A Star Is Born Or Maybe A Producer With Enchanting Hollywood Film Camera, Star Beauty Bag And Sweets & Candy Wooden Sets At Toy Fair Booth 6380

London, England (January 3, 2020)– Let’s pretend for a moment that you are toddler and given a fabric bag filled with small wooden animals – a mighty lion, a long-necked giraffe and a smiling monkey. What happens next has endless possibilities and is, perhaps, the best part of childhood pretend play! Le Toy Van’s 2020 Collection of beautifully crafted wooden play pieces, like the Petilou Africa Stacker & Bag ($19.95) have an added bonus for parents – they are heirloom quality but priced under $50! See the entire collection at their New York Toy Fair Booth 6380.

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LE TOY VAN’S UNDER-$50 PRETEND PLAY TOYSThe magic of unplugged play has so many benefits – improved language skills, social and emotional role playing and of course, cooperative play.

“To you, a block is just a block, but put it in your toddler’s hands and it becomes anything from a sandwich to a cruise ship,” begins an article in Parents magazine titled The Benefits of Pretend Play.” This may not seem like a major developmental milestone, but the ability to think symbolically is essential to learning language and math.” The article continues, ‘It’s how children come to understand that letters stand for sounds and numbers represent amounts,’ says Jane M. Healy, PhD, author of Your Child’s Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence. Symbolic play also requires your kid to think abstractly, which helps him become a creative problem solver.”

Africa Stacker & BagSustainable Rubberwood pieces decorated with water-based paints make pretend play a safe choice with Petilou, Le Toy Van’s award-winning baby and toddler collection. New for 2020 is the captivating Building Blocks & Bag ($49.95). This timeless classic makes a wonderful birthday or holiday gift for preschoolers to enjoy now and share with siblings-to-be years from now! From blocks, move on to stacking a cheetah with a zebra then a giraffe! Africa Stacker & Bag will inspire conversations about the wild animals of an exotic continent.

Honeybake is Le Toy Van’s multi-award-winning imaginative role-play toy collection. Honeybake playthings encourage children to get into character and act out scenarios while learning through play. These are ideal for ages 3+. Le Toy Van’s 2020 Collection features a Hollywood Film Camera ($24.95), Star Beauty Bag ($39.95) for that up-close scene and Sweets & Candy Set ($24.95) for pretend movie snacks!

Toy Fair veterans, who are always in search of the next-big-thing, will want to mark these seven wooden pretend play items on their Javits Convention Center itinerary:

Hollywood Film Camera by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $24.95Hollywood Film Camera by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $24.95
Is this how Steven Speilberg got started? This stimulating wooden toy will have kids shouting “lights, camera, action!” Little ones will be inspired to create, star and share their storylines. The vintage style camera is unique in design; with a spinning cog feature and a kaleidoscope lens for an extra layer of discovery. Imagine that!

Sweets & Candy Set by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $24.95Sweets & Candy Set by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $24.95
Take a trip down memory lane with this nostalgic Sweet Set. This wooden assortment of lip-smacking sweets comes with a retro stripy bag for all the fun without the sugar load. The chunky wooden pieces are ideal for small hands.

Star Beauty Bag by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $39.95Star Beauty Bag by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $39.95
Have you seen your parents get ready for a special night on the town? Inside this cosmetic bag is an endless possibility of movie-star-glamour. The life-like assortment of wooden accessories includes a perfume bottle with a bulb atomizer (so clever!), a hand-held mirror, a hair dryer, a shell compact makeup kit, a lotion, a nail polish, a lipstick and a power puff. Get ready for your close-up!

Apples & Pears Market Crate by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $19.95Apples & Pears Market Crate by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $19.95
Eating a colorful diet is encouraged with these pretty wooden pieces tucked into a wooden crate. Spin a tale of shopping for your apples and pears from the farmers market. These fruits are hand made from sustainable Rubberwood. Note the rich details of soft felt leaves, finished with beautifully hand stitched detailing.

Farm Eggs – Half Dozen by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $19.95Farm Eggs – Half Dozen by Honeybake • Ages 3+ • $19.95
What comes first — the chicken or the egg? Kids can ponder the age-old question while pretend playing with this assortment of fresh-from-the-farm eggs. The best part? They won’t crack, ever! Six solid and sustainable Rubberwood eggs come packed in a slotted wooden crate for tucking a way at the end of the day.

Building Blocks & Bag by Petilou • Ages 12 months + • $49.95Building Blocks & Bag by Petilou • Ages 12 months + • $49.95
These building blocks will become the foundation of a timeless toy collection. Each piece is made from sustainable Rubberwood and decorated with water-based paints. Le Toy Van’s craftsmen make sure blocks are safe for little fingers, so they only touch smooth edges. The 60-piece (!) block set has no instructions, no rules and no goals. Just pick up and build or topple everything down. When play is done, tuck the chunky pieces into the enclosed bag.

Africa Stacker & Bag • Ages 12 months+ • $19.95Africa Stacker & Bag • Ages 12 months+ • $19.95
It’s a good thing all these animals get along, as they are stacked side by side while preschoolers discover the concept of balance. This stacker features wild wooden animals including a giraffe, a lion, an elephant, a zebra, a monkey, a rhino, a cheetah, a crocodile and a parrot! Le Toy Van adds a fabric bag to the set so tots can pack up the pieces and take them on a safari to Grandma’s house.

Designed in the United Kingdom, Le Toy Van Toys are carefully hand-finished to give the best quality results that make their collections unique and sought-after in Europe and in the U.S. The family owned company boasts experienced in-house and on-site European craftsmen to ensure the delivery of high standard products that win global awards (and applause from parents) year after year. You won’t find any plastic in these toys from this sustainable company.

Look for the 2020 Collection online and in specialty retail stores in the coming months. Follow them on social media channels YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Le Toy Van is nearing 100,000 followers on Instagram showcasing their unique and fun toys! Discover for yourself @letoyvantoys. Their exciting YouTube videos present the toys in serious of product stop frame animations, lifestyle films and demonstrations, showcasing the play value and colorful style that Le Toy Van toys are acclaimed for across the globe.

Read the press release as a PDF

Le Toy Van is a small, proudly family-orientated company with a big heart. Georges Le Van founded the company in 1995 when he made his first doll house. Today his son Steven is at the helm as Chief of Fun! The award-winning toys are now available in more than 50 countries worldwide through its network of official retailers. With a motto, Passionate about Play, this toy company truly believes that childhood should be enjoyed to the fullest. That’s why this toymaker with the red double decker bus logo has been making imaginative wooden toys – designed in London with love and a touch of French je ne sais quoi – for almost 25 years. To see their wide selection of wooden playthings, visit letoyvan.com.

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