Creve Coeur, MO (May 24, 2017) – Kids are telling their parents to skip the princess and pirate outfits in favor of a white coat and stethoscope! That’s the vision behind Little Medical School’s launch of a retail line of kid-size healthcare wear, gear and activity items and they align perfectly with the need for more STEM products. Visitors to Booth 1060 at ASTRA Marketplace & Academy in Philadelphia will be the first to see and play with these educational tools that are irresistible to curious kids.

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Look for the Little Medical School logo on My Little Pediatrician, Veterinarian or Sports Medicine Kits ($49.99), White Doctor Coat ($12), Organ and Skeleton Sticker Sets ($3) and more! The power of role-play, crafts and games to simulate a mini-medical student is the brainy concept behind Little Medical School. Their popular after-school and summer programs for future veterinarians, pediatricians and even sports medicine have been empowering kids coast to coast! New for 2017 is their retail line of everyday musts like a bike helmet with an educational twist.

The ho-hum bike helmet becomes a science lesson with the expertise of Little Medical School designers. Dubbed My Brain Hat-ter Helmet ($39.99), this three-part kit of helmet, stickers and a Brain Matters Oath (!) shows the complexity of the child’s wonderful brain and why they need to protect it. Stickers can be removed and reapplied to the outside of the helmet multiple times
so children can practice learning the names and functions of each brain lobe. Kids promise to take care of their amazing brain by always wearing a helmet. Before hopping on their two-wheeler, kids take a My Brain Matters Oath stating they will take of their amazing brain and always wear a helmet.

Tillywig Toy Awards caught the first glimpse of My Little Pediatrician Kit ($49.99) and awarded it their Brain Child seal of approval. Inside this multi-piece kit are activities like a nose-to-toes exam on the enclosed plush baby, available in two shades of skin. Like all of the medical kits, My Little Pediatrician Kit promotes social development, cooperation, teamwork, creativity and problem solving.

Ice packs and ace-bandages may already be in the medicine cabinet at home if there’s an athlete in the house. My Little Sports Medicine Kit™ ($49.95) gets kids thinking about medicine, science, health and injury prevention through props and activities. A white coat, hand poster, craft sticks and real ace bandage are in this age-appropriate kit.

Look for all these retail items at ASTRA Marketplace and at specialty toy shops for Fall 2017:

My Brain Hat-ter Helmet™ • Ages 3+ • $39.95My Brain Hat-ter Helmet™ • Ages 3+ • $39.95
This bike helmet for kids offers so much more than protection from head injuries. Using removable stickers, children are
able to appreciate all the functions of the brain associated with each lobe by applying the stickers to the colorful, anatomically correct helmet. It makes kids see beyond the importance of wearing a bike helmet, to appreciate the complexity of the wonderful brain and why they need to protect it. With the “My Brain Matters Oath” kids pledge to take care of their amazing brain by always wearing a helmet.

My Little Veterinarian Kit™ • Ages 4+ • $49.95My Little Veterinarian Kit™ • Ages 4+ • $49.95
Ever perform a nose-to-tail exam on a kitty or puppy? These vets-to-be quickly learn how! Included among
the kit’s items are a white coat, an adorable plush dog with an adoption certificate, dog bone cookie cutter and recipe cards, an animal assessment form, tape measure, name tag, tick removal kit plus a self-guided workbook with diploma and colored markers. The workbook engages little veterinarians with activities that are as fun as they are enlightening: adopting, naming, and learning about a dog, measuring the chest size perimeter and front leg length of the dog and even a tick check by removing tick stickers from the dog! Woof!

My Little Pediatrician Kit™ Ages 4+ • $49.95My Little Pediatrician Kit™ Ages 4+ • $49.95

  • 2017 Tillywig Brain Child Award
  • 2017 Creative Child Magazine – Top Toy Of The Year Award, Role Play Toys for Kids
  • 2017 Creative Child Magazine – Kids Product Of The Year Award, Educational Products
  • National Parenting Product Awards

Youngsters who often visit the doctor can now explore the world of medicine, science, health and care taking. Included among the kit’s items are a coat, plush baby doll with a birth certificate, a mini-Finnish Baby Box for baby’s safe sleeping, a pediatric
assessment form, tape measure, name tag, and a self- guided workbook with diploma and colored markers. Wow! The workbook asks doctors-to-be to place a diaper on the baby, learning about diaper rash (and how to prevent it), measuring the circumference of the baby’s head and so much more.

My Little Sports Medicine Kit™ • Ages 6+ • $49.95My Little Sports Medicine Kit™ • Ages 6+ • $49.95
Put on the white coat, write your name on the enclosed name tag then check out the hand magnet with removable 27 bones of the hand, skeleton stickers, resource posters, ACE-bandage and much more. The enclosed workbook engages little doctors with activities that are as fun as they are enlightening: how to treat an ankle sprain, learn the bones of the skeleton and hand, make models of different joints and even try your hand at simulated Tommy John Surgery!

Other fun accessories to round out educational play time:

• Stethoscope • Ages 6+ • $12
Listen to your heart beating then try it on Dad. This stethoscope really works and boasts the Little Medical School logo. Looks very authentic when worn with the white lab coat!

• White Doctor Coat • Ages 6+ • $12
The doctor will see you now, Mom! Give Junior or Janie this cotton 3-button white coat with the dapper Little Medical School logo printed above the pocket. Then call them down for dinner, stat!

• Sticker Sheets • Ages 6+ • $3 per set or $13 for $30
These stickers teach kids all about their organs and their bones. Choose one or many!

The Leg Bone Connected To The Knee Bone
Don a kid-size white lab coat, surgical mask and gloves and voila! — the world of STEM takes on an intriguing career path. Launched in 2010, Little Medical School expanded to Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinarian and Pediatrician School over the past years. Their sample 6-week course included whimsical lessons such as “What’s In The Doctor’s Bag?” and “Is There A Surgeon In The House?” It was a natural progression to start a retail line that mimics the neighborhood classes. Now kids can pretend any time, any day.

Dr. Genie’s Kids Foundation
Little Medical School is pleased to announce a percentage of proceeds from their new retail line will be donated to Dr. Genie’s Kids Foundation. The foundation honors Dr. Eugenia Pierce and provides opportunities to children from underserved areas to promote exposure and interest in healthcare careers. A recent event was held at the Florence Fuller Child Development Center in Boca Raton, FL.

For more information on Little Medical School programs and retail products, visit their website

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How can you get children to aspire for careers in health care such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian medicine? That’s the mission of the founder of Little Medical School, Mary Mason MD, MBA, FACP. Her innovative educational company creates mini-medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian school experiences for children ages 3-14. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the world of healthcare. New for 2017 is the launch of a retail line of award-winning educational kits and products, created in response to demand from family participants of the Little Medical School locations. A percentage of proceeds of the new line will be donated to the Dr. Genie’s Kids Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships for children to be exposed to the many healthcare career paths. Dr. Mason is a mother of three, all of whom she proudly notes attended Little Medical School! For more information, click on

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