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Expanded Line Of Fair Trade, Handmade Toys From Kathmandu Marks 2nd Year From Importer Magicforest

Portsmouth, NH (February 27, 2018) – Vibrant, fun and enchanting are all adjectives to describe Papoose Toys®, the newest line represented by importers Magicforest. No two toys — from a Fairy House ($50) resembling a teapot to a Deluxe Barn Set ($250) with four felt horses — are alike as every plaything is handmade by artisans in the mythical Himalayan region of Nepal. The vast collection of felt, wool and wood fair trade toys are sure to elicit ooohs and aaahs at.

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Renske Carbone, the founder of Papoose Toys, draws on lifelong passions for textiles, craft, and travel to create these unique and original products. The toys are from wonderful Nepalese families who make these functional and beautiful products. From role-play with food and puppets to counting and reading, children of all ages will learn, grow, and imagine. From thousands of miles away, it is always comforting to discover that boys and girls may be of different and diverse cultures but all seem to play the same way.

“We seek out extraordinary designers and manufacturers of inspirational and exceptional children’s products,” affirms Robert Leuchtner, Founder & President of Magicforest, “and bring them to the North American marketplace.” Papoose Toys joins the importer’s renowned line of exquisite toys from France, Italy and Germany.

In this vast toy chest from Nepal, whimsy and intricate go hand-in-hand. Look at the 20 pieces that comprise the Deluxe Mouse House Set ($200). In addition to the Mouse family of four, complete with pink noses and long tails, the House has a floor mat, a bed with a cover and table. Their outdoor Washing Line boasts mini clothes pegs, a basket, wash line and clothes to hang and dry! It’s utterly adorable.

Grow-A-Garden ($160)

Papoose encourages children to play with their food, especially with the Grow-A-Garden ($160). In this one set, 36 realistic looking vegetables – Red Radish, Orange Carrot, Red Onion, Green Lettuce, White Cauliflower – are placed in slots in the felt ground as if growing. Children discover if vegetables grow above the ground (pumpkins) or below (radishes). This best seller in 2017 was a hit in classroom settings in many preschool and private nursery schools.

Sandwich Toppings ($40)

New for 2018 are delicious play foods resembling baguettes, bagels, rolls and bread loaves. A 16-piece Sandwich Toppings ($40) of yummy-looking cheeses, meats and lettuce make role-playing a culinary adventure.

  • Bread Set • 17 pieces • $93
  • Deluxe Bread Set • 34 pieces on teak wood slice • $170
  • Sandwich Toppings • 15 piece set • $40
  • 2 Halved Rolls/2 Halved Baguettes • $50

Do you know someone who believes in Fairies? Papoose does! Gnomes, toadstools and Fairy Houses are among the most precious in their 2018 collections. Like a once-upon-a-time story, teapots, pumpkins and strawberries become homes with doorways for fairies to fly in and out of!

  • Teapot Fairy House • $50
  • Pumpkin Fairy House • $45
  • Oakleaf Fairy House • $33
  • Fairy House and Mat • $33
  • Strawberry Fairy House • $35
  • Toadstool Garden Set • $50
  • Gnome Family • $45

The centerpiece of the Fairy collection is the eye-catching Deluxe Fairy House Set ($300) with 30 pieces. The Woodland Fairy set is made from driftwood from Indonesia. Papoose thought of every detail from the Woodland table and chairs to the bed, ladder and bridge used by the fairy family members!

Related forest themed toys range from soft-to-touch Trees and Acorns to the 20-piece River Play Set ($225) with felt mats spun from pure wool. The craftsmanship is done by hand and small variations in color and design are a feature of Papoose Toys. All four seasons are reimagined with leafy trees, an owl or a bird peeking through the branches. Note the magnificent felt colors that change from Autumn red to Winter grey to Summer green.

  • Tree and Owl • $35
  • Tree and Bird • $35
  • Pine Trees • $45
  • Baobab Trees • $40
  • Autumn Trees • $45
  • Winter Trees • $45
  • Spring Trees • $45
  • Summer Trees • $45

From Forest to the Farm, be sure to open the doors to the Deluxe Barn Set ($250) featuring a 12-piece adventure with wooden railings and four adorable horses with distinct eyes and flowing tails.
Animals make up an entire category with beautifully crafted playthings. Take your pick of Bright Monkeys ($40), Baby Giraffes ($12), Iguanas ($18) and of course, Elephants ($23). Parents and children will have a tough time choosing among Baby Bunnies ($18), Sheep ($56) with removable coats, Fox ($20) and Dog ($25). There’s a Moose in the Canada Animals Set ($56), a Seal within Arctic Animals ($56) and a Cow as one of 9 Farm Animals ($65). Old McDonald would have a field day with these felt pals.

The vivid 2018 Papoose Toys catalog runs 48 pages. Retailers can choose from nine imaginative play themes:

  • Food
  • Animals
  • Forest Animals
  • Rainbow
  • Books
  • Fairy
  • Dolls
  • Felt Balls
  • Educational
  • Boxed Story & Finger Puppet Sets

Offering fine gifts and toys since 2004, Magicforest is the resource for parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles alike to feel secure that every imported brand meets the highest quality and safety standards. Browsing is encouraged at or on their social media outlets on Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest and YouTube.

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Celebrating its 14th year in business, Magicforest is an American toy importer and proud to be the exclusive distributor of seven European brands including Moulin Roty — its flagship brand — currently sold in 900 specialty toy and gift shops. The company has a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children’s toys and games. They like to think of the Magicforest as a friendly place where kids learn, play and grow. Plus parents are confident that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Find their wholesale site online at

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