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Camp Acorn Delights with Raccoon, Owl, Fox & Bunny for Campy Fun; Farmer’s Market™ Collection Celebrates Farm Favorites

Minneapolis, MN (February 9, 2017) – When the entire toy world gathers in Manhattan for the annual North American International Toy Fair, veteran buyers will make a beeline to The Manhattan Toy Company’s Booth 2435. Two fresh, inspired toy lines – Camp Acorn™ and Farmer’s Market™ are guaranteed to bring joy to tots. From the Camp Acorn Fox Blankie ($18) and Camp Acorn Wood Playset ($38) to Farmer’s Market Chicken Pull Toy ($48), these newest playthings require only imagination and a smile!

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Manhattan Toy actually boasts a Smile Promise! Their website,, pledges, “joy with every toy – or we’ll make it right!” The newest lines, one with woodsy tones and the other bright with market colorings are sprinkled with bliss originating from their Minneapolis, MN creative team.


Camp Acorn collection starts with three huggable animal characters – Fox, Bunny and Owl – each $13 and lightly stuffed for plush play. Adventurous tots will be charmed by the Raccoon Explorer ($24) and the Chicken Pull Toy ($48)! When it’s time to take a trip to Grandma’s or the grocery store, bring along travel toys that clip to strollers or car seats. Raccoon, Fox and Owl Travel Toys ($13) have a teether when needed. The entire collection offers 16 sweet pieces– perfect for any Baby Shower or a First Birthday. Look for these items on store shelves and online at Manhattan Toy in Spring 2017.

Camp Acorn Plush • $13
Choose your favorite woodsy pal – Owl, Fox or Bunny. These lightly stuffed pillowed pals feature embroidered details with endearing features. Snuggle with one or more! Owl and Fox stand 9” tall and Bunny stretches 10” long!

Camp Acorn Bunny Pull • $32
Give this funny Bunny a tug in his soft log that boasts rolling wheels. The stuffed bunny fits perfectly inside, waiting for his ride from you-know-who. The pull toy uses a red ribbon to pull.

Camp Acorn Raccoon Explorer • $24
Join Raccoon on a trip around the kitchen or into the backyard! He comes with accessories — a soft removable camera that hangs neatly around his neck and a removable backpack. Look closer, it has a Velcro-like closure!

Camp Acorn Bunny Pull Musical • $24
When it’s time for a nap or bedtime, pull the wood ring on Bunny and wait for Schubert’s Lullaby. Sleepyheads can gaze at the blue loop fabric and rich details on Bunny as they gently fall asleep.

Camp Acorn Wood Playset • $38
This 16-piece wood set needs a little imagination for an adorable adventure in the woods. Set includes a tree house, fox, owl, raccoon and more. The charming set can be stacked or arranged any which way. The chunky pieces are perfect for little fingers to grasp and place.

Camp Acorn Canoe Buddies • $27
Can you canoe? This one is already full with three characters – Raccoon that squeaks, Fox that chimes and Owl that rattles. Sweet! The soft fabric canoe is bright red so it won’t get lost in a pile of toys.

Camp Acorn Travel Toy • $13
Where are we going? Make sure one of these camp buddies comes too! Choose your pal to pal around – Raccoon, Owl or Fox. Each comes with a rattle and a c-clip to attach to the car seat, grocery cart or stroller. Pull down the plastic teethers to make them jiggle!

Camp Acorn Playmap • $32
Floor time is extra fun with this camp themed mat full of discoveries. X marks the spot for a squeaker surprise. Follow the dashes to playful attachments like a crinkle paper tree with peek-a-boo fox! A discovery mirror, thick ribbons and tethered teethers make this a daily pleasure for sensory play.

Camp Acorn Photo Book • $24
Whoooo’s got a photo? Five sleeves can hold 4×6 photos. This little book features wood teether ring, crinkle paper, ribbon loop and Velcro like closure. Go ahead and drool over the cute-y pie pictures!

