As of January 1st, WA State Guidelines Require Passengers Under Age 16 To Wear Lap And Shoulder Seat Belts; Booster Seats A Must For Kids Shorter Than 4’9”

Houston, Texas (January 6, 2020) – Most parents think that once their child gets to be old enough, perhaps around 8 years old, they can toss the booster seat and sit up front, next to mom or dad. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has made sure – via House Bill 1012 — that Washington families measure a child’s height and not their age when it comes to car safety. One innovative product, mifold ($39.99), is precisely the discreet booster for big kids who have yet to reach the 4’ 9” (or 57”) tall requirement.

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mifold ($39.99)As of January 1, 2020, all drivers in Washington must adhere to the new law or risk getting a ticket. In a nutshell, the new law defines proper seat belt fit as being measured by size, not age. Drivers will be ticketed if a passenger under age 16 is not using the correct car seat, booster seat or seat belt based on their age, height or weight.

House Bill 1012 says a child must remain in a booster “until the vehicle lap and shoulder seat belts fit properly, typically when the child is between the ages of eight and twelve years of age, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, or must be properly secured with the motor vehicle’s safety belt properly adjusted and fastened around the child’s body.” Additionally, boys and girls under 13 years old must sit in the back seat of the vehicle.

mifold ($39.99)The mifold grab-and-go booster provides the ideal solution for those children who don’t want to look “babyish” when using a regular booster. mifold, is the most compact and portable child car safety seat and is more than 10x smaller than a regular booster. Parents have shared amazing stories of just how life saving it can be at https://mifold.com/pages/testimonials. mifold is made for children 40 lbs. to 100 lbs. and measuring 40 to 57 inches tall.

mifold ($39.99)Consumer Reports and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have long agreed with these measures. As stated in a 2018 Consumer Reports article, “it’s safer to wait. Even though some kids will be tall enough at age 8, most won’t be ready to make the transition out of a booster until they are 10 to 11 years old, according to the AAP.”

The Bellingham Herald reported back in September — as kids were in back-to-school mode — about the 2020 statewide changes. “A new parent does not typically know when a rear-facing car seat, a forward-facing car seat, or a booster seat is needed. This bill makes it very simple to understand: rear-facing until a child is 2 years old; forward-facing until a child is 4 years old; and a booster seat until a child is 4 feet 9 inches tall.”

mifold ($39.99)“Current law is not sufficient to help ensure child safety. It is important for a child to be kept in the safest position for the longest amount of time possible. When children are moved from a rear-facing to a forward-facing car seat too early, their heads are not properly supported in the event of a crash, and this can result in serious injuries.”

KFLD News Talk Radio 870 AM is reminding parents now, “the updates include requiring children who have outgrown portable car seats to use booster seats until they are big enough for the vehicle’s seat belt to fit properly. So, for those of you with smaller middle school children, especially 6th graders, it could mean having to outfit them next week so they can return to school legally.”

Luckily for WA parents, the mifold is regularly ranked amongst the top selling booster seats on Amazon. Find it here at https://www.amazon.com/mifold-Grab-Booster-Seat-Slate/dp/ B01H5VJJTE/ 

A regular booster lifts a child to be in the position of an adult. The mifold booster does the exact opposite … instead of lifting the child up, it holds the seatbelt down … it’s that simple. Both mifold and its alternate hifold — an adjustable high back that weighs less than 10 pounds and can be folded and tucked into a storage bag or slung over a shoulder — are engineered to protect children all the way up to about 12 years old. The patented design takes the seat belt off the stomach and the neck, making it comfortable, safe and easy to use.

mifold • $39.99
The mifold grab-and-go booster seat is the world’s most compact and portable booster. It keeps your child safe by optimally adjusting the adult seatbelt to fit properly.

About mifold
Car safety is important to Jon Sumroy the inventor behind mifold and hifold as his own children were being driven everywhere by other people as well as their own family. He wants to ensure that kids globally always have a car seat available. Their inaugural product, mifold has wowed the world, literally. From Korea to the USA, mifold is the winner of 14 (and counting) international design, parenting and innovation awards including the prestigious NASA Tech Briefs Award! From more than 14,000 different product design ideas, the NASA Tech Briefs Award is given to help stimulate and reward engineering innovation.

These prestigious awards also recognized the innovative mifold seat:
• The European Product Design Award (EU) – 2017- The Product Design Award recognizes the efforts of talented designers and design teams who improve our daily lives with practical and beautiful creations, designed to solve a problem and make life easier.

• The JPMA Innovation Awards (USA) – 2017 – Awarded for being voted one of the most innovative products in the US marketplace, mifold won the “Parents Pick” award, a vote awarded by over 4,000 parents that took part. It also won the “Innovation Award” as “Best in Show,” decided by a panel of experts and eminent judges from the juvenile products industry.

Find out more about car seat options for your youngsters at www.mifold.com.

Read the press release as a PDF


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