Transform Your Phone Into A Powerful Microscope!


Transform Your Phone Into A Powerful Microscope!

Manassas, VA (March 20, 2018) – Kids gravitate to little things. Using the proverbial good things come in small packages motto, consider their glee when scooping up the piñata fillings, birthday party favors, Easter basket and Christmas stocking treats. In 2018, parents can add a smartphone microscope to that list!

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My First Lab introduces the STEM Starter Kit ($19.99) which turns a smartphone or mobile device like an iPad or kindle, kids of all ages can have a 60x-magnification microscope in the palm of their hand! There isn’t a better way to kids excited about science or tech than putting their mobile devices on an educational mode (as opposed to a game of Candy Crush).

It’s also an ideal way to introduce young minds to the wonders of a microscope through STEM. Children as young as 6-years-old will be transfixed to this clip-on microscope lens that lets them be explorers in their own home or backyard. The STEM Starter Kit boasts 2 light settings for UV and forensic viewing plus 15 different 3D specimens on prepared slides. The kit even includes batteries!

My First Lab, a division of C&A Scientific, has invested over 20 years of manufacturing expertise to build microscopes and science kits that are inexpensive enough for a child, but possessing an image quality good enough for an adult.

“My First Lab is about bringing fun to learning with the power of science. Parents and educators are serious about products that deliver hands-on learning – so are we”, says Matt Swain, director of marketing at C & A Scientific. “As the maker of medical grade equipment, our award-winning student educational microscopes, science kits and experiment kits are all focused on STEM. The STEM Starter Kit includes 15 different slide specimens –common specimens like sugar, cotton, insect leg, sand, and even human hair!”

Discover the STEM Starter Kit in specialty shops nationwide including Doylestown, PA’s Busy Bee Toys; Suttons Bay, MI’s Enerdyne; Hillsboro, OR’s iSpark Toys and Wakefield, RI’s Pow! Science! stores.

New! STEM Starter Kit • $19.99 • Ages 6+
Perfect for the home, in class or at afterschool activities, this educational kit will become the WOW gift at birthday parties. Simply clip on to any Smartphone or Tablet. Kids choose their light, clip the microscope over the mobile device’s camera lens and then position the lens over an object. Kit includes My First Lab’s sought-after cell phone microscope, the Smartphone Inspector. Also includes 15 different 3D specimens on prepared slides, 2 light settings and even the batteries! It’s truly amazing with 60x magnification power.

Seeing science through a different lens is the specialty of My First Lab and its parent company based in Manassas, Virginia. In the 2017-2018 school year, more than 90,000 students spread across 100 public schools in Prince William County received a truckload of brand new microscopes and science kits. C & A Scientific hosted professional development workshops for their teachers so students could take full advantage of the $300,000 donation of lab supplies.

On their website,, watch the abc7 Education Spotlight where every child kids has access to the newest tools in STEM education —

As parents and grandparents browse My First Lab’s 70+ STEM-inspired products online, consider these top three microscopes:

Duo-Scope • Ages 9+ • $64.99
Creative Child 2015 Product of the Year Award
This best seller is the most popular in the My First Lab series! Two light sources allow this microscope to magnify both slides and solid objects. Ask the kids to inspect a dollar bill; a feather, backyard bugs or view slides. It’s lightweight so kids can take it to any room or outside. It features an impact-resistant frame and is AA battery powered. After raking, let them examine those falling leaves in the yard. What a great way to magnify their love of science!

Duo-Scope Starter Kit • Ages 8+ • $29.99
Creative Child 2015 Product of the Year Award
This powerful kit is based on the best-selling microscope, the Duo Scope, and is designed for elementary through middle school age students. It has some amazing features including a 10X eyepiece, Dual focus knob top and bottom LED lights and more. In fact it comes with a 40-piece accessory kit with experiment guide. The starter kit is battery operated, CE Certified and CPSIA approved. Nice!

My First Lab WOW Scope • Ages 9+ • $69.99
Creative Child 2016 Product of the Year Award
You’ll hear the kids blurt out “wow” many times a day when they eye this microscope. The interchangeable pairs of 10X and 25X eyepieces allow for 20X and 50X total magnification. Students can view 3D objects up close! The top and bottom duo-LED illumination can be used for solid objects or prepared slides. Includes 5 specimens with slide carrying case and experiment guide.

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For over 20 years, this Manassas, VA based company has brought a fresh and innovative approach to the educational toy market. Designed with children first, the award-winning My First Lab™ products focus on the discovery and learning experience every step of the way. From microscopes, prepared slides, experiment kits, and real animal skeletons, they put high-quality, affordable products into the hands of young scientists. My First Lab is developed and manufactured by C&A Scientific, a family-owned company and leader in scientific and educational microscopes and laboratory accessories to organizations worldwide. Visit for more information.

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