The Pulse From The North Pole To Toy Industry Experts Reveals My Little Pediatrician, Veterinarian & Sports Medicine Kits Make Caring Gifts

Creve Coeur, MO (November 6, 2017) – It’s rare to be able to surprise Santa Claus but this year he is hearing a new line of requests as he asks kids what they want for Christmas. Gleeful pleas for white lab coats, skeleton posters and ace bandages led his elves to discover My Little Medical School (www.littlemedicalschool.com). Santa quickly discovered what toy industry experts already knew – that kids love to kiss boo boos and care for their pets as young pediatricians, veterinarians or sports medicine specialists.

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This month The National Parenting Center jumped on the bandwagon and awarded all three Little Medical School kits — My Little Pediatrician, My Little Veterinarian and My Sports Medicine ($49.95 each) — its Fall 2017 Seal of Approval. The raves were universal across the examination table!

“This is not your average ‘dress up and play imaginary veterinarian’ product,” begins one of three glowing reviews from The National Parenting Center. “This is the complete package. Not only does the kit include a stuffed animal dog, and a nice white coat, but it also includes fun props such as gloves, tweezers, a measuring tape, a bandana for the stuffed dog, and so much more.”

“Parent testers proclaimed this Pediatrician Kit a sweet, imaginative, educational and original toy,” wrote another toy expert from The National Parenting Center. “Any child who has expressed an interest in either being a doctor, has a new sibling on the way, or just helping people feel better will find a wealth of experiences inside. Your child will learn cool things about babies such as how to examine them, how to do a diaper change, and how to keep a baby safe especially during sleep time. There is a medical school theme that emphasizes the educational aspect with a pediatrician handbook, graduation certificate, birth certificate, a baby doll, and a very special doctor’s coat with ID badge that your child can don with pride.”

Introducing science and medicine to preschoolers is the specialty of My Little Medical School. They know that children love to dress up and pretend to be doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Toy industry experts Parents’ Choice, Hot Diggity, Tillywig and Creative Child have taken notice too and awarded them an armload of honors. Look for these kits online and in specialty stores now:

My Little Pediatrician Kit™ Ages 4+ • $49.95
Fall 2017 The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
Spring 2017 Parents’ Choice Award – Recommended
2017 Hot Diggity Award Winner
2017 Tillywig Brain Child Award
2017 Creative Child Magazine – Top Toy Of The Year Award, Role Play Toys for Kids
2017 Creative Child Magazine – Kids Product Of The Year Award, Educational Products
National Parenting Product Awards

“Parents felt this might help a child learn about their own health,” wrote a reviewer from The National Parenting Center, “and as an added bonus put their mind at ease while at the doctor. There is a workbook that your child can follow which tells them all the activities they can do with the kit. It will take them through step-by-step procedures for checking their doll’s nose, ears, eyes, mouth, skin, belly, back, and hips. It’s all adorable and quite endearing.”

My Little Veterinarian Kit™ • Ages 4+ • $49.95
Fall 2017 The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
2017 Hot Diggity Award Winner

“Everything in the kit is well made, the white coat in particular. This is not your standard costume white coat. It has the look and feel of a true doctor’s coat and it is even embroidered with “Little Medical School” above the pocket. From the nose to tail exam checklist to the adoption certificate, to the graduation certificate, this kit really has it all. What parents appreciated most was the comprehensive workbook that walks children through every step of the process — from adopting their pet, learning that “nose to tail” exam, even making healthy pretend treats out of Play Doh. This kit is a great product for children who love to role play and especially those who love animals.”

My Little Sports Medicine Kit™ • Ages 6+ • $49.95
Fall 2017 The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
2017 Hot Diggity Award Winner

“Parents testers told us that they were impressed the moment they saw the cleverly designed packaging of this creative play kit,” began The National Parenting Center review. “Inside the package is where the real fun begins starting with a white doctor’s coat. The coat is well made and looks like the real deal. There are rubber hospital gloves, toy tweezers, charts, a red heart shaped ice pack and more. One of the items that parents found especially intriguing was the body chart with magnetic parts. Your child can take each part (say the shin bone) and find where on the body it is supposed to go. This isn’t a test, where they put it might the correct area on the body or not, it’s all part of the fun. It is an excellent way to learn different parts in the body and it is certainly something you can do together with them. Testers liked and appreciated the instructions, which are clear and easy to follow. The price struck testers as being on the high end, more than your average medical bag toy, but the quality and a number of items included offset the concerns of many.”

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How can you get children to aspire for careers in health care such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian medicine? That’s the mission of the founder of Little Medical School, Mary Mason MD, MBA, FACP. Her innovative educational company creates mini-medical, nursing, pharmacy, dental and veterinarian school experiences for children ages 3-14. Through hands-on demonstrations, crafts and games, children are actively engaged as they explore the world of healthcare. New for 2017 is the launch of a retail line of award-winning educational kits and products, created in response to demand from family participants of the Little Medical School locations. A percentage of proceeds of the new line will be donated to the Dr. Genie’s Kids Foundation. The Foundation provides scholarships for children to be exposed to the many healthcare career paths. Dr. Mason is a mother of three, all of whom she proudly notes attended Little Medical School! For more information on Little Medical School programs and retail products, visit their website http://www.littlemedicalschool.com.

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