When Shopping For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


When Shopping For The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

Portsmouth, NH (November 8, 2016) – It’s always better to give than to receive when you get to watch children unwrap lovingly chosen toys. That joy will be especially magical in late December as families gather to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. Good thing that MagicForest®, importers of luxurious European playthings for babies and children, has just released their 2016 Holiday List. Show your good taste and your love with France’s Moulin Roty or Stacking Wooden Pinocchio ($20) from Italy’s Sevi collection or a soft Striped Cat Hand Puppet ($25) from Italian plush maker Trudi.

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Beyond puppets, plush and Pinocchio, holiday shoppers will discover an array of European crafted toys on this year’s must-have list. You won’t need a passport to browse online at magicforest.com (!). Toys imported from beloved Moulin Roty, Sevi and Trudi collections can be found in select specialty stores across the U.S. Enjoy your access to the finest French and Italian playthings for newborns, toddlers and children by clicking on http://magicforest.com/retailers.html for the nearest neighborhood shop. Rather shop online? Moulin Roty’s official American online store is http://www.bonjourpetit.com.

“Children are at the heart of the holidays,” agrees Magicforest’s corporate team, “and play is the very best gift. For example, Moulin Roty continues to offer innovative toys and gifts full of whimsy that allow children to play and imagine as they should.”

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Les Petites Merveilles collection of Jointed Animals ($18) presents whimsy with a capital W. With mix and match head, torso and tail pieces, kids can create a rhinogator or crocozebra. Even those on a tight budget can feel generous in giving Opera or Forest Transfers ($5). Boys and girls get to create a theater scene on the big stage or a forest adventure.

One well-known character, Pinocchio, may be ideal to give to all youngsters on the list. Sevi offers several versions of the character that becomes a real boy as a Hand Puppet ($25), Pinocchio Soft Dolls in two sizes ($16 to $25) and 5-piece Stacking Wooden Pinocchio ($20). His red jacket, green short pants and huge smile are ideal for the holiday giving!

The holidays, for the first time in a long time, fall on the same weekend! Hanukkah’s first of eight nights starts at sundown on December 24 – overlapping with Christmas Eve! Christmas will be celebrated on December 25 but the eighth night of Hanukkah runs through January 1, 2017. Big and small presents, stocking stuffers and prizes for those dreidel games are listed by company:

Parlez-vous François? Magicforest has a soft spot for Moulin Roty. Knowing that parents need some
advice on holiday purchases, they put together an eclectic assortment from Les Petits Merveilles (The Small Wonders), Il Était une Fois (Once Upon a Time) and Les Jouets Métal, three of Moulin Roty’s exquisite collections.

Jointed Animals • $18
From the whimsical Les Petits Merveilles collection, these brightly painted animal pieces converge to become a full-length shadow puppet. Choose a body part from top to bottom and create a dragon, zebra or alligator. With a child’s imagination, the puppet pieces could be a tiger-rhino-gator! The two themes – Savannah or Chimera – are packaged in a sturdy giftable box. Sticks on the back of the pieces and brads to hold them together allow for realistic movement and a lively puppet show!

Forest or Opera Transfers • $5
From the Il Était une Fois (Once Upon A Time) collection are beautiful pieces to whip up an enchanting tale. Youngsters can lift and transfer the exquisite artwork in themes of an Opera or the Forest. A background mat comes in an antiqued monotone sketch just waiting for the colorful transfers to be rubbed onto the page. Also, the opera is a vertical design, how clever!

Little Red Riding Hood Doll • $48
Is this red-caped girl off to Grandma’s house or maybe yours? Start an adventure with this 17” soft doll, French fashion and fabric is evident here with her flowery dress with tulle lining. Little details make a big impact like her sweet painted face, ribbons at the tips of her braids and beautiful red coat. Magicforest suggests pairing her with The Gentleman Wolf ($74) doll with his stunning plaid coat with furry lapels or Puppet with his fancy flowery vest ($32) to tell the complete classic tale!

