No More Stepping On Game Pieces As These Toys Hang On A Wall Or Door As Whimsical Room Décor While Entertaining Little Fingers

Singapore (January 12, 2017) – Oribel is changing the way parents speak to their kids. With the launch of VertiPlay™, moms won’t need to ask tots to pick up their toys or keep their hands off the wall. Because these visually pleasing toys stick to a vertical surface! There is nothing to trip over, no parts to retrieve from the carpet. Place at a child’s height and let their fingers do the playing.

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Parents who have seen these toys immediately remark how they remind them of their childhood playground days. Rather than sitting on the floor or at a kitchen table, as most toys are played, kids on the playground played standing up. Everyone was free to run around, making playtime extra fun. VertiPlay™ brings back this feeling while also serving as adorable wall art.

If there is a smooth, non-textured surface — like a door or wall — then there’s a ready-made spot for VertiPlay. The toys adhere firmly to vertical surfaces through a strong, specially made adhesive film. Grownups can remove the toys and affix them back elsewhere without damaging the paint or the wall.

Oribel’s design team worked tirelessly to ensure that the toys are instinctive, offer great play value plus look great. Best of all, they deliver on several vital child development objectives! Building dexterity, discovering cause and effect or appreciating the concept of balance is all child’s play with these adorable room additions.

Watch a little one’s eye widen as they play the xylophone disguised as a colorful railroad track. Musical Rail Track ($19.90) was meant for active two-year-olds! Go ahead and give them permission to touch the walls. They might discover a two-layer jigsaw puzzle at Mr. Squirrel’s House ($29.90). Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s Roarry, Crroaky or Spikeyy Door Knockers ($9.90).

Once the baby’s room is chosen, nursery décor is one of the biggest decisions parents-to-be make. It should be safe, cozy yet stimulating as baby grows from infancy to preschool. Oribel’s line of VertiPlay wall toys are best described as part art/part smart toys. Not “smart” as in technological but “smart” as in challenging the senses. A game of balance with Goofy Moose ($39.90) or a knocker with light and sound with a Busy Woodpecker ($19.90) were created purposely (and with love) for the first months and years of a baby’s life.

“Nothing is ordinary,” proudly proclaims the designers on their colorful website, “We approach every product with a fresh perspective, ideating obsessively and designing passionately here in our Singapore-based studio.” They take advice from parents and mix it with their extensive research of what parents value. Every Oribel product is meant to create solutions that make parenting days easier!

Oribel fans rejoiced in 2016 when they launched Cocoon – The Complete High Chair ($199). Inspired by the butterfly, the Cocoon transforms from a comfortable recliner to an early feeding chair with its unique and ergonomically designed Food & Cup Holder.

In 2015, their first foray into North America, Oribel introduced PortaPlay Activity Center ($149) and multi-use Peripop™ ($69.99) animals. Together, they generated an impressive 8 industry honors. PortaPlay was named the 2015 National Parenting Publications Awards GOLD Winner. Baby Maternity magazine gave Peripop its 2015 Top Choice of the Year prize, to name-drop a few honors.
As their product line grows, it’s easy to see how every item is developed with the highest attention to detail. Each original idea and smart design has the sole purpose to surprise and delight families.

Look for these affordable (starting under $10!) and absolutely adorable wall toys, listed by age:

VertiPlay™ Door Knockers • Ages 9 Months+ • $9.90
Knock, knock, who’s there? It might be a green Crroaky™, an orange Roarry™ or a brown Spikeyy. These adorable door knockers dress up and personalize doors while encouraging children to knock before entering. It also makes a great percussion instrument or a calling bell.

VertiPlay™ Busy Woodpecker • Ages 9 Months+ • $19.90
Busy little hands will have so much fun with Mr. Woodpecker! Tapping down on Mr. Woodpecker’s tail makes a knocking sound that lights up the little bird’s house. Allow little fingers to guide the windmills into a spin to build dexterity through fun play! Constant light, action and sound for fun all around.

VertiPlay™ Musical Rail Track – Xylophone • Ages 2 + • $19.90
Choo choo! This unique rail track rings a musical tune to welcome the oncoming train. The xylophone can be tuned — by tightening or loosening the screws on each wooden bar — to achieve an accurate pitch. This makes a WOW gift if a birthday party is approaching!

VertiPlay™ Mr. Squirrel’s House • Ages 2+ • $29.90
Hello Mr. Squirrel! Big and small kids will adore solving this challenging six-piece game. Three different layers tell three different stories. Little details encourage toddlers to observe, count and discover objects.

Oribel VertiPlay Tree Top toyVertiPlay™ Tree Top Adventure • Ages 2+ • $39.90
Mr. Caterpillar is in a big hurry as he whizzes down the magnificent tree. On his way down, he slides into the mushroom tower then uh oh! He knocks against the swing; speeds down a rickety slide and finally lands at the bottom. This preschool adventure is filled with sounds and movement that tots will want to play again and again.

VertiPlay™ Round & Round Goes Mr. Bear • Ages 2+ • $19.90
Like the mailman, come sun or come rain, Mr. Bear always drives his train! Little ones can help Mr. Bear go faster by turning the interconnecting wheels, as smoke clouds puff out of the chute when the wheels are turned. There’s so much action and movement in this sweet toy.

VertiPlay™ Goofy Moose • Ages 3+ • $39.90
Whoops! Be careful Mr. Moose or you might shake those antlers loose. Little fingers use the magnetic discs to balance the antlers on Mr. Moose’s head. This engaging game teaches the little ones their first lesson in balance and mathematics. Give them an A+ when play is done.

Ready to shop? Whether your preference is online (amazon and or walking into a neighborhood store, Oribel is everywhere. Major retailers Target and Babies R Us now carry their growing products. Click on their website button “Find A Store” and search for your local Buy Buy Baby, Giggle and Magic Beans shop. Or browse through specialty shops like Los Angeles’ Traveling Tikes, Boston’s Tadpole or over at Hopkins, MN’s Baby Grand.

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This Singapore-based company brings American families the perfect balance between smart design and striking looks, befitting the busy lives of parents while helping them. Utilizing in-house design and production expertise, Oribel can respond to changing tastes while ensuring top quality and safety. This allows them to innovate, explore and deliver signature products for modern, happy families that engage children. They know that behind every happy baby is a set of relentlessly proud parents! Visit their site at

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