Kids Ages Five To Ten Can Safely Enjoy Loud Movies Or Sports Arenas Wearing Advanced Fun and Fashionable Hearing Protection

Ft. Worth, TX (February 14, 2018) – Remember the expression, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Loud noises are a joyous part of a child’s life. Cheering for the home team or watching fireworks might actually be scary and dangerous for a child’s precious eardrums. Lucid Audio, known for its HearMuffs for infants and toddlers, introduces Kids HearMuffs for elementary school-aged children. It’s ears’ best friend!

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Headphones have become as common as smartphones. Athletes, college kids and commuters sport a pair on their ears or rest them around their necks. They look trendy. Kids HearMuffs bear the same feeling of “hip” but with a comfortable fit for smaller heads and little ears. The appealing colors – red, orange, blue or green – makes style conscious kids (yes, even at this age) eager to wear them, all the time.

Lucid Audio’s Kid-Tested and Audiologist-Approved HearMuffs include a colorful and affordable protection-only model and the HearMuffs Trio with advanced features including touch-to-talk button that lets in safe sounds for conversations and ambient outside noise while offering the ability to use as traditional headphones for watching movies, playing games or listening to music.

The passive noise reduction lets kids be kids anywhere, at any time and look stylish. An added bonus of Kids HearMuffs is the adjustable headband with smooth foam for maximum comfort and protection. With a wide age range, it’s nice to know it fits all children’s head sizes, no matter how big or small! Choose Kids HearMuffs ($14.95) in a variety of colors or Kids HearMuffs Trio ($39.95) in white with active and passive hearing protection and headphone capability.

With the launch of Baby HearMuffs last year, bloggers and customers around the country were eager to share their own experience with tots from a few weeks old to about age four.

“…my mother-in-law surprised my three-year-old son with a new pair of Lucid Audio HearMuffs for his first Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas,” wrote Ashley of Kid-Sized Adventures. “We were highly impressed with this set from the get-go. First off, not only are the noise cancelling headphones for kids adjustable, but they also came with a GrowBand™ to accommodate different sized heads…The sound blocking headphones are made with non-toxic materials, which makes us sleep better at night.”

“Now my son Nathan can go anywhere I go,” wrote Daniel in Chicago. “Hockey games, NASCAR, even riding the mower. He feels comfortable and I’m keeping him safe from sounds. HearMuffs keep my best buddie with me for all the fun.”

Sensory sensitivity involving noises is common among children, especially youngsters on the autism spectrum. It could affect the whole family. Once a child is oversensitive to loud sounds, it can limit where his family goes or the kinds of activities his family does. Although not created for sensory disorders, feedback from parents and caregivers who tried Kids HearMuffs have been overwhelmingly, in a word, grateful!

Kids HearMuffs • $14.95 • Ages 5 to 10
Designed to develop with your child, these kid-size headphones boast an adjustable headband that fits a wide range of children’s head sizes. The smooth foam guarantees a comfortable fit. Made of child-safe materials, look for a variety of colors — Blue, Green, Orange, Red and White. Protect young ears and muffle noise with HearMuffs – passive hearing protection.

Kids HearMuffs Trio • $39.95 • Ages 5 to 10
Choose Trio for active compression of sounds and the unique ability to let in outside voices so parents or siblings can speak with a child who can fully engage safely and comfortably. Options include Protect only and Conversation Mode allowing voices to be heard while compressing potentially harmful noises to comfortable levels. Kids HearMuffs Trio can also be used as headphones at any time and in any mode with its intuitive design featuring an external audio port. Simply connect an external device via the included 3.5mm Audio Cable, no power or batteries are required. Available in White.

For parents or grandparents looking for HearMuffs for babies ages newborn through preschool, consider these three options:

HearMuffs • $19.95 • Newborn to 4
Engineered for maximum comfort, this advanced sound protection fits a wide range of head sizes. As baby grows, the HearMuffs continue to fit comfortably.

HearMuffs Soothe • $39.95 • Newborn to 4
Parents can talk to baby while wearing HearMuffs with the touch of a button. Soothe mode allows human voices to be heard while compressing potentially harmful noises to comfortable levels. Or choose protect mode so your child avoids hearing loud, potentially harmful noises.

HearMuffs Sounds • $49.95 • Newborn to 4
This advanced hearing protection for infants and toddlers offers all the features of HearMuffs Soothe plus four soothing sounds that calm baby – babbling brook, heartbeat, lullaby or white noise. This is great for on-the-go families who fly, drive or just stroll around the neighborhood.

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HearMuffs parent company Lucid Audio is well known for its heritage and expertise in the hearing industry. Audiologist and engineers design HearMuffs and other revolutionary AMPED™ headphones, neckbands, and ear buds for adults. Our product line offers state of the art sound on the inside and amplified ambient sound from the outside. Lucid Audio products allow you to adjust to all of life’s listening opportunities.

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