Camp Acorn Zip & Play Acorn • $13
Unzip this soft acorn and peek inside. There are teething rings, satin crinkle paper leaf and more to explore. The C-clip attachment makes this the go-to toy when it’s time to go.

Camp Acorn Wrist Rattle Set • $16
How cute are these? Wrist rattle set includes two printed characters – owl and fox – with soft baby Velcro like closings for a perfect fit. Go ahead and shake. They stay put, always.

Camp Acorn Fox Blankie • $18
This blankie is a keeper with knotted corners for teething when little and soft fabrics and features when chillin’. Fox watches over the center of the blanket with pointy ears, long nose and sweet face.

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Mother Goose said “to market, to market to buy a fat hen.” Manhattan Toy suggests kids take a make-believe trip to their Farmer’s Market where Mother Hen and Baby Chicks interact with the customers! Here Eggplants and Watermelons make delightful travel toys complete with a textured teether to soothe baby’s emerging teeth. There are several great travel toys within the Farmer’s Market collection–you can grab them right off the Market “cart”. Look for the 11 new items from the Farmer’s Market collection shipped to shops online and in the neighborhood in Spring 2017.

Farmer’s Market Mother Hen Travel Toy • $24
This Mother Hen jiggles as her baby chick sits up in mom’s wing pocket. Move the chicken and hear the pocket crinkle. Lift it up and look – there’s a mirror. Toy includes a c-clip to attach to stroller or car seat.

Farmer’s Market Baby Chick Travel Toy • $13
A smaller travel toy with the market theme is this sweet chick. Look on her bottom and discover a mirror. Play with the yellow baby and find a chime, many textures, crinkle paper plus the c-clip to attach to any handle.

Farmer’s Market Food Travel Toys • $13
Bright colors are a feast for the eyes with these delicious looking watermelon, eggplant and mushroom. Each boasts one smooth and one textured teething ring. All have a c-clip for easy attachment. Pull on the rings to make it jiggle.

Farmer’s Market Chicken Pull Toy • $48
Let’s roll says Mother Hen in this adorable four-wheeler! Mother Hen and three detachable chicks, with wood wheels, rolls wherever you go by pulling the string. One chick squeaks, one is a rattle and together the three create a colorful train – with chirp chirp instead of choo choo!

Farmer’s Market Wrist Rattle Set • $13
Manhattan Toy’s creative team dreamed up the cutest printed character faces on a watermelon and eggplant for this wrist rattle set! The soft baby Velcro fits snuggly on even the smallest child’s wrist. It’s delicious fun for the eyes and ears.

Farmer’s Market Counting Book • $24
This book will become a favorite with so many things to see and feel. Crinkle paper, peek-a-boo flaps, ribbons, rattle mushroom and more! Learn some market terms like radishes and peas as you turn the pages from 1 to 8. How great!

Farmer’s Market Peas In A Pod • $13
Ever wonder where peas in a pod come from? These three green peas are tethered to this soft velvety pod. One has crinkles and one rattles and one squeaks. Delicious fun! Take another peek and notice their embroidered faces. Manhattan Toy thinks of everything!

Farmer’s Market Watermelon Blankie • $18
This one-of-a-kind blankie is velvety soft and bright. Blankie fits inside the zipper pouch of a slice of watermelon. Open up and play. Fabric loops make it easy to grasp or attach.

Farmer’s Market Baby Beads Grape • $26
This cluster of purple grapes is actually wooden beads. “Leaves” are strung together by a plastic cord. Smooth beads make a perfect grasping toy. Classic wood teether is perfect on sore gums and emerging teeth.

These brand new baby toys can be pre-ordered at or wait until they hit store shelves. If you know someone who is shopping for a baby toy, tell them to sign up for company emails at and grab 20% off their first purchase!

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For more than 30 years Manhattan Toy has provided high quality, imagination inspiring, safety conscious toys. The spirit of Manhattan Toy is captured in the simple statement –We remember that the most powerful thing any of us play with in this life is our imagination! All Manhattan Toy products comply with U.S. and European safety standards. For more information about the many award-winning toy collections, visit the website at

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