RAINY DAY? HOORAY! KIDS CAN’T WAIT TO BUILD AND PLAY INSIDE INCREDIBLE CARDBOARD FORTS & MAZES - Make-A-Fort Build Kits Are Durable and Reusable For Kids Of All Ages. They Really Do Stand Up To Playtime (And Spare The Couch Cushions!)


Make-A-Fort Build Kits Are Durable and Reusable For Kids Of All Ages. They Really Do Stand Up To Playtime (And Spare The Couch Cushions!)

Andover, Kansas (July 16, 2021) – Raise your hand if you’ve ever positioned the couch pillows on the floor to become walls topped by a roof of blankets. Suddenly there’s a secret entrance to crawl through. There’s something magical about an indoor fort that brings joy to every child. Take that thought and ratchet it up a notch with Make-A-Fort Kits available at https://www.makeafort.fun.

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Parents will never hear “I’m bored” while the kids are home for the summer once you show them the Make-A-Fort Build Kit. Open up and unpack 18 sturdy cardboard panels, 10 braces, 80 connectors and a handy carrying case. What happens next is totally up to the imagination of each child. A maze? A mansion? An igloo? Whatever they design, feel good about them playing inside for hours of their just-built creation. Kids of all ages will quickly forget about any amusements needing a gadget, cord or Wi-Fi!

Make-A-Fort Build Kit

Make-A-Fort building kits allow solo or sibling play to create incredible structures with or without a parent’s help. Each adventure with Make-A-Fort raises the critical thinking, social, and leadership skills of a child. Suddenly everyone is free to daydream and just, be a kid!

Make-A-Fort-Build-Kit-SOCIAL-07-21“We just got two Make-A-Fort kits and my kids have been non-stop building and playing for HOURS!!,” emphasized one mom on Instagram. “Yesterday they built a cool restaurant, made a menu, took orders and had so much fun! I never got a chance to take a picture of that one before they took it down and built this one! They wanted one that they could have their own space and sleep in. They love being able to easily build, take down and recreate whatever they want! It will be easy to store when they are eventually ready to take down!”

“My son and friend used two kits to make forts for a Nerf battle,” shared one pleased dad online. “The holes between panels even worked to shoot at each other.” (Watch the making of a Nerf Fort here: https://www.makeafort.fun/#video-gallery-f56df1f-2)

Before, during or after the forts are built, kids get to customize their cardboard panels. Just grab the colored markers. Every sturdy panel boasts outlines of zany characters, ready to be colored. With activities like these, kids will be skipping their screen time except to post a picture or perhaps record a TikTok video.

Make_A_Fort Build kits These Build kits really do stand up to playtime. “Each of our kits are made from a heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly,” explains Kent Johnson of Make-A-Fort, LLC. “We encourage kids to take a break from their screens and engage in creative real-world play. Budding engineers and architects will be mesmerized by endless play building. Once built, they are eager to play inside really big forts — that won’t cave in like couch cushions.”

“A single kit is often enough for a solo play for a preschooler 5 years old or younger,” recommends Johnson. “I suggest two to three kits for an older child (6 years old or older) or for multiple children to allow building really big forts.”

How durable are these forts? Each panel is over six times stronger than typical shipping box cardboard. There’s nothing flimsy here. When ready to order, ask the kids to do the math on how much a family can save when buying two or four kits (or more) at once!

  • Any 1 Kit • $77
  • Any 2 Kits • $137
  • Any 3 Kits • $187
  • Any 4 Kits • $247

Let the kids mull over dozens of ideas (a Hexagloo Fort anyone?) on what to build next with the color photos and videos posted online at https://www.makeafort.fun.

Make-A-Fort Build Kit • In Stock Now!
Engage your child’s imagination by building then immersing themselves inside incredible forts, mazes, tunnels, and structures. Forts offer quality time building and playing with every member of the family. The open-ended play offers truly endless possibilities of walking, sitting, crawling inside really big forts. All Make-A-Fort kits boast heavy-duty corrugated cardboard that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly. All orders in the U.S. are made in the USA and ship from three domestic warehouses.

The Kansas-based company has been a global hit as their warehouses fulfill family orders. Orders made online from Canada are made in the U.S.A. and ship from the company’s new Toronto warehouse. Likewise, orders made in Europe are manufactured in Europe and shipped from their new UK and Netherlands warehouses starting September 15, 2021. All purchases come with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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About Make-A-Fort

Childhood pleasures include building and playing inside really big forts, castles, mazes, and tunnels! Just like their ever-expanding line of kits, Fall 2021 is the season this toymaker launches a new website with crisp designs, new products, testimonials, multiple languages, and multiple currencies. See what’s coming and make pre-orders for U.S., Canada and European shipments at makeafort.fun. Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


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