Board Game Advances Kids’ Social Cues With Mood Match – The Find it! Tell it! Remember it! Game Play A Round At Neat-Oh!® Booth 1031

Northfield, IL (February 9, 2017) –Spurred by the success of the initial Make a Mood Magnutto® Activity Set, a new companion game takes off, promising kids further fun, laughs and social/emotional learning. As the need for today’s children to nurture their emotional intelligence (EQ) skills continues to gain support among child development experts, researchers, teachers and parents, Neat-Oh! International meets this demand with play products that are so fascinatingly fun that kids won’t even suspect the skills they’re learning.

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Neat-Oh! International will debut the latest in their line of emotionally smart play products at their American International Toy Fair Booth (1031) — Introducing Magnutto® Mood Match™ ($19.99). This whimsical board game invites players to challenge their memory, sharpen their perception and tell a tale that sails into waves of silliness.

Neat-Oh! President Wayne Rothschild explains the focus of the Magnutto brand as, “Creating captivating, playful experiences where kids can begin to identify, express and understand their emotions and those of others.” The toy company launched three Magnutto activity sets including Make A Mood that ultimately landed the prestigious The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award 2016, representing the most innovative, engaging new products, and a SNAP Award, (Special Needs Adaptable Product) given to products that can be used by or easily adapted for children with special needs. Surprisingly, children as young as 5 were able to identify, express and respond to emotions.

Magnutto Mood Match continues Neat-Oh!’s trend of gaining recognition from parents, toy industry experts and kids! The 2017 line extension is actually 2 games in 1. Kids can choose between a competitive and a cooperative game. The fun starts with one of four imaginatively illustrated scenes. These tableaus come to life with visually stimulating images, fascinating faces and frolicking creatures looking for fun. Kids might spot the pirate in the ship’s mast, a water skier pulled by a speedboat, young passengers on deck or that policeman patrolling the ramp.

Players as young as 5 draw cards and are asked to find, tell, remember or feel while playing a game round. Parents and teachers intuitively know how the game encourages children to maintain focus and attention, interpret facial expressions, and identify feelings– then play it all back through a story that continues to build. Kids just know how fun it is to search and discover the hidden places and faces in the crowd!

Ideal for family game night or when friends come over, this game can be played as Mood Match or Memory Lane. The match game involves each player competing to be the first to spot things in the picture, recall the storyline and add to the tale! Cooperative players can team up to collectively discover things in the illustration, remember the tale together and–with frequent busts of laughter–continue the storyline anyway they choose!


Neat-Oh!® Magnutto™ Mood Match Game • Ages 5+ • $19.99
It’s a game where youngsters win a boost to their emerging emotional development, cognitive skills and memory. The rules are simple — tell a story from what they see on the illustrated game board. Kids choose one of two games. Game One: Be the first to find things in the scene, remember the tale and add to the story line. Game Two: play as a team and help each other find things in the scene, collectively recall the tale and add to the story line!

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“Magnutto® Sets Generation I were focused on helping kids recognize emotions,” explains senior vice president Dee Farrell. “This game represents Generation II of EQ skill building – where kids start to practice telling narratives – stories – to explain the situation at hand. We all do this – ‘make up’ a narrative to explain everyday situations. It’s one of the next skills kids learn that helps with their EQ – understanding the story that is going on in the room.”

Neat-Oh! products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. The company’s comprehensive product testing program exceeds industry requirements. It tests for 19 heavy metals, not the mandated 8, it hand-sews products, and it uses self-repairing zippers and food-grade inks.

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Neat-Oh! is a company born from creativity, innovation and true care for children and parents. They have been making playtime even more “special” for over 10 years, offering a large range of products such as Dinosaur Toys and Storage, Every Day Princess™ dolls, Magnutto® Junior Activity Sets, Splushy™ Friends for the Pool, ZipBin® Toy Storage and Barbie™, Hot Wheels™, Thomas & Friends ™ and StarWars™ licensed products as well.

With over 100 awards and endorsements from parents across the globe, Neat-Oh! products are recognized for superior quality, workmanship and materials. Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and world-class safety testing programs make it easy for discerning parents who want only the best and safest products in their home. For more information, visit

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