People Blocks’ Zoo Animals And 31-Piece Magnetic Building Sets Attract Toddlers Universally From Tokyo To Tampa And Kyoto To Kalamazoo

New York, NY (March 29, 2017) – What’s the best way for new parents to build baby’s motor skills and creativity? Give them a set of building blocks designed especially for tiny fingers. Toddlers in Japan have been attracted to People Blocks ($34.99 to $59.99) with its classic colors and stack-ability thanks to its hidden magnets. Now American parents can purchase — without a passport — a building set that educates as they grow.

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Parents and grandparents can say domo arigatou (thank you in Japanese) to People Toy Company (www. peopletoy.co), exclusive importers of this beloved Asian toymaker that offers brain-stimulating baby products. Two building block sets from People Blocks – Zoo Animals and Classic Colors — join award-winning brands Mochi and Brain Builders. All are available at Amazon, diapers.com, Barnes & Noble plus specialty toy shops.

Looking for the perfect 1st birthday present? Choose from two magnetic and magical block sets. People Blocks Zoo Animals ($34.99) arrives with a zoo themed play mat and 17 animal inspired shapes. Let your little one be the zookeeper and create whatever (or who ever) is on their mind at the moment. With building blocks, there are no right or wrong ways to stack. Then wait for them to explain their adorable creation!

For those with plenty of play space to build, consider the two-dozen colorful pieces from the People Blocks 31-Piece Set – Classic Colors ($59.99). Emerging imaginations will have a ball picking then stacking these chunky blocks with smooth edges. Build something abstract or replicate the family car or cat! As a bonus, a play mat is included with every purchase.

These creative first-building-blocks are designed to grow as your toddler (and the siblings) flourish through the preschool years. At 12 months old, the large blocks are easy to lift and stack as the hidden magnets allow each piece to “click” with another. At age 2+, tots may notice patterns, colors and angles. This is the best time for them to develop combinations and symmetrical structures. By the 3rd birthday, preschoolers can build and stack anything their imaginations can think of! Pre-K kids can manipulate the blocks to create entire scenarios. Purchase both building sets and watch what happens with an entire Zootopia built on the kitchen table!

Beyond the joy of building something from nothing, these blocks have brain-boosting powers! Problem solving, self-expression and even mathematics are some of the benefits of playing with building blocks reports the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). “…every classroom should have a full set of unit blocks, assorted props tied to children’s current interests and experiences, open storage shelves, and plenty of space and time to build and rebuild invented and familiar structures,” advises NAEYC. Social and emotional growth, science and self-esteem are included in their list of nine benefits gleaned from their national “what do you think children learn through block play?” survey.

Moms who have discovered these sets agree! “Great set to start stacking blocks for little ones,” wrote East Coast Mom after purchasing the 31-piece set on Amazon. “Sure, this is on the pricier side but our daughter loves to play with them, first just pulling them apart and sticking them back together and now actually stacking them.”

“They are a fantastic brain building toy,” typed Daisyclover, also on Amazon after buying her 31-piece set, “once they are old enough to realize that they have to think about how to connect them. It isn’t straight forward and each side is different and arranges differently. My 3-year-old loves them and it makes him think and discover. All the toys in this line are educational and it seems like are best for the age specified.”

When ready to purchase, choose their website, http://www.peopletoy.co or click on their homepage button for their direct Amazon link. For the latest toy news, follow People Toy Company on your favorite social media outlet – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr or Instagram.

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People Blocks Zoo Animals • Ages: 1 year+ • $34.99People Blocks Zoo Animals
Ages: 1 year+ • $34.99

All the animals in the zoo are waiting just for you! Who will come out and play today? This 17-piece building set features animal inspired shapes and a zoo themed play mat. Each chunky piece (no two pieces are the same) is crafted for little hands that will delight in discovering the magnetic powers of each piece connecting to another! And the best part, naturally, is showing them how to knock ‘em down and start anew!

People Blocks 31-Piece Set – Classic Colors • Ages 1 year+ • $59.99

People Blocks 31-Piece Set – Classic Colors • Ages 1 year+ • $59.99

Creativity, design and imagination are limitless with these innovative and colorful blocks. Children will delight in their ability to stack and build with the power of magnets. A breakdown of the 31 pieces include: 12 Cubes, 2 Wheeled Cubes, 4 Rectangles, 4 Regular Cones, 4 People Cones, 1 Hexagon, 2 Seesaws, 2 Wedges. Each set includes a Double-Sided Play Mat (measures 11 1/2″ x 16 1/2″). Hint: this makes a great birthday or holiday present from the grandparents or special auntie.

“All of our products make parenting simple with our core mission,” proudly explains Rudy Valenta, President of the U.S. branch of Japan’s People Co., Ltd., “to promote the healthy development of your baby and have a positive impact on parenthood.”

This beloved Japanese company, People Co., Ltd started in 1977 and has finally arrived in the U.S. and set People Toy Company with a pedigree product line. The company’s three core offerings are Brain Builders, Mochi and People Blocks series. People Toy Company proudly creates fun and educational baby products for the discerning parent. The Mochi series is the winner of the prestigious 2015 Kids Design Award. Another point of pride is their almost-entirely female staff including our COO Kogure Masako and CEO Kiribuchi Chizuko.

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