Movie Director Math Or Which Way? Coding Games Boost Kids’ Comprehension While Combating The Dreaded Summer Brain Drain

New York, New York (June 22, 2020) – What did you do this summer? That’s the question most kids will hear when they return to classes in the fall. Imagine a teacher’s surprise when Junior proclaims, “I built my spatial awareness, imagination and collaboration skills thanks to OjO!” The suggestion is not that far-fetched as global toymaker OjO rolls out five inviting games that really do boost, in a fun way, STEAM skills for children ages 4 and up! OjO’s motto is simple – create smart games for future innovators.

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Summertime, in a typical year, might involve day camp or Little League games or road trips to Grandma’s house. In each situation, children are introduced to new skills in a comforting environment. With COVID-19 and online learning disrupting the spring school semester, many parents worry that Summer 2020 and the dreaded Summer Brain Drain will put their child at a disadvantage come September. Educational games, especially those with Math, Science and Technology, are wonderful ways to continue learning – or discover something brand new — in an imaginative fun way.

Kids will discover that math comes in handy in daily situations, even when making a movie! Movie Director Math Game ($19.99) blends math with creative thinking. The colorful board game, with set and props cards, poses math word problems as youngsters visualize scenes and scenarios. One question supposes, “there were five butterflies in the garden. Two flew away. How many butterflies are left?”

“I gave this game to my niece as a gift…,” wrote one Amazon shopper. “She played with me and loved picking a movie, designing a set, picking the props and counting the math. I have bought her a lot of gifts in the last few years and think that Movie Director is one of the top 3. I highly recommend it!”

OjO GamesWhich Way? Coding Game – Future Cities Theme ($19.99) asks children 4- to 8-years-old to place tiles in such a way that the black inductive line matches up. This takes some practice for little ones, boosting their spatial awareness skills. As the game continues, youngsters aid the self-driving digger to reach all its destinations and build a Future City!

“This is honestly my daughter’s favorite game. Everything about this game is great,” gushed one homeschooling mom online about Which Way? Coding Game. “The puzzle’s difficulty is really good. Like hard was hard but not too hard and easy was easy. It made the game fun. Plus, I love that it’s flexible for us to build our own paths and play around however we want. As a parent I love that it makes my child problem solve and plan out what she would want to do before doing it. It’s a really good way to combine education and fun!”

Shape Factory Geometry Game ($19.99)How about a little geometry lesson to brighten your summer day? Shape Factory Geometry Game ($19.99) offers many rich learning opportunities. Young children can learn how shapes fit together, building spatial awareness and laying the foundation for geometrical theory. At the same time, they boost fine motor skills, imagination and visual recognition. Wow! That’s a wonderful way to start or end a beautiful day.

“Very good game,” wrote in one Amazon buyer. “I bought many science games and I found that this one it’s unique because it teaches him to put complex shapes together.”

Two more game titles, Story Creations Story Telling Game ($19.99) and PC Model Kit ($12.99) make the list for OjO’s Top Five board games to stimulate kids this summer. Learn what makes a good short story through practice and have fun spending quality time with friends and family with the Story Creations Story Telling Game. With the PC Model Kit, boys and girls learn about all the components of a standard PC, what they do and where they go. In one session, kids can put together a cardboard model — without breaking the bank!

OjO proudly offers STEAM-themed board games that introduce little ones to the pleasures of pondering what if? Find all of these games plus many more edutaining games at and on Amazon.

Movie Director Math GameOjO Games Movie Director Math Game • $19.99 • Ages 5+
This Movie Director board game offers a new way to build math skills, problem solving and imagination, all while having fun with siblings or the kids down the street. To play, draw a Movie Card from the pile and read a math word problem aloud. Choose a set and props for your movie. Act out the movie using the set and props to find the answer to the problem! Then take turns with the other players. Kids can even “win” awards for the most correct answers!

Shape Factory Geometry GameOjO Games Shape Factory Geometry Game • $19.99 • Ages 4+
Bring geometry to life by illustrating everyday objects using a variety of geometrical shapes. Collaborate to build everyday things from geometrical shapes and guess what they represent! To start, Player 1 draws a Picture card without showing the other players, Player 1 must then use the geometrical shapes in the factory to create an image that resembles the card. Everyone have one minute to guess what the image resembles while it’s being built. Take turns with the other players and place each correctly guessed card on the conveyor belt. Everyone wins the game when the conveyor belt is filled with correctly built Picture cards!

Story Creations Story Telling GameOjO Games Story Creations Story Telling Game • $19.99 • Ages 5+
Storytelling is a skill that encompasses many other valuable life skills. These include language, communication and confidence, listening skills, memory and imagination. To play this interactive board game, players must travel across the map towards the finish line. Player 1 rolls the dice to take their first steps across the map. Depending on which island they land upon, pick a Story card and spin the spinner on the board. Use the criteria defined by the Story card and spinner to create your story. For each criterion fulfilled by the story, collect a token. Race to the finish line and collect the most tokens to win!

Which Way? Coding Game – Future Cities Theme • $19.99 • Ages 4-8OjO Games Which Way? Coding Game – Future Cities Theme
The Which Way? game is the perfect way to introduce coding to a child from a young age. This game helps to build planning, problem solving and testing skills which are all required for building programmers in the future. To play, spin the wheel to receive your mission. Trace your finger across the board from the Start position to your destination(s). Then, place the tiles along your route, making sure the black line joins up. Test it! Switch on the self-driving vehicle and place it on the Start position. Will it make it all the way to your destination(s) all by itself? The first player to make it to all the destinations wins.

PC Maker Paper Model KitOjO Games PC Maker Paper Model Kit • $12.99 • Ages 6+
Learn about the basics of computer components and build a paper PC! The PC Maker Kit teaches in simple terms, the main hardware components of a computer, what functions they perform, how they are assembled and how they work together. How-to instructions include carefully cut out all Computer Components from the game card. Read about each of the components and how they make up a computer. Follow the visual instructions on the card for piecing the components together.

To discover more smarter ways to play, click on OjO’s website, As their home page explains, “whether you’re shopping for extra-curricular activities or a special gift, we have the games and toys to truly make an impact on your child’s life.” The line is also sold at Amazon.

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OjO is a pioneering educational toy company for young future innovators. We make problem-solving games, toys and books based on real-world problems that stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity and a smarter way to play.

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