Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99


‘Not Parent Approved’ Is The Game Changer For Tweens And Teens To Sharpen Literacy, Language, Listening And Reasoning Skills In A ‘PG’ Way

Los Angeles, CA (December 3, 2018) – How many times has a parent told their kid that their words or actions were inappropriate? One hilariously edgy card game is about to give permission for kids to behave, ahem, unbecoming. And almost a dozen toy judges and over 60 mom bloggers wholeheartedly approve!

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Not Parent Approved ($24.99) is actually a beloved game for tweens and teens to sharpen their literacy, reasoning and listening skills. Think of it as Mad Libs gone Bad Libs! Applause has come from The National Parenting Center, PAL Award, Academics’ Choice Awards and Hot Diggity to name-drop a few of this year’s toy industry honors.

The National Parenting Center placed the wacky words game on its homepage under its Seal of Approval Hall of Fame Spotlight for Holiday 2018 gift giving!

“Played either between parents and kids or just amongst friends, this game serves an important purpose, despite its decidedly “non-educational” exterior,” starts the positive review from The National Parenting Center. “It is at this age that tweens are often shying away from toys, and instead favoring on-screen apps and activities. This card game helps them reconnect to some more social person-to-person play that still feels a bit edgy and current. Everything in the card set is geared to make the tween feel at home, beginning with the title itself. What child can resist a game called “Not Parent Approved” and yet is also clearly safe enough to play?”

The fill-in-the blanks word game allows youngsters to be naturally mischievous without getting into real trouble. Even better, kids want to put down their phones and gadgets (!) for face-to-face interaction time with family and friends. By completing sentences from selected cards, they get to expand their imagination through humor and perhaps laugh at themselves. All of these developmental skills are key to a healthy childhood.

Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99

“It’s an often humorous way of developing social and emotional intelligence,” reported Academics’ Choice for their 2018 Brain Toy honor. “Not Parent Approved provides opportunity to learn more about others socially as well as basic game play skills (literacy, language, listening, reasoning).” This industry honor in particular validates claims such as critical thinking and educational toy with a qualified, scientific and objective approach to evaluation, hence recognizing the best thinking-based products in the industry.

Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99“A non-digital game that tweens and teens will love,” is how Hot Diggity Awards explained the game’s concept. “Created just for their developing minds, this game is edgy, silly and hilariously “PG” inappropriate! For kids and “kidults” ages 8+.”

And the PAL Awards, which only recognizes exceptional toys, games and books that encourage language, spark fun and invite creative play, also raved: “The genius of this game, they have seamlessly included relatable social situations for kids to apply to questions too such as ‘Craving popularity,’ ‘Getting busted for passing notes in class,’ or ‘Hugs from parents on the schoolyard.’ There is definitely a social language component to this game as tweens and up pair silly but identifiable experiences with funny questions. Surely the two moms who invented this game to get kids interacting and off of screens have accomplished their goal!”

It’s not just industry experts but consumers who gush with approval for the deck of 455 cards (105 questions and 350 answers). Comments from the Not Parent Approved exclusive Amazon site,, included:

“Amazing! This game really is one of the BEST card games I have ever purchased for family night. We have at LEAST hours of fun before the game ends. The sentences can be odd but that’s the fun! They appeal to that silly humor of young kids and it’s a blast watching them play! I would 100000% recommend this game to any family! Great interaction and huge laughs!”

“The whole family loves it, from the 8-year-old to the grandparents. The grandparents actually weren’t sure at first, but they should have taken their cue from the fact that the kids’ mom (me) was the one suggesting it. Believe it or not, this game is less inappropriate than other games the adults in our family play, but usually we wait for kids to be otherwise occupied. It was fun to see the kids feel so grown up to be able to play, too.”

Not Parent Approved makes a memorable present for the kid who is hard to shop for. Many Amazon buyers commented on what a perfect gift this makes for boys (and dads) who like gross jokes! Tuck one in a holiday stocking for plenty of ho-ho-hos.

Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99

  • 2018 PAL Award Winner
  • 2018 Hot Diggity Awards
  • 2018 Academics’ Choice Awards Brain Toy
  • National Parenting Ctr. 2018 Holiday Seal of Approval
  • Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products
  • Scholastic Parent & Child 2016 Gold Star Toy
  • National Parenting Product Awards 2016 Winner
  • Tillywig Toy Awards’ Best Family Fun Award Winner

This portable game is ideal for parties, sleepovers, road trips, flights, picnics and summer camps. Kids and families can take the laughter with you, wherever you go! Comes with 455 durable, premium-printed cards (2″x3″) and rules insert in a custom box. The smaller sized cards are ideal for youngest members of the family.

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Before you disapprove of snot-out-of-your nose laughter, consider Not Parent Approved as a mesmerizing kid-friendly word game of fill-in-the-blanks inspired by Cards Against Humanity. This game was created to provide an easy-to- learn and hilarious alternative to screen time for children and their families. Makes a brilliant screen zombie antidote that’s effortless fun at a kid’s slumber party or Thanksgiving with Grandma. Bring back the joy of face-to-face engagement and see your kid’s eyeballs again. What a concept! Discover more at

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