INFLUENCER OR CREATOR? MAKE-A-FORT ENGAGES KIDS IN 2022 WITH A NEW TEMPLATE FOR BUDDING BUILDERS--Introducing Creator Kits For The 8+ Crowd To Engineer A Step-By-Step Shark, Jet Or Perhaps Tank For a Family Project That’s Instagram Worthy!


Introducing Creator Kits For The 8+ Crowd To Engineer A Step-By-Step Shark, Jet Or Perhaps Tank For a Family Project That’s Instagram Worthy!

Andover, Kansas (January 21, 2022) – This is the year that award winning Make-A-Fort moves from being an influencer to having kids be the creator. The toymaker built its reputation last year for its knowledge and expertise on durable building structures that are intuitive and irresistible to kids of all ages. The company influenced a new generation of kids to skip the couch cushions and build a more durable and exciting fort. Make-A-Fort launches its Creator Kits this week for budding builders ready for the next level.

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Oh my! Is that a 12-foot-long shark in the living room? One of many Make-A-Fort challenges is creating a jagged toothed shark bigger than the sofa!  Once the shark is constructed from elements of two or more Creator Kits, kids can pretend they are pirates on the open sea wrangling with the Mighty White! If they dare, they can crawl in through the shark’s tale and out the shark’s mouth, being careful not to be snagged by a tooth.

Now that kids seem to be spending more and more hours indoors, take time out for a STEM lesson. Kids might want to build an 11-foot-long Jet; a 6-foot-tall Giraffe or a 4-foot-tall Lemonade Stand with suggestions from Make-A-Fort’s downloadable instructions. Every kit from last year’s Explorer Kit to this year’s Creator Kit is authenticated. Start daydreaming of what to construct next at Click Project Tank online and download a detailed PDF that will have Dad insisting on getting down on the floor to play, along with the kids! The simple-to-follow pages show precisely how to build each side of a tank, the base and finally the turret and barrel. After the exuberance of completing this tank build, imagine the battles and strategic meetings in and around the Tank Fort. Perhaps a nerf battle awaits the family before dinner?

With Make-A-Fort, there’s something to erect for every age in the house. Explorer Kit contains the essential components to build simple and fun forts and is intended for ages 4 and up.  The 2022 Creator Kit is an add-on to the Explorer Kit that includes new components to build intricate, durable builds for ages 8 and up.  This is for youngsters ready to imagine what-could-be beyond tunnels, forts, and castles.

“Projects that require Creator Kits can be quite challenging to build,” explains Kent Johnson, of Make-A-Fort, LLC, “requiring following long sequences of instructions with perhaps two or more people to build. Families should anticipate multiple hours to build. These projects will surely create memories that kids will look back upon years later!”

Every kit arrives in its own carrying case and lays flat. Inside, panels and braces are made from cardboard that is strong, durable, and eco-friendly. Better yet, kits are ready to be colored (!) turning a STEM lesson into a STEAM one. The toymaker’s January Sale online at has kit prices starting at $79.99 per kit – a 19% savings from 2021. The savings add up with each additional purchase. Buying four kits in one cart adds up to 37% off or just $62.25 per kit this month.

Make-A-Fort Creator Kit • Ages 8+

Make-A-Fort Creator Kit • Ages 8+

This add-on kit takes the simple fort to a new level allowing builder kids to create complex projects like a 6-foot-wide puppet theatre. Durable and reusable, these kits can be built over and over again. When play is done, fold flat and store. Moms give a shout out to Make-A-Fort designers as every piece of the kit is stored flat and back into the carrying case when play is done!

Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit • Ages 4+

Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit • Ages 4+

With a huge variety of creations, Make-a-Fort is great for young kids who enjoy playing in the fort more than building it or for advanced builders who enjoy the challenge of the build. Each Explorer Kit includes 20 panels, 18 braces, 86 connectors, and 1 carrying case.

Last year Make-A-Fort garnered almost a dozen toy industry honors, including Clamour Best of Holiday 2021 Influencer Choice List in partnership with The Toy Association; Hot Diggity Awards; Mom’s Choice; National Parenting Product Award; PAL Award; authenticated; The National Parenting Center Holiday 2021 Seal of Approval and Tillywig Best Creative Fun Award.

All orders are US made and ship domestically from CA, TN, or MD warehouses. Canadian families will be pleased to discover that orders are shipped from the company’s Toronto warehouse.

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About Make-A-Fort

Childhood pleasures include building and playing inside really big forts, castles, mazes, and tunnels! Instead of using flimsy blankets or the couch cushions as props, this family-owned company from Wichita, Kansas offers eco-friendly and durable cardboard kits that include panels, braces and carrying case. When the kids have outgrown their fort-making days, everything in the kit can be recycled again! Order now for U.S., Canada, and European shipments at Then follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.


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