Making Its Debut At ASTRA Marketplace Booth 323 – Mazzy, JoJo & Joon Bug Enrich Baby’s Development While Getting A Groove On

Pompano Beach, FL (June 20, 2017) –Every baby now has access to the coveted Backstage Pass thanks to Lil’ Jammerz ($36). This engaging trio of plush pals streams customized music while captivating infants with cute characters Mazzy, JoJo and Joon Bug. Through the tucked-away Bluetooth® speaker, Lil’ Jammerz offers baby stimulation for all senses whether sitting in a stroller, car seat or carrier. This is how baby gets its groove on!

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Retailers attending ASTRA Marketplace in Philadelphia can stop by Booth 323 and witness this remarkable product that parents can adapt to their child’s personality. Classical? Sing-alongs? White Noise? Yes, there’s an app for that with Lil’ Jammerz on Google Play or iTunes App Store.

Does your house prefer Paul McCartney’s Helen Wheels or Wheels On The Bus? Melissa Croland, creator of Lil’ Jammerz, explains her must-have accessory “plays music and soothing sounds via Bluetooth technology, from your music library, internet radio, or through a pre-programmed playlist available through the free Lil’ Jammerz app.”

More than a traveling accessory, Lil’ Jammerz encourages baby’s natural fascination with music. Sounds and lyrics stimulate development while strengthening the relationship between baby and caregiver. An after-dinner stroll around the block or a car ride to Grandma’s house becomes a special treat with the addition of music directly in your baby’s seat. Lullabies soothe baby to sleep while up-beat tempos activate movement, attention and visual focus.

A recent article in Parents magazine confirms this. “All babies are born with the potential to become musical, and they often react to songs with enthusiasm. “Infants’ hearing is well developed soon after birth, so they can respond to music very early on,” explains Diane Bales, Ph.D., associate professor of human development and family science at the University of Georgia. Encouraging your baby’s natural fascination with it can strengthen your relationship with her, boost her language skills, and open the door to all sorts of exploration and fun.”

The three Velcro-strapped plush toys that resemble musical instruments adapt easily to most carriers or strollers. Lil’ Jammerz makes a great baby shower present or welcome home gift. Assign Dad to create the playlist and watch how often he volunteers to push the stroller!

Each Lil’ Jammerz kit comes with a rechargeable, removable Bluetooth speaker. The free downloap app currently offers four options: preprogrammed Classical, white noise, lullabies and up-beat sing-along songs. Mix and match as baby grows and claps (or sleeps) along.

Lil’ Jammerz • $36 • Newborn+
Your baby’s days of sitting in the infant carrier with just something to look at are over. Lil’ Jammerz interactive, musical friends fit perfectly on your infant’s car seat, stroller or carrier to entertain and engage them with streaming tunes of your choice. The leader of the band, Mazzy, resembles a soft microphone. Don’t tell the kids (let them think it’s magic!) but Mazzy has a removable, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker tucked inside her plush form. The fun doesn’t end with Mazzy’s Bluetooth technology. Always traveling with her are interactive band mates JoJo on percussion (he squeaks) and Joon Bug playing guitar (it’s a rattle!).

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When motherhood finally came to businesswoman Melissa Croland, she wanted to give her daughter every advantage. With a love of music and a passion for technology Croland created Lil’ Jammerz, perfect for babies aged newborn to 12 months old that stimulates the senses with sound. It also entertains the grownups who love them! Discover the magic of Lil’ Jammerz at

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