying up late. The wristband is then cleared of Kudos, the process begun anew. The participatory nature of this playful, multi-tiered approach keeps kids happily engaged and very much invested in the outcomes.”

Look for these positive parenting products online at http://www.Kudobanz.com and at Amazon.

Kudo Banz Starter Pack • $29.95 • Ages 3-10
2017 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products Award
2017 Creative Child Kids Product Of The Year – Positive Parenting Aids category
Kudo Banz is like a sticker chart, but for a child’s wrist so it’s always there when you need it. Kudo Banz connects the tangible and digital world with a wristband, charms and a digital app with a magical experience. With this new technology kids scan Kudos and make them come to life right before their eyes. This keeps them motivated and engages them to work on better listening. It’s an easy-to-use, innovative way to reduce tantrums, improve listening and make parenting easier.

Making its debut in June 2017, Kudo Banz is the only real-time parenting tool that combines tangible and digital components in a kid-friendly, interactive way. The tangible wristband and Kudos keep good behavior on the top of kids’ minds, while the digital component motivates them with a magical experience. This bridges the gap between traditional sticker charts and modern behavior apps. The Kudos not only provide immediate positive reinforcement but the app enhances that experience by bringing the Kudos to life on the go. Discover a new way of positive parenting at http://www.KudoBanz.com.

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