Adorable (& Affordable) Woodland Babies’ Bunny, Fox, Owl & Deer Plus Footsie Rattles – A Few Of This Season’s Must-Haves For Baby

Minneapolis, MN (September 6, 2016) – One of the best things about being a new parent is getting to play games with your baby! During these early milestone months, make sure playtime is enriching. Play peek-a-boo or introduce tactile touches with precious plush toys from The Manhattan Toy Company® Fall 2016 Collection. Furry forest friends, grasping toys and footy animal rattles will light up baby’s eyes without breaking the family budget!

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“Being little is all about discovering the world around you,” explains Manhattan Toy on their informative website, http://www.manhattantoy.com. The beloved company is “dedicated to the art of creative play. The innovative designs and research-proven developmental features of our toys will engage, stimulate and nurture your child’s imagination and development.”

It’s true — from smiling to cooing, from rolling over to walking, baby is busy learning and developing every single day. Make those wide-awake times count with fun and games. Introduce welcomed sound effects with a rattle or a verse of Brahms’ Twinkle Twinkle with Manhattan Toy’s incoming Click Clack Ball and Woodland Babies Bellamy Bunny Pull Musical. Hoping for a giggle from baby and a belly laugh for mom? Place one or all three adorable Woodland Babies Foot Finders & Rattle on little tootsies or tiny wrist. Bunny, Owl and Fox will entertain the whole family until feeding time.

What’s A Winkel? For over 30 years, Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high quality, visually appealing toys for babies, toddlers and kids. Their Winkel rattles and teethers have long been recognized for their unique developmental features and continue to receive accolades after 25 years of play. New for 2016 is the Red, White and Blue Winkel. Awards that it boasts are the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and the Special Needs Adaptable Product Award and most recently, it received the Dr. Toy 2016 Classic Award.

For busy parents, there’s nothing more convenient than shopping online at Manhattan Toy. Receive free shipping for orders of $49 or more. With the Top 20 must-haves priced mainly in the $10 to $20 range, family members — including Aunties and Grandmas — can buy two toys or pick out something precious for the sibling-to-be. Grownups can be assured that all products, from the newest concepts to time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight the next generation.

This season’s must-have playthings list is arranged by age:

Winkel Red, White and Blue • $14 • Ages Newborn+
Parents will salute this delightfully patriotic toy because of its ingenious secret – when placed in the fridge, the Winkel can be offered up as a cooling, soothing teether! Tactile tubes are spun into a shape perfect for little hands to grasp and shake.

Jellybean Assortments (Animals or Dinos) • $11 each • Ages Newborn+
These colorful dino and patterned animal assortments include a variety of playful creatures. The Jellybean – Patterns animal set includes an elephant named Stompy, a pig named Jiggly and a bear called Growly. Fun is never extinct with the dyno-mite Jellybean – Colors set that includes: a brontosaurus (hello Bronty!), a triceratops (hi Spikey!) and of course, a T-rex (hello Chompy!). Each character feature teething rings and a chime. The C-shaped clip makes for easy attachment to a car seat handle, stroller, diaper bag or crib. Plus! These adorable characters have a pull n’ jiggle function; just pull the animal or dino away from the clip and watch them jiggle! Jellybean Assortment dinos and animals are sold individually and are available in stores only.

Click Clack Ball • $16 • Ages Newborn+
Features handles that click with every twist. Ball also has beads that rattle when shaken.

Woodland Babies Foot Finders & Rattle • $17 • Ages Newborn+
Oh baby! This 3-piece set includes bunny and owl footy rattles and fox themed wrist rattle. Snap a picture of baby wearing these and post to all the relatives on Facebook.

Woodland Babies

Woodland Babies Bellamy Bunny Small • $10 • Ages Newborn+
So much cuteness for just $10? Thanks Manhattan Toy!

Woodland Babies Felix Fox Small • $10 • Ages Newborn+
This snuggly guy measures 9.5” long, just perfect to tuck under a little arm or the crib covers!

Woodland Babies Oakley Owl Small • $10 • Ages Newborn+
Whooooo is this? With his wispy hair, beak nose and portly shape, Oakley Owl will make everyone in the house smile!

Woodland Babies Chloe Deer Small • $10 • Ages Newborn+
This doe, a deer, a female deer, is named Chloe. She boasts pale pink arms for snuggling and a bright pink nose to kiss goodnight.

Woodland Bellamy Bunny • $16 • Ages Newborn+
Manhattan Toy’s snuggliest plush holds a sensory ring rattle for a perfect playdate. Bunny measures 10 inches tall when sitting upright.

Woodland Felix Fox • $16 • Ages Newborn+
Is he sly or just shy? Baby will delight in finding the sensory ring rattle and giving it a tug. Felix’s two-tone colors with pleasing black eyes will entice baby to play just a little longer.

Woodland Oakley Owl • $16 • Ages Newborn+
This owl offers 10 delightful inches of snuggles and softness. He holds on tightly to a rattle so baby can grasp, tug or teethe.

Woodland Babies Bellamy Bunny Pull Musical • $18
Gray and white bunny sports teal blue inner floppy ears with a matching colored nose! Pull its cord and enjoy a verse from Brahms Twinkle Twinkle. Soft and sweet.

Woodland Babies Felix Fox Stroller Toy • $16 • Ages Newborn+
Clip this sly fox where baby can reach and go for an entertaining walk. Includes crinkle ears, rattle ball and a soft pull n’ jiggle tail.

When browsing the Manhattan Toy website (featuring over 500 products), make sure to take time to read their blog and join their email list to receive promotional offers and new product updates!

The Manhattan Toy Company is dedicated to the art of creative play, quality craftsmanship and the success of the national and specialty retailer. The company distributes through thousands of stores nationwide. Toys are designed, developed and manufactured with every child’s safety in mind. The Manhattan Toy Company ensures that each product complies with all U.S. and European toy and safety standards. For more information about the many award-winning toy collections, visit their website at http://www.ManhattanToy.com.

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