Add A Playful Bounce To Holiday Giving With Passback Footballs For All Ages & Skills

Practice Makes Perfect With A Wall And This Ingenious Football That Bounces Back As Kids Improve Throwing, Catching & Footwork

Spokane, WA (November 15, 2017 – Kids will never say “I’m bored” or “I don’t have anyone to play with” when they unwrap a Passback Football this holiday season. From the Pee Wee Passback Foam Football ($14.95) to the Official Passback Composite Size ($34.95) boys and girls will eagerly head outdoors or down to the basement for a cardio workout that’s fun with or without a playmate.

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Until now, the game of football was never a sport a kid could play by himself. Thanks to Passback Sports, every one of their footballs is a one-of-a-kind training tool that is thrown like a regulation ball but engineered to hit a surface and come spiraling back. Aim the flat side of the ball to any wall surface and be amazed as it boomerangs back to the person who threw it. It’s just like having the perfect practice partner when no one is around!

For kids that sit in the classroom all day, then settle onto the couch afterschool, getting outside or moving might need a little encouragement. Passback footballs entice kindergartners to teens to move, run, throw and catch with or without any friends. They quickly develop their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. If siblings or neighborhood buddies join in, social skills such as sharing and sportsmanship improve.

Choose Your Ball

Both the Pee Wee Foam Passback (Ages 4+) and Passback Composite Peewee Size Football (Ages 4-8) are the perfect training aids for newbie football players just learning how to throw and catch. The smaller size ball fits their smaller hands while giving them solid throwing fundamentals.

The Junior Passback Football (Ages 9-13) is the ideal training aid for youth football players learning how to throw and catch a football while improving reaction time. The smaller size and rubber material makes it easier for them to learn game fundamentals and increase hand-eye coordination.

The Official Passback Football (ages 14+) was developed for quarterbacks and receivers that are looking for intense drills that focus on improving their reaction time, agility, cardio and more. This football’s bounce-back technology ensures that kids can avoid pass rushers and beat man-to-man coverage when players meet at full stride.

Grownups Choose Passback For Many Reasons

Over the holidays, adults will gather with the kids and might eagerly toss the football around. But the next morning they realize how out-of-shape they are. Ouch! As one dad put it amusingly on, “my son loves it. I love it, because it keeps my arm from being sore all week. LOL! I love playing catch with my son but I pay for it all week with soreness. He can wear himself out with this.”
Indeed the online reviews for these footballs — found from Dick’s Sporting Goods to WalMart — gushed about the ease and benefits of these marvelous sports balls.

“My son loves training with this ball. He can catch it off the house or the driveway. Helps increase his reaction time and is making him a better receiver.”

“I gave this as a gift to my grandson who has started playing quarterback in a youth flag football league. He had never seen it and now can’t put it down.”

“I really like the idea of being able to play catch when you are by yourself, It is really fun and well made. My mom got 2– one for me and one for my brother so we would not fight over them!”

“Our grandson loves this football. He’s used it so many times since Christmas. It’s helping him learn to catch and pass the football in the backyard.”

Gift Certificates & Wish Lists
Click on their website, and wrap up a gift certificate for every boy and girl on your list. Free shipping is offered for purchases over $50. Likewise, kids can register their wishes online with a grownup’s help. Tell Grandma that orders can also be taken by phone (imagine that!) at 888-704-1340.

Pee Wee Passback Foam Football • Ages 4+ • $14.95
Have fun while developing skills to throw and catch like a competitive football player with this smaller sized ball that’s filled with foam.

Pee Wee Passback Composite Size • Ages 4-8 • $19.95
This smaller size ball is the perfect starter ball for young hands. Throwing and catching with this innovative training aid improves reaction time while giving beginners solid throwing fundamentals.

Junior Passback Composite Size • Ages 9-13 • $29.95
The Junior model is a great way to practice throwing and catching. With one end designed like a standard football and one flat end meant to bounce off walls, this training football comes right back to you when tossed. Helps young quarterbacks strengthen throwing muscles while giving reps to receivers.

Official Passback Composite Size • Ages 14+ • $34.95
Teens and college students will appreciate this football training aid for players looking to improve their throwing and catching skills. The Passback Training Football gives you the drills, programs, insight and information you need to work smarter, train harder, get better and be the best football player around. Increases eye hand coordination, speed and overall athletic ability.

Holiday shoppers may pick up these footballs for their student-athlete who want serious training or as a purely fun way for any kid to unplug and play outside. Look for Passback footballs at major retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, Walmart, Learning Express and online at and at Amazon. Follow them on social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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Train hard, train smart is the tagline for this sports company launched in 2013 that offers football, baseball and basketball training tools. Passback™ Football a one of a kind training tool which is thrown like a regulation football, but is engineered to hit a surface and come spiraling back. Order from their informative website at

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