$10 & Under Science Fiction Coloring Books Ideal For Secret Santa, Hanukkah, Christmas And Family Reunion Gift Giving

Russell, Kansas (December 11, 2019) – High school teacher Patrick Barney knows what grabs a teenager’s attention. He’s come up with an unusual edutainment tool– a literary coloring book! His illustrated mini-novels takes teens on a creative adventure well beyond their smartphones and headphones. Wally & Sidny – Travels ($10) and Juniper & Sally – Travels ($10) are two science fiction titles he has now available at Barnes & Noble online.

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“These books lend themselves to creativity and a broad, wide awareness of the universe’s possibilities and promise to young and open, eager minds,” explains Barney who teaches Anthropology, Government and German in Russell, Kansas. “They are fun and a good teaching tool and can encourage and promote interaction and personal growth at home and at schools.”

Why coloring books as a teaching tool? Coloring books are everywhere these days, with a fan base that includes both adults and kids. It’s no surprise why these classic art activities are still popular—they encourage creativity and as some studies show, reduce stress level. Barney’s coloring subjects are quirky and adventurous. Something teens can relate to.

Page after page in these coloring books explain and show imaginative places and beings – a collection of science fiction accounts that might be described as a “mini-novel.” At 71 pages long, Wally & Sidny and Juniper & Sally can be enjoyed for days long after the Hanukkah menorah and Christmas tree are put away.

A genetically enhanced creature called Dumb Duck ($8) is the focus of another coloring book for the 12-years-old and over crowd, but without the extensive narrative. Dumb Duck has escaped an underground government lab and entered the general population. A brief explanation at the beginning mentions more who have escaped as well, introducing teens to illustrations of others who also got out!

Pick up a pack of colored pencils to add to these three incredible coloring books at Barnes & Noble online:

Wally & Sidny – Travels • $10 • Ages 12+
At 71 pages long, this sci-fi coloring book introduces teens to Wally & Sidny’s travels through space, time, and planes. Together they discover the black and white universe that awaits coloring in the lines. This mini-novel coloring book shows adventures and even travel tips!

Juniper & Sally – Travels • $10 • Ages 12+
Juniper & Sally, friends of Wally & Sidny, also travel the universe in space, time, and planes. Read about and see interesting and unusual places and creatures that are described in this science fiction coloring book. At 71 pages long, this is a gift that will be enjoyed for weeks into the New Year.

Dumb Duck Coloring Book • $8 • Ages 12+
Dumb Duck is a genetically enhanced
organism from the Underground Modified Biologicals Program. Teens are introduced to Dumb Duck, who escaped a secret lab located under the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico by evading security protocols and wandering off into the general population.

The Dragon, Lindworm, & Wyvern Book • $20.90 Hardcover and $12.90 Paperback • Ages 14+For older teens that enjoy reading on the weekend or during long family trips, consider Barney’s fantasy stories in The Dragon, Lindworm, & Wyvern Book ($12.90 to $20.90). Teens may already know the difference between these mythical creatures. A lindworm can be a wingless creature with a serpentine body, a dragon-like head, and two clawed arms in the upper body. The wyvern may be described as a two-legged dragon with a tail ending in a diamond- or arrow-shaped tip. The 199-page illustrated book is sold online by Barnes & Noble in both hardcover and paperback.

The Dragon, Lindworm, & Wyvern Book • $20.90 Hardcover and $12.90 Paperback • Ages 14+
A collection of Seven Stories that delivers: adventure, romance, humor, philosophy and naturally, mythical Creatures. This imaginative, almost 200-page book is color illustrated – no coloring needed!

Order these and other books by Patrick Barney online at https://www.bn.com/

Read the press release as a PDF

Artist and writer Patrick Barney has authored 13 books that are for sale and “print on demand” at Barnes & Noble’s website: www.BN.com. He lives, writes and draws in the diminutive town of Russell, Kansas. His imaginative stories at times draw elements from his experiences. He has lived in California, Utah, Ohio, New Jersey, Germany, Saudi Arabia and currently, Kansas. By day, he’s a high school teacher who teaches Anthropology, German and US Government. Follow his blog and website at: www.patrickbarney.com.

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