Underwater Missions • Ages 5+ • $26.75 (Early Bird price $20.36)


Starfish, Squids & Sharks? Oh My! From The Kitchen Table, Kids Take A Dive Under The Sea Where Friendly Creatures Lurk and Hidden Treasures Await!

New York, New York (July 23rd, 2020) – Eight-year-olds will soon become wise to all things in marine biology thanks to a new board game from OjO, makers of edutaining STREAM games. Pre-orders for the Underwater Missions Game (available at a 25% discount) are now being taken on their Kickstarter campaign page! This offer ends at 6am EST this Saturday (July 25th) – you don’t want to miss it!

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Underwater Missions • Ages 5+ • $26.75 (Early Bird price $20.36)From sea turtles to starfish, encounters with fascinating species and hidden treasurers await game players.
Thankfully, no one will get wet, but everyone will learn something new with the 100+ trivia facts kids pick up throughout game play. Dinner conversation might become a Q & A session as kids impress parents with ocean and sea facts.

Two or three clues on each trivia flash card gets everyone thinking – what is being described? (a) their brain is the biggest of all fish! (b) their skeleton doesn’t have any bones but is made of soft material called cartilage and (c) they have triangular wings. The answer (spelled out in big cap letters) is the MANTA RAY.

Underwater Missions starts out as a typical board game with sturdy game pieces and cards. But as the game progresses, a little strategic thinking goes a long way as everyone as everyone races to the finish line! Whether it’s left, right, or diagonal, every move is crucial!

OjO GamesWith each Kickstarter pledge of $30 or more, future marine biologists receive a plush sea creature from Shore Buddies, in addition to a copy of the board game. Purchase Underwater Missions, and support OjO in their mission to keep plastic out of our oceans.” This one step is part of a worldwide collaboration in implementing the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the local, regional and global scale.

Underwater Missions • Ages 5+ • $26.75 (Early Bird price $20.36)
Who can lay up to 110 eggs at a time? The Sea Turtle! Everyone in the house can take a deep dive into marine biology! Players will race from start to finish, collecting treasure and meeting fascinating sea creatures along the way. Learn plenty of ocean trivia – with over 100 fact cards — to impress friends and teachers.

Sign up at the game’s Kickstarter page, https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ojo/underwater-missions-board-game/, for their July 25% early bird discount on Underwater Missions.

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