My Gnome On The Roam® Is THE Perfect Present For The Holiday Season When Free Time Is Precious As Extended Family Gathers

Nashville, TN (August 17, 2017) – From Thanksgiving to Christmas dinner – including those 8 nights of Hanukkah – family time is a precious time. Childhood memories are made. One guest who can make Holiday 2017 even better is My Gnome On The Roam who arrives in a packed suitcase. Everyone around the table can partake in new and exciting kid-friendly adventures without leaving the neighborhood!

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Mom bloggers and toy industry experts have taken notice of this interactive kit that encourages families to slow down and spend time together, even if for 15 minutes.

“We started including our gnome in all of our daily activities and excursions,” wrote Cleveland blogger Mom Fab Fun. “It’s amazing how much more aware you become of what you do every day and how even small, mundane tasks (like going to the grocery store) become a little more fun and exciting because you’re bringing the gnome with you and documenting the adventure later. I realized that the simple moments together were those that would become my children’s memories of their childhood.”

“Family time is everything!” echoed Paperclips and Pacis blogger. “Our boys are now 3 and 5 years old and they’re at an age where we can do more activities together that they can fully participate in. I love the idea of creating new and exciting kid-friendly adventures in our own backyard …This fun kit comes all packed up in a super cute little suitcase that you can use to keep all of your My Gnome on the Roam goodies together. The packaging is adorable…”

Industry experts at The Toy Insider gushed about the simplicity of the no-plugs, no-charging, no- batteries kit for kids. “The cardboard suitcase includes one blank gnome, one wooden pen, an adventure journal, and a book that tells the tale of Gustav the gnome. The people over at My Gnome on the Roam have one mission: to inspire busy families to connect, create, and explore. I’m all for that, and so I’m a fan from the start. The rules are simp— wait, no. There are no rules, and that’s the best part. Using the adventure kit is completely up to kids and parents. There’s no right or wrong, and there’s no dos and don’ts. There is however, an adventure guide that offers tools and tips for getting started.”

During the rush of the holiday season, hectic moms and dads can stop and tune in to a daily My Gnome On The Roam app. Available on Google Play and Apple App (iTunes) stores, the app offers daily inspiration for building family “together time” into even the busiest days. In as little as 15 minutes, grownups can build stronger, happier and deeper connection with the kids while encouraging creativity and exploration. Google Play’s app requires Android 4.0 and up while the newest iTunes app is compatible with iOS 7.1 or later on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The kit is sold online at MyGnomeOnTheRoam.com. Poke around the website to uncover whimsical parenting tips including a 24-day advent-ure calendar! Here the website suggests, “each day a new idea will be added to the advent-ure calendar. Come back each day to see what the day’s activity is and play along each day until Christmas Eve! Sign up above to receive the tips straight to your inbox every day.

Gnome Suitcase • Ages 3+ • $29.97

2017 The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
2016 Parents’ Choice Recommended

Open the clasp and enjoy a copy of the My Gnome on the Roam ® book, a blank-paged journal waiting to be filled, one DIY customizable gnome and a magical pen to help turn adventures into stories and ultimately, memories. Families will also have access to the exclusive adventure app, My Gnome On The Roam: 15 Minute Adventures for Busy Families.

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My Gnome on the Roam is a premium brand of educational toys and experiences for youngsters that builds creative family adventures in as little as 30 minutes a week. Based in Nashville, TN, My Gnome On The Roam founder Anne Armstrong is a gifted public middle school teacher of 20 years who now focuses on inspiring all children to love reading, writing and exploration. She’s also a mom! The company’s products include the best-selling published children’s book My Gnome on the Roam, available through Amazon.com and the Google Play and Apple app My Gnome on the Roam, filled with daily inspiration and activities to complete in about 15 minutes. Discover the muses of an adventure at http://www.MyGnomeOnTheRoam.com.

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