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From Maille Bonding To Bubble Loops, Internationally Renowned Chainmaille Artisan Rebeca Mojica Designs Five Fun Linkt™ Craft Kits

Northfield, IL (February 3, 2017) – The term “Linkt” will have a different meaning for kids in 2017 when they discover how history meshes with artistry in the form of chainmaille bracelets and necklaces. Girls and boys will be linking tiny metals into wearables much like the mesh shirts worn by medieval knights! Yes, that was chainmaille. Neat-Oh!, makers of superior quality and workmanship playthings, links kids to the past for amazing creations they make by hand today.

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Chainmaille has been around for more than 1,000 years, and today refers to a huge variety of designs. The methods of making chainmaille by hand have not changed much in the craft’s entire history … until now. Neat-Oh! introduces Linkt™ craft kits with whimsical names like Maille Bonding ($19.99) at their New York Toy Fair Booth 1031.

From Bubble Loops to Spinning Halos, these crafty kits are meant for girls as well as boys. It’s easy for anyone to get started because the kits have everything you need to complete a project in a single box. Each Linkt kit offers crystal clear instructions, and can be supplemented by free step-by-step video tutorials on YouTube.

Linkt™ Craft KitsEach kit comes with a patent-pending tool that helps make this craft fun and frustration-free. Kid will be able to produce beautiful designs faster than they think. Children as young as 8 who have tried Linkt Craft kits report back how absolutely amazed they were to lift their piece from the magic layout tool and see it transform into a stunning bracelet.

“The joy truly is in the journey,” revealed Dee Farrell, senior vice president of Neat-Oh International. “Neat-Oh!, along with world-renowned chainmaille artisan Rebeca Mojica, is the first company to develop an arts & crafts kit for children 8 and up based on this beautiful and creative ancient art form. Most folks know that the art of chainmaille has been around for thousands of years. But it is still being created and used today in anything from protective clothing to sculpture and jewelry.”

She continues, “Kids and their parents are so wowed by the final results that we created the kits’ tagline: Amazing Creations Made By You.”

Beyond amazing creations, these chainmaille kits for kids offer multiple benefits as they work with their hands. Youngsters naturally develop finger dexterity and as they progress, they’ll make beautiful designs of increasing complexity. Other benefits include developing new visual-spatial skills through the different weaves and jump ring sizes. Then by letting their creativity take over, kids can make their own designs from leftover rings in each kit. Hundreds of Mojica’s students have commented how soothing making chainmaille is – a welcome respite from the hectic-ness of daily life!

Look for these intriguing kits on store shelves and online by Spring 2017. Each is $19.99 and designed for ages 8 and up. All kits boast hundreds of metal rings to make jewelry –necklaces or earrings or bracelets – plus lightweight and soft layout tools with slots to hold the rings. When ready for a break, look over the Ring Color Personality list!

Linkt™ Craft Kits Bonding Bracelets
Looking for something shiny and new to wear to school? This crafty kit comes with enough metal and silicone rings to make five bracelets for you and your friends. Like all kits, the metal is soft enough that kids can bend it with their fingers.

Linkt™ Craft Kits Bubble Loops
Tweens will have a hard time deciding whether to make five gorgeous necklaces or bracelets! This kit comes with enough metal rings to make two or three of each! Not to worry, the designs don’t look easy, but Neat-Oh! has made them easy for you.

Linkt™ Craft Kits Hoops and Loops
In one single box, kids have everything they need to make amazing creations faster than you think. This kit comes with enough metal rings to make 20 pairs of earrings.

Linkt™ Craft Kits Maille Bonding
This chainmaille kit comes with enough metal and silicone rings to make five sweet bracelets. Friendship bracelets have never been more lovely or original! This kit, like all five offerings, includes a free bonus project – a Mobius ball charm.

Linkt™ Craft Kits Spinning Halos
Hundreds of metal rings are tucked inside this kit to make a total of five necklace and earring sets. Each kit comes with crystal clear instructions and videos to go along with each and every project.

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Neat-Oh! products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. The company’s comprehensive product testing program exceeds industry requirements. Fans of Neat-Oh! products can follow them on social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Neat-Oh! is a company born from creativity, innovation and true care for children and parents. They have been making playtime even more “special” for over 10 years, offering a large range of products such as Dinosaur Toys and Storage, Every Day Princess™ dolls, Magnutto® Junior Activity Sets, Splushy™ Friends for the Pool, ZipBin® Toy Storage and Barbie™, Hot Wheels™, Thomas & Friends™ and StarWars™ licensed products as well.

With over 100 awards and endorsements from parents across the globe, Neat-Oh! products are recognized for superior quality, workmanship and materials. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and world-class safety testing programs make it easy for discerning parents who want only the best and safest products in their home. For more information, visit

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