Awkward? Nope. That’s Just Kids Being Kids In Mixed Company As Over-Scheduled Youth Join Pooped Parents To Unplug And Laugh Together!

Los Angeles, CA (October 23, 2018) — Parents now have permission to let kids behave inappropriately with the hilarious family card game Not Parent Approved. While unexpected burps and farts can be considered bad manners, they do create laughter, hence the basis of this unconventional Family Night of fun.

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Who would think being naughty, on occasion, would be a good idea? Two corporate marketing moms created the card game after being exasperated by what they were witnessing in their neighborhoods. Stacy Katz and Maximina Revis discovered in their research that the average 8-to-10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with a variety of different media, and older children and teenagers spend more than 11 hours per day, according to a2013 policy statement on Children, Adolescents, and the Media,” the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Not Parent Approved card gameThe 455 cards (105 questions and 350 answers) involve cultural references from Taylor Swift to wedgies. Best of all, it’s offline requiring no plugs, cords, earbuds or charging. Kids must look at each other and interact in conversation. Imagine that!

Revis was an award-winning online producer at Mattel where she created 100+ games for their largest brands including Barbie, Monster High, Polly Pocket, Little Mommy, Disney Licensed, and many more. For her, the development of Not Parent Approved is a fulfillment of an aspiration. “I spent years producing fun and educational online games for kids–but in this day and age–there is something really special and rewarding to have created something that brings kids and families together in the real world!”

When the kids are bored or you need to wait 20 minutes for a restaurant table, open up this card game and watch their eyes light up! It’s 100% family-friendly despite the awkward name. Two mompreneurs designed the card deck to reintroduce a love of tabletop games for a screen-obsessed generation. It is certainly attention-grabbing while quick, simple play for every tween, teen and college kid in the household. 455 cards, for 4-10 players. Game play takes 6-60 minutes.

“My greatest mission,” laughs Katz, “is to get my son off the screen and create a family life that’s more fun to him than any virtual world and more satisfying than killing zombies!”

Not Parent Approved lifestyle imageSince making a splash in the toy world, Not Parent Approved ($24.99) has won the approval of many toy judges and award accolades from Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products, National Parenting Product Awards 2016 Winner, Scholastic Parent & Child Gold Star Toy and Tillywig Toy Awards’ Best Family Fun Award Winner.

Even the Wall Street Journal gave a thumbs up when reviewing the game. “Game On” columnist and neuroscientist Christopher Chabris wrote,” for players who aren’t old enough for some of the more adult humor, there is Not Parent Approved, with cards that appeal to preteen sensibilities: ‘Boys remind me of…’ might be completed with ‘unidentifiable cafeteria food.’ In any version, this kind of game will stretch your mind, and your social skills, in unusual directions.”

It’s not just hard-to-please toy industry experts and neuroscientists but amazon-buying parents who squeal at the antics of this card game!

“I was a little worried…middle school kids (especially boys) tend to find inappropriate things funny-so I had my doubts this would be either: 1. not funny or 2. not appropriate. However, I am pleasantly surprised, it is very funny and there are endless options for funny combinations and answers,” wrote reviewer AaBlaze.

Agreed Leap Feet First commenting on Amazon, “I bought this for my nephew for Christmas and we played it as a family, with people from 8 years to 60 years, and we all loved it. Just the right amount of fart jokes to keep a pre-teen boy happy!”

Sometimes Family Night includes the four-legged members of the house as this online shopper revealed! “My 16 year old was convinced that he would not like this game and only begrudgingly agreed to play with us. He was shrieking with laughter. We’ve played the ‘adult’ version of this game and honestly this one was almost as much fun. Since we are a family of three we included our dog as a ‘ghost’ player to mix things up a bit (picking a random card on the dog’s behalf), this added an extra layer of hilarity when the dog won a couple of rounds for choosing the most ridiculous entry.”

So, grownups, how would you answer this question? For the science fair, I made _______. Choose one of three cards please: (a) Vampire Bunnies. (b) Gymnastic leotards that ride up your butt, or (c) Apps that cost too much. In this card game, it’s the Burp Boss (more on that below) who picks the favorite answer of the round and bestows one point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game naturally wins.

In a nutshell, Not Parent Approved is a deck of cards, designed smaller for smaller hands, that’s portable to take on a road trip, the nearby restaurant, sleepovers and family reunions. The awkwardness begins when players realize they must compete to be the Burp Boss! Yes, a burping competition ensues with hilarious renditions.

If families can get through the hundreds of cards, there are Expansion Packs to keep the rollicking rolling. Not Parent Approved is a great birthday present for the kid who is hard to shop for or a stocking stuffer from the Cool Aunt or Uncle. Purchase exclusively at

Not Parent Approved • Ages 8+ • $24.99

  • Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products
  • National Parenting Product Awards 2016 Winner
  • Scholastic Parent & Child 2016 Gold Star Toy
  • Tillywig Toy Awards’ Best Family Fun Award Winner

Expansion Packs • $9.99
As the July 2018 The Toy Insider describes, “an additional 20 blue question cards and 60 red answer cards, meaning more options for frequent players to keep that element of surprise in the game.” Expansion Packs #1 and #2 each have 20 blue questions cards and 60 red answer cards. There’s also a blank expansion card deck so you can make your own cards!

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Before you disapprove of snot-out-of-your nose laughter, consider Not Parent Approved as a mesmerizing kid-friendly word game of fill-in-the-blanks inspired by Cards Against Humanity. This game was created to provide an easy-to- learn and hilarious alternative to screen time for children and their families. A brilliant screen zombie antidote that’s effortless fun at a kid’s slumber party or Thanksgiving with Grandma. Bring back the joy of face-to-face engagement and see your kid’s eyeballs again. What a concept! Discover more at

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