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Franchised After-School Semesters Now Packaged In Adorable Line Of Little Pediatrician, Veterinarian And Sports Med Kits

Creve Coeur, MO (June 29, 2018) – Moms and dads appreciate how karate class, nature walks and little medical school classes make terrific birthday parties or afterschool programs. Kids are empowered with knowledge about the world around them. Too bad they don’t make house calls.

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Jennifer Griffard, Chief Operating Officer of Little Medical School heard that wish so many times she knew they had to make a switch. Now future pediatricians, young veterinarians and wannabe sports medicine docs have a take-home kit they can pick up from the store!

“The Little Medical School retail line was developed so children could have the hands-on and role play experience at home,” explains Griffard of the award-winning line of STEM topics. “While we have multiple franchise locations, there are markets that we are not in yet and we wanted every child to have the opportunity to take our programs.”

“Our innovative toy kits,” she continues, “gives children the chance to be a veterinarian, pediatrician or sports medicine doctor for the day. While wearing our white lab coat and stethoscope they might perform a surgery, remove a tick, diaper a baby or perform a medical assessment. Little Medical School kits are designed and written with our little customers in mind.”

Folks who live in the St. Louis, MO area were already familiar with the Little Medical School classes held around the region. The company went “retail” last year with the launch of three kits – Pediatrician, Veterinarian and Sports Medicine. In the last year, toy industry judges gushed as soon as they opened each box! The result was over a dozen accolades including Parents’ Choice Award, The National Parenting Center, Tillywig Brain Child, Creative Child Magazine, Hot Diggity Award and more.

Mom bloggers who have witnessed their child’s glee when performing “medical” checkups have written extensively about the in-home experience.

“As a mother of three children, I have seen a vast difference in each of my children’s personalities,” typed Powered By Mom recently on her blog. “One common trait that ALL three of my children have had over the years has been a love for science and the medical field. I have no clue what career they will choose later in life but I firmly believe in pushing your children to love those things that they already have a love for EVEN

MORE. Little Medical School is a GREAT way to give your science-loving child a deeper love for the medical field!”

“The sports medicine kit is so much fun for all the sports fanatics,” chimed in Amy & Aron’s Real Life Reviews. The craft sticks and the ace bandage make a great splint. It’s so cute when they pretend they are going in for surgery. The sticker skeleton sheet is so cute to be accurate with diagnostics. Knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, hip, and all of the other joints that are prone to sports injury can be pointed out for easy treatment…The white coat is a miniature, just like a real doctor with a name sticker!”

These three kits are perfect for youngsters 5 to about 8 years old. Each is priced at $49.95. Find them online at

My Little Pediatrician Kit
My Little Veterinarian Kit
My Little Sports Medicine Kit

Must-have accessories like the $15 working stethoscope plus medical-themed books and sticker sets can be found on their informative website.

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How can you get children to aspire for careers in health care such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian medicine? That’s the mission of the founder of Little Medical School, Mary Mason MD, MBA, FACP. Her innovative educational company creates mini-medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian school experiences for children ages 3-14. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the world of healthcare. A retail line of award-winning educational kits and products was launched in 2017, created in response to demand from family participants of the Little Medical School locations. A percentage of proceeds of the new line will be donated to the Dr. Genie’s Kids Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships for children to be exposed to the many healthcare career paths. Dr. Mason is a mother of three, all of whom she proudly notes attended Little Medical School! For more information, click on

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