Parents May Have Used The Expression “You’re It” But Today…Kids Shout ‘Not It!’ As They Spot The Card That Doesn’t Match. And They Try To Be Really Fast!!


Parents May Have Used The Expression “You’re It” But Today…Kids Shout ‘Not It!’ As They Spot The Card That Doesn’t Match. And They Try To Be Really Fast!!

Greenville, SC (July 7, 2021) – If shopping for Christmas in July is your thing, The Good Game Company has two words of advice: Not It!

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Families are raving about the collection of three themed games known as Not It! ($15.99). This compact card and dice game shows kids that being out of sync is a good thing! If you can do it fast — and not be last. Look for these perfectly priced pursuits (or tuck away for stocking stuffers) at Learning Express or neighborhood specialty toy shops: Not It! The Castle Land Edition, Not It! The Cryptid Hunters Edition and Not It! The Crazy Christmas Edition.

“As a father whose children cover a wide age range, it is challenging to find a game that lets everyone participate,” gleefully typed one dad about Not It! The Castle Land Edition. “This is the rare game that gets it right. My older boys can play at a fast pace and be competitive and my younger children can still engage because the game is easy to learn and play. They all love the colorful artwork and the chance to be “king” for a turn. And what child wouldn’t want permission to shout out “Not It!”? So glad we found this game. It really makes a family game night possible.”

The rules may be simple, but speed is a must. And when you move too fast, mistakes might be made! A round of The Castle Land Edition has kids mesmerized by Knights, Princesses and Dragons. Players are each dealt five illustrated cards and chose a King. When the King rolls three dice out the castle door, players must find the card in their hand that does NOT match any of the dice (by color, role, or background pattern). Shout aloud “Not It” and throw down the ill-fitting card. Don’t be the last or the King will decree they draw an extra card. The first of His Majesty’s subjects to get rid of all of their cards wins!

For families in a ho-ho-ho kind of mood, Not It! The Crazy Christmas Edition is irresistible. It’s a favorite at the North Pole! The illustrated characters include Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolf, Snowman, Gingerbread Boy and of course, Elf. Deal five cards to each player. Then choose the first player to roll the three dice by dropping them down the chimney. When the dice come out of the fireplace everyone tries to play a card from their hand that doesn’t match any of the dice and shout “Not It!” Whomever is caught playing a wrong card must draw a penalty card. That’s crazy!

If creepy and spooky entices the tweens and grownups to play together, grab The Cryptid Hunters Edition of Not It!

“We bought this as a gift for a friend and all played it together multiple times (with multiple adults and kids ages 5-9),” reviewed one pleased purchaser online. “We ALL enjoyed playing it, which I feel is pretty rare for a game. It keeps you on your toes with trying to pay attention to details.”

There’s nothing cryptic about playing this quick-thinking game. On their turn, players will act as the Scout seeking to drive strange creatures out of the woods and into the open by launching dice through the tower. In fast-action fashion, everyone makes their move. But, the last player to do so must take their card back. And if the Scout spots any cards that DO match the dice, he gets to claim that card as a trophy. Whoops. The player who laid it must take a penalty card. Trophy cards are worth 1 point, and any cards left in their hand are worth negative points. Tally the score. The best cryptid hunter wins!

Not It!
The Castle Land Edition • Ages 6+ • $15.99
Travel to an enchanted kingdom to battle siblings or friends in a fantastical card game of knights, unicorns, wizards, dragons and ogres. Four to six players face off in a medieval melee against each other to see who can rid themselves of the burden of cards first.

Not It! Crazy Christmas Edition
The Crazy Christmas Edition • Ages 6+ • $15.99
Pour the hot cocoa and add the marshmallows – even in July. This fast and frenzied challenge spotlights the holly jolly North Pole gang. Be on the lookout for Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf, Rudolf, Snowman and Gingerbread Boy!

Not It! Crypted Hunters Edition
The Cryptid Hunters Edition • Ages 6+ • $15.99
The rules have changed a bit with this weird world of creepy cryptids: Mothman, Bigfoot, Nessie and Chupacabra! Uh oh! If you play a wrong card and get caught you get a penalty. The player who scores the most points is the Cryptid Hunting Champion!

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