Musical Globes • $25
These charming toys from the Les Jouets Métal collection are both a top and a music box! Tots simply crank the handle and watch the musical show. Choose Circus or Galaxy themes. The Circus Musical Globe has a ringmaster and two animals that will dance and spin as if on ice. The Galaxy Globe boasts silly spaceships that dance as if floating in space! Look for the one man with his telescope. Add a little wobble and preschoolers two and up will be delighted. Or give as a newborn or baby shower shower gift to keep on the shelf until baby is older. Did we mention the music? It’s Chattanooga Choo Choo, the 1941 hit song by Glenn Miller. Fun!

Roly Poly Submarine • $16
Did you hear glong glong? That’s the cause-and-effect surprise for little ones who prod this chubby submarine. The adorable artwork depicts humans and underwater animals as well as a passenger walrus, reading the paper (!) and a green lobster on the top deck. From France, it’s wonderfully painted and nicely priced.

Parla Italiano? No need for the Italian dictionary. These toys are simply lovely. Trudi has been creating beautiful plush toys since 1955 and Sevi has been producing wooden toys for almost two centuries, making them the oldest wooden toy manufacturer in Europe. With a combined 248 years of toy making, Trudi and Sevi offer a collection of puppets, puzzles, games and skill toys from which one is certain to become a child’s favorite.


10” Hand Puppets • $25
Peek-a-boo, I see you! These astonishingly soft hand puppets are made in Italy for little hands, but mom and dad can play too! When not on hands, they stand up as perfectly plush buddies. Choose one or collect all three – an adorable beaver, a long and floppy-eared doggie and a grey and white striped kitty cat. Look online for more than a dozen other playful puppets!

Mama and Baby Puppets • $30
Ready for a snuggle? Make a mother and child reunion every night with these sweet sets. When introduced in 2015, all four original styles were instant best sellers. This holiday season, choose from 9 styles including Unicorn with Baby, Lion with Lion Cub and Green Dino with orange baby. One Magicforest buyer gushed that this year’s Dragon “is about the cutest mean thing, with his exposed teeth, I have ever seen!” Trudi adds little details such as each parent puppet offers a little “joey pouch” on their belly so baby can have a warm place to rest. Ahhhh!

Pinocchio is arguably the most reimagined character from children’s literature. The original 1883 stories by Carlo Collodi were short stories that appeared in newspapers. Since then, Pinocchio’s story – and variations of – has been translated into over 240 languages!

Stacking Wooden Pinocchio • $20
Ideal for toddlers 18 month and up, these five colorful pieces stack up from a bright red hat to a Christmas-y red and green bottom! A longish wooden nose is part of the charm! This wooden boy sits up as a wobbly base to heighten the learning experience, helps teach dexterity, order and of course, patience.

Pinocchio Hand Puppet • $25
Start a story with this sweet and soft puppet known for his l-o-n-g nose and out-stretched arms.

10” Pinocchio Soft Doll • $16
15” Pinocchio Soft Doll • $25
This fella is not made of wood but of Trudi plush. Choose one of two sizes and price points. Pinocchio’s HUGE smile, red jacket, matching red hat, yellow buttons and green short pants will make his an instant favorite with any child on your list.

Twist Un-Twist • $20
Pick one or collect all four styles: Lion, Crocodile, Pig and Whale. Perfect for toddlers ages 2 and up, this toy is wonderful for improving dexterity, concentration, patience and problem solving. When put together, they are so darn cute! Depending on the animal, they range from 7 to 11 pcs and come in four vibrant colors. Ideal for holiday gift-wrapping, Trudi packages each animal in a window gift-able box!

A bonus for shoppers online at bonjourpetit.com – free shipping for orders over $75, no tax and offers for gift-wrapping and gift notes! Their customer service line is 844-369-1119.

Celebrating its 12th year in business, Magicforest is an American toy importer and proud to be the exclusive distributor of seven European brands including Moulin Roty — its flagship brand — currently sold in 900 specialty toy and gift shops. The company has a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children’s toys and games. They like to think of the Magicforest as a friendly place where kids learn, play and grow. Plus parents are confident that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Find their wholesale site online at http://www.magicforest.com.

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