Philadelphia, PA (November 12, 2021) – For kids that follow the game of basketball, stats like Turnover Differential, Rebound Margin, or Free Throw Differential seem to roll off their tongues. Tracking and recording stats is a great way to introduce students to the relevance of math in the real world, and to reinforce core skills that they learn in the classroom! Points, rebounds, and steals can take on a whole new meaning when presented in a math class, and player stats and the thrill of competition offer a way for elementary and middle schoolers to develop confidence with math. That “ah-ha” moment can help jumpstart a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

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Designed for young learners from 3rd to 8th grade, the NBA Math Hoops App is a free game starring your student’s favorite NBA and WNBA players and real statistics. The game reinforces fundamental math skills in a fun, data-rich environment, and kids build fluency through engaging gameplay without even realizing that they are learning! Suddenly fractions, decimals, percentages, and exponents are just a part of the game, and students are freed from the anxiety that often comes with traditional math learning. Create a fantasy basketball team, delve into the analytics, modify your lineup, and become fluent in core skills that are essential for STEM learning in high school and beyond!

NBA Math Hoops Skills & Drills App • Free • Grades 3 to 8The NBA Math Hoops App features a digital board game with real-time NBA and WNBA player stats, and is available for free download on an iPhone, Android, or iPad, in Google Play or on the iTunes App Store. Kids can spend as little as a few minutes at a time or a whole weekend with this fun and educational app, and they can play independently or as part of a class assignment. The NBA Math Hoops Skills + Drills App is a complementary sister app that similarly hones K-8 math skills through basketball mini-games.

NBA Math Hoops App • Free • Grades 3 to 8

Download the NBA Math Hoops Mobile App for free in the App Store and Google Play. The playful program helps build fluency with fundamental math skills through a fun, basketball-themed game with authentic NBA and WNBA player statistics that update in real-time! Compete in Quick Play or League Play modes and enter a classroom code to play in a league format with your peers. Great for use in the classroom, after school, or in-home learning environments.

NBA Math Hoops Skills & Drills App • Free • Grades 3 to 8

NBA Math Hoops App • Free • Grades 3 to 8Ready for some drills? NBA Math Hoops Skills + Drills’ App helps young learners build fluency with fundamental math skills through a fun, fast-paced game that simulates the NBA All-Star Skills competition. The app complements the core NBA Math Hoops App and is designed for students looking to take their mental math and NBA Math Hoops play to the next level.

How It All Began

In addition to being a fun, educational app, NBA Math Hoops is a comprehensive math program with a national footprint. The program is run by Learn Fresh, a nonprofit organization, in partnership with NBA Cares, Hasbro, and NBA and WNBA teams across the country, and it features a physical and digital board game, curriculum, and community experience. When it comes to impact, NBA Math Hoops boasts some impressive stats of its own: Students completing the full program demonstrate 35% improvement in math fluency and 18% improvement in data analysis skills, and a whopping 92% of educators report that students find math more accessible, relevant, and engaging through the program. The new NBA Math Hoops App brings the core academic benefits of the NBA Math Hoops board game to students anywhere, inside or outside of the classroom!

NBA Math Hoops - A Learn Fresh Program

Learn Fresh is dedicated to providing innovative STEM learning experiences that empower educators and inspire students. Through community, play, and rigorous exploration, Learn Fresh programs leverage students’ passion for sports and entertainment to inspire their STEM and social-emotional learning, and to foster a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Since its founding, Learn Fresh and NBA Math Hoops have explicitly focused on achieving equitable representation across the STEM pipeline for girls, students of color, and those living in low-income communities. With an appreciation and understanding of math, students will have a better chance of graduating from high school, attending college, and ultimately pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

As Learn Fresh’s flagship program, NBA Math Hoops has engaged over 400,000 students across the US through a comprehensive community program, digital and physical board game, mobile app, and curriculum. The program currently serves over 150,000 students annually across the U.S., Canada, and Australia through partnerships with 27 pro team and league partners and hundreds of local community implementation partners.

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