Play Indoors Or Out With Our Favorite-Things List Including: Storybook Torch, Kaleidoscope, Sidewalk Chalk, Harmonica, 3-D Viewer, Spy Camera, Jacob’s Ladder And Bicycle Bells!

Portsmouth, NH (June 23, 2016) – Hooray for summer when kids finally get unstructured time to daydream. Give them a box of colored chalk and watch the driveway become a canvas. Savvy parents know that a few new playthings can spark imagination while allowing kids to be … kids. Moulin Roty, the French company that creates quality toys while preserving the childhood soul, has a toy chest brimming with little items that make a big impact. Best of all, many of the toys are priced under $10!

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Magicforest, importers of luxurious European playthings for babies and children, has a soft spot for Moulin Roty. Knowing that parents need some advice on summertime purchases, they put together an eclectic assortment from Les Petites Merveilles, one of Moulin Roty’s exquisite collections. The phrase translates as the small wonders!

Peer into a kaleidoscope, produce a shadow puppet show or create some psychedelic spiral-graph art. Moulin Roty designers have reimagined these iconic toys for a new generation. There’s no need to plug in, turn on or charge. These toys run on imagination and childhood! Their collection called Les Jeux (Games) features the flip flap of Jacob’s ladder, pocket-sized wood tangrams and a spy camera!

Chances are there’s a road trip scheduled for the summer. In addition to backseat snacks, kids need something to do. Hand over paper and pencil and offer them Magic Spirals ($7). These travel size art aids allow kids’ artistic side to emerge! Or designate them as sleuths who get to wear La Moustache ($4) in the back seat. Try not to laugh!

Slumber party guests will look forward to bedtime when they can shine their storybook torch against a blank wall. Pass around the 3-D Viewer ($25) and make up a tale based on the enclosed story disks.

Expecting a birthday invitation in the mail? Someone will be celebrating before school begins anew. A perfect present might be the Metal Wind-Up Radio ($38). Pair with the metal kaleidoscope for a truly memorable gift! This musical box is sure to delight tots ages 2 and up.

It just wouldn’t be summer without at least one campfire. After roasting marshmallows, get out the Harmonica ($14) and sing a round of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

Storybook Torch • Ages 4+ • $18
This is the one treat to get and to give this summer since it’s Magicforest’s best seller! The “flashlight” comes with three different projection discs that clip onto the end. Each of the discs, when projected onto a wall, depicts a different story “told” in eight colorful images. Titles include The Circus Comes to Town! and Panic in the Menagerie! plus Run for Your Life.

Four Seasons Storybook Torch • Ages 4+ • $18
The torch is perfectly sized for youngsters — 6-inches long by 2-inches wide. The colorful imagery depicts a different story every time. One shows children going into the garden to sow carrot seeds; the second shows a tree explaining how the seasons change; and the third shows animals happily running about.

New! 3-D Viewer with 3 Story Disks • Ages 3+ • $25
Remember this awesome toy when you were a kid? This 2016 version is totally retro – and fun! The enclosed three story discs showcase a movie set theme, behind the scenes, and action. Put them together to create a movie script! Do you still have your childhood discs from your own View-Master? Surprise! They will fit in this 3-D Viewer for a new generation to enjoy!

New! Hero Night time Shadows • Ages 3+ • $20
Here’s the newest member of Les Ombres, the best selling Shadow Puppets from Les Petites Merveilles. Make up a story with the good guys and the bad guys. Heroes and villains are part of this 11-piece set. Pair these puppets with the Television Shadow Box for a “real” TV experience.

New! Television Shadow Box • Ages 3+ • $30
How fun is this? Put on a show for the whole family as kids use shadow puppets from Heroes and Villains or any other shadow puppet sets. Made of sturdy cardboard, comes with 2 different backdrops – City Skyscrapers and The Forest. Add a light source and the kids will shout “LIGHTS, CAMERA ACTION!”

Metal Kaleidoscope • Ages 3+ • $16
These kaleidoscopes are as beautiful on the outside as the colorful stars, circles and discs hidden inside. Telescoping from 7.5in to over 10” allows for different views and new designs each time. This is one of Magicforest’s best sellers.

Architect Kaleidoscope • Ages 3+ • $8.50
Peer inside and spin right, then left – it’s awwww-some to see what appears before your eyes. Telescoping from 9in to over 12.5” allows for different views and new designs each time.

Metal Wind-Up Radio • Ages 2+ • $38
Talk about old-fashioned fun, this radio plays the tune, “How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?” The Les Petites Merveilles collection prides itself on little details such as bright primary-like colors and a convenient carry handle that’s perfect size for little hands. Take a peek at the front — it looks like it is being driven by a doggy!

Spy Camera • Ages 3+ • $8.50
Want to play a trick on your friends and family? Hold this camera with your right hand but look straight and see ‘left’ … this is pure joy and novelty.

La Moustache • Ages 3+ • $4
Kids love to make pretend. Why not be a spy today? Choose one of three comical styles and pick up your spy camera and no one will know it’s you. Happy sleuthing!

Magic Spirals • Ages 6+ • $7
Here’s another retro classic revived by Moulin Roty – but in a travel size. Watch how quickly kids can spin a beautiful flower or create abstract spiral designs. Look in the kitchen drawer for some colorful pens and provide a few sheets of paper. Get ready for some new refrigerator art to display!

Flip-Flap Jacob’s Ladder • Ages 3+ • $13
The iconic child’s toy has a touch of whimsy with the beautifully painted owl motif. This toy never ceases to amaze.

Pocket Wooden Tangrams • Ages 3+ • $12
Ready, set, make a rabbit or a cat. Challenge your friends to a tangram battle. These colored wooden tangrams are small enough to travel in a solid cardboard box. Each kit includes two sets – one orange and one blue.

Bike Bell • Ages 3+ • $14
Did you hear that? Bring …bring. The shrill sound of a bike bell is pure joy in the neighborhood or along the bike path.

Harmonica • Ages 3+ • $14
Make a goal this summer to learn a few new tunes. This musical instrument is ideal for small hands and mouths. And it’s perfect to play around the campfire.

Floor Chalk • Ages 3+ • $7
Nothing says summer like a hopscotch outline or drawings on the sidewalk. Enjoy bright vivid colors, all stored in a sturdy cardboard tube. Surprise Dad with a loving message when he enters the driveway.

Crayons • Ages 3+ • $7
Coloring is trendy this year — even the grownups are doing it. Give tots some blank paper and a pack of crayons and see what happens. This is how Da Vinci got started!

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