National Parenting Product Award, Tillywig & Family Choice Each Noted How Portable Player And Wireless Speaker Boasts Impeccably Soothing Soundtracks

Birmingham, AL (March 13, 2019) – New parents busy putting baby to bed might not recall the stanzas to Twinkle Twinkle or Hush Little Baby. They don’t have to, thanks to a sleek new device called Lullabuddy. With a push of a button, two hours of lush pre-loaded lullabies — sung by recording artist Mae Robertson — quickly soothe tiny tots and their caregivers. Although it launched just a couple of months ago, three toy industry contests gave it their highest 2019 honors.

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“These impeccably arranged performances soothe and entertain parents and kids alike, an almost magical effect that makes one grateful for the abundance of tunes,” wrote Tillywig Awards. It gave its 2019 Parents’ Favorite Products seal to the portable player and speaker.

“The Lullabuddy’s carefully wrought physical design is visually appealing,” continued the rave review, “highly durable and incredibly easy to use. It has a shuffle button, a one-hour timer and comes with a mini USB cable for charging that enables up to 18 hours of play fully charged. The Bluetooth enabled Lullabuddy speaker delivers astonishing sound quality on the pre-loaded material and can be used to play any music wirelessly from your mobile device!”

Family Choice Award continued the praise by highlighting on its 2019 review, “The best thing about Lullabuddy is that parents love the music as well. It’s perfect for bedtime and naptime of course, but it’s also great as a soundtrack for any time parents spend with their baby. They can turn off all the other distractions, turn on Lullabuddy, and just be together for a little while.”

“The super compact music player,” noted National Parenting Product Awards, has music that “was remastered specifically for the Lullabuddy with wonderful sound quality.” One of its reviewers gushed, “Nice to have multiple control options to control the music, set a timer, shuffle the pre-loaded songs or turn the power on/off … good to have the option to connect to my own phone and playlists.” A second reviewer revealed, “The compact size makes it easy to take anywhere and play music on-the-go — in my daughter’s stroller or car seat.”

As is the case with many problem-solving products for families, Lullabuddy is the answer to the inventor’s personal challenge.

National Parenting Product Award, Tillywig & Family Choice Each Noted How Portable Player And Wireless Speaker Boasts Impeccably Soothing Soundtracks

“When my granddaughter Frankie was born, she ended up in the hospital for three weeks,” said Robertson. “As a singer, I knew lullabies could help. I rigged up a speaker and an MP3 player loaded with my songs so we could play music to muffle the harsh hospital sounds. The lullabies made everyone calmer – Frankie, her parents, her grandparents and even her professional caregivers. The nurses said they wished they had speakers and music for all the children in their care, and the idea to create Lullabuddy was born.”

Toy industry judges immediately spotted a winner, and so have parents, aunts and grandparents who adore Lullabuddy:

“I bought this as a gift for my niece’s baby. My niece called when she first heard it and said she cried! It was so sweet. My family has loved it and the baby loves it. Absolutely a must-have for the baby and the person rocking the baby.

“My granddaughter is 15 months old and we have had our Lullabuddy for several months. It is the only thing that consistently helps me put her to sleep for a nap. The music is soothing and the sound quality is excellent. She now associates it with naptime. It’s small enough for her to hold when we’re walking or when rocking in her chair. She loves to hold it. I turn the volume down so it will be soft to her ears. I enjoy the music too!”

The fit-in-your-hand cubed player comes preloaded with award-winning singer Robertson’s gorgeous lullabies. Enjoy these lullaby favorites or connect to a personal device to play your own playlists using Lullabuddy as a bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality. The 60-minute timer plays just enough music for baby to fall asleep.

Look for Lullabuddy online at or on Amazon when shopping for a “wow” gift for the baby shower or welcome home gift. Industry experts and caregivers agree it is fuss proof and grandparent proof for its simplicity! Babies get fussy anywhere and anytime. Lullabuddy is small enough to pop in a diaper bag or tuck into a stroller pocket to calm on demand. Grandparents will find this gadget easy to use. Just press the play button.

Lullabuddy • $60 • Newborn+
2019 National Parenting Product Awards Winner
2019 Tillywig Award Winner – Parents’ Favorite Products
2019 Family Choice Award Winner

Lullabuddy requires no Internet, no downloading and can play for up to 18 hours when fully charged or continuously when plugged in. Lullabuddy has a shuffle setting and a one-hour timer. It is Bluetooth® enabled to play music from other devices. The high-resolution music files were remastered just for the speaker to produce outstanding fidelity.

Read the press release as a PDF

About Lyric Partners®
Celebrating 25 years, Lyric Partners LLC has released 10 CDs by Mae Robertson and is the recipient of 21 music awards including: American Library Association Notable Recordings for Children, Parents’ Choice Gold, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum, Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media, NAPPA Gold (National Parenting Products Award) and Mom’s Choice Award. Lyric Partners recordings have also been named “Best of the Year” by Child Magazine, New Age Journal and Booklist. Lyric Partners LLC has been in operation since 1994.


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