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Glendale, CA (March 15, 2019) – Remember the catchphrase, “with a name like Smuckers, it has to be good?” In the game world, there’s a brand-new card game called Oh Fruck! a Card Game for Real Fruckers! ($19.99). And with a name like Oh Fruck!, it has to make you laugh!

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“This is a really fun game – every time you play it, it’s a different dynamic,” wrote one mom who snapped up the game on Amazon. “My son won’t stop saying ‘Fruck’ though. Apparently, there is nothing funnier than an almost bad word!”

Oh Fruck! • $19.99 • Ages 12+The play on words started when two longtime friends and creative industry veterans, Phil Del Rivo and Tom Mott, wanted a game based on traditional cards they could play with their own teen kids that was fun and funny. Not as childish as Old Maid or Go Fish, not as serious as poker, and definitely NOT an online game. Not finding such a game on the market, they created their own. Funded on Kickstarter in one day, this raucous card game comes with 108 cards: including 76 Playing Cards and 26 Special Rule Cards, all printed in the U.S.A.

“I purchased Oh Fruck! last summer as a birthday gift for my teenage son,” penned another Amazon customer. “He and his friends loved playing it. Sometimes they were having too much fun laughing it up, and I had to tell them to quiet down.” This reviewer described the game as being “… like UNO, but more fun. Now…he’s asking me to get him more copies to bring back to school. Apparently, it’s a real hit with his college friends.”

Like many classic shedding card games, players take turns discarding cards on top of matching suits or ranks. The first player to discard all their cards is the winner. The playing cards are built around a traditional 52 card deck, with the addition of special, suited action cards that really kick up the game play. It’s as easy to learn as Crazy Eights – but with special rules and cards that make it crazy!

Oh Fruck! • $19.99 • Ages 12+It’s that deck of 26 unique Special Rule cards that really make Oh Fruck! unique. One special rule is Gentlemen Jacks! Whenever someone plays a jack, they must compliment the next player – sincerely. If they’re caught not doing it, they’re “frucked,” and must draw a card. Some special rules are card-based, such as forcing players to knock on the table whenever a club is played or stand up as fast as they can when a king is discarded.

Other special rules are behavior-based, such as the Secret Society rule: players may not address other players by their true names. Anytime they do, they must draw a card! Each round of play begins with three randomly dealt Special Rule Cards, meaning the combination of special rules between games is never the same. Even more rules can pile up as you play – which means that remembering the current set of rules is half the fun!

“Way too much fun! This game has been a huge hit with our friends and family!” wrote another Amazon buyer. “When we all play there is nonstop laughing and fun!”

Oh Fruck! A Card Game for Real Fruckers! includes a membership card to the Benevolent Order of Fruckers (B.O.O.F.), a tongue-in-cheek social club that includes all the world’s greatest Oh Fruck! players. You can learn more about B.O.O.F. at https://fruckers.club.

Oh Fruck! hits the funny bone of teenage boys and Ladies Game Night attendees alike:

“We played this game for Ladies Game Night last month,” admitted an Amazon shopper, “and OMG it was funny. It can get complicated, like I wouldn’t have my 10-year-old play it just yet, but SO MUCH FUN. The concept is simple, which is good, but keeping up with the rules make it really fun. Highly recommend. I can’t wait to play the next game night!”

One Amazon purchaser played with everyone in her social circle!

“Played this game with college kids and had a great time. Played with girls’ group in our 40s—-was a total hoot. Played with couples and equally as much fun. I would totally recommend this card game.”

Added a 20-something on Amazon:

“So much fun! Comparable to UNO and very fun at game night, my friends and I [thoroughly] enjoyed playing this game! We [are] all mid to early 20s and it was a blast.”

Oh Fruck! • $19.99 • Ages 12+Oh Fruck! • $19.99 • Ages 12+
Each boxed set includes two decks (108 cards in all), including 3 blank House Rules cards, all proudly printed in the USA. Make sure you fill out your official Benevolent Order of the Fruckers membership card tucked inside.

This not-so-traditional card game is meant for 2 to 6 players, but two copies of the game can be combined to double your fun with up to 12 players!

Order Oh Fruck! from their website, https://ohfruck.com/ Includes free shipping anywhere in the USA! Oh Fruck! is also available on Amazon Prime at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CN9R6KS, where you can read more great, verified reviews.

Read the press release as a PDF

About The Fruckus Company
The Fruckus Company is based in Glendale, California. The Founders, Phil Del Rivo and Tom Mott, are life-long friends who formed the company in 2017 to develop their shared vision for card and board games that they and their kids would actually want to play, hopefully together! Oh Fruck! is their first collaborative venture and launched in May of 2018 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.


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