Discover Not Just Toys But Joys Of Childhood At Booth 6380 From European Toymakers Crafting Family Heirlooms In-The-Making

London, England (January 3, 2020) – There’s something royal about the wooden playsets in the 2020 Collection from Le Toy Van – and it’s not just because they come from London. The Royal Express ($349.95) is a 180-piece wooden train set complete with an extensive array of accessories including a Ferris wheel! The wooden Showtime Puppet Theatre ($219.95) boasts red drapes, stage door and ticket window. Retailers exploring New York’s Toy Fair in search of the wow factor will be enchanted with the timeless toys at Booth 6380.

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The Royal Express ($349.95Although it seems that children prefer to interact with gadgets and screens, watch what happens once you introduce them to an elegant dollhouse! Their eyes widen with glee. Timeless toys like train sets and dollhouses allow children to be unplugged, freeing their imaginations from rules or goals. Kids get to act like … kids! Choose your favorite dollhouse out of the 7 different styles and sizes in Le Toy Van’s collection.

“We’ve been creating wooden toys that encourage long term imaginative play for 25 years,” explains second-generation toymaker and Chief of Fun, Steven Le Van from his London office. “For those unfamiliar with the Le Toy Van brand, our toys are packed with layers of color, sound, texture, discovery and most of all, fun.”

Pull Along Wagon ($99.95)Petilou is Le Toy Van’s award-winning baby and toddler collection for ages 12 months to about 3 years old. The word comes from the French ‘petit loup’ which is an affectionate term for a little French boy or girl. New for 2020 is the Pull Along Wagon ($99.95).

This timeless wagon is ideal for tots to collect, load and transport toys around the house. This robust wagon is made from sustainable Rubberwood and solid strong Plywood. The wagon can be pulled along floors and carpets seamlessly. You won’t find any plastic in these toys from this sustainable company.

Oxford Kitchen $249.95)Honeybake is Le Toy Van’s multi-award winning imaginative role-play toy collection. Honeybake playthings encourage children to get into character and act out scenarios while learning through play. These are ideal for ages 3+.

What could be more creative than prepping dinner in the handsome Oxford Kitchen ($249.95)? After watching mom or dad at the sink or oven, preschoolers will flock to this deluxe toy kitchen filled with things to touch and move! The oven has a working door, with chunky knobs that turn. Little hands can interact at the sink, the microwave, peer through the curtained window and adjust the clock with moveable wooden hands. The wooden set includes kitchen utensils like a whisk, spoon and even a salt and pepper set!

Showtime Puppet TheatreWhat kid can resist putting on a show? From the Honeybake 2020 Collection comes Showtime Puppet Theatre. This wooden stage boasts a live and interval reversible sign, a stage door and two chalkboards. How many “wows” can you use to describe this detailed playset? The theatre is finished with theatre curtains including red stage drapes, a black backdrop curtain and a winding act curtain! A performance window, a snacks window and a ticket window complete the role-playing scenarios of a full theatre experience!

All aboard! Parents and grandparents will be the first to get down on the floor and help assemble The Royal Express train set. With 180 pieces to connect, everyone will delight in placing the bridges, train station, crane, boats and variety of buildings and outdoor elements in just the right spots. Two connectable trains with tracks and accessories make this an heirloom in-the-making for years to come. Le Toy Van designers thought of everything including a Ferris wheel to complete the scenery!

Fans of Le Toy Van happily take to social media or review online at their amazon site. “Gorgeous. High Quality.” was the subject line of the best-seller pink dollhouse review of Sophie’s House. “The details are adorable, the shutters, the front door etc. We have it in the family room, my 3-year-old daughter loves it, she plays with it all the time, and at the end of the day we just close it and it looks beautiful. If you order the Le Toy Van furniture, it’s just amazing the detail that they put into it! And each furniture set comes w/sooooo much.”

One reason for Le Toy Van’s global popularity is the use of its neighborhood toy testers. “We include local kids in our toy design process,” explains Le Van. “We believe that there is no toy without fun. So we include local kids, as well as our in-house big kids, at all stages of our design process. If the little kids don’t like it, then it’s back to the drawing board!”

Look for the 2020 Collection online and in specialty retail stores in the coming months. Follow them on social media channels YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Le Toy Van is nearing 100,000 followers on Instagram showcasing their unique and fun toys! Discover for yourself @letoyvantoys. Their exciting YouTube videos present the toys in serious of product stop frame animations, lifestyle films and demonstrations, showcasing the play value and colorful style that Le Toy Van toys are acclaimed for across the globe.

Read the press release as a PDF

Le Toy Van is a small, proudly family-orientated company with a big heart. Georges Le Van founded the company in 1995 when he made his first doll house. Today his son Steven is at the helm as Chief of Fun! The award-winning toys are now available in more than 50 countries worldwide through its network of official retailers. With a motto, Passionate about Play, this toy company truly believes that childhood should be enjoyed to the fullest. That’s why this toymaker with the red double decker bus logo has been making imaginative wooden toys – designed in London with love and a touch of French je ne sais quoi – for almost 25 years. To see their wide selection of wooden playthings, visit letoyvan.com.

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