Pet Photo Saver, With Built-In Pet Recognition, Knows That Every Fur-Child Deserves Their Own Digital Photo Album To Show & Boast

Atlanta, GA (September 5, 2018) – Wouldn’t it be great if you could find pictures of your pet, on the spot, without having to scroll through all the photos on your smartphone’s camera roll? Give two paws up to Pet Photo Saver, a lifesaver for anyone who loves to boast about a furry friend who has been photographed pretty much daily by their doting paw-rents!

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PPet Photo Saver is available on Google Play and the Apple App Storelug in Pet Photo Saver and watch it scan your entire digital photo album in minutes! The magic is in the facial recognition software. Pet parents can select from dog, cat, bird, fish, small animals like bunnies, reptile or horse. After the scan and copy to the Pet Photo Saver device, with one tap of the finger, an adorable digital photo album is ready to show off to friends and co-workers or store for safekeeping.

Pets with Instagram channels are hot! Especially dogs—just look at @tunameltsmyheart, a Chiwneenie with 1.9 million followers who typically gets 70k likes on photo posts! Pet Photo Saver help pet lovers keep all their pet photos in one place, making them easy to access for posting or sharing!

Parent company Simplified IT Products, LLC, makers of Picture Keeper, is a pioneer in all-in-one USB devices with imbedded software. The easy-to-use Pet Photo Saver drive allows humans to catalog their furkids from any smartphone to view, manage and share those wag-worthy moments.

How do developers think of these I-didn’t-know-I-needed-that tech solutions? Sometimes, it’s by accident.

When founder and CEO Matt Stanchie’s close friend lost all her pictures on her computer during a lightning storm, he was struck by inspiration. With Matt’s background in technology, he began to develop a simple, foolproof way to protect digital images. Almost a decade later, our team continues to build leading solutions that help busy people back up and protect irreplaceable memories from their smartphones, computers and tablets in a way that’s hassle-free.

Pet Photo SaverWith Pet Photo Saver, the team worked together to build something that feels like magic. Pet Photo Saver will scan an entire digital photo album in minutes to recognize pets of many varieties. Photos are organized and safely stored right onto the drive with the press of a button. It’s that simple. Every pet owner’s baby, fur or not, is precious. Plus, there are so many people out there who love and care for animals as far more than pets–from trainers to Instagram pet parents to sporting. Pet Photo Saver’s vision is driven by simplicity, ease of use, and reliability for everyone.

Photos of Fido or Mittens need special treatment, too! Pet Photo Saver works on most iOS and Android devices, and lets you drag and drop images from the device to your Mac & PC. As a drive and app, Pet Photo Saver recognizes each device and will always pick up where it left off. With a portable backup device, photo files are kept private and protected so there is never a risk of security or server issues.

Although most pets fall into the dog or cat category, Pet Photo Saver can search for bunnies, pet pigs or other family friends. As the enclosed instructions suggest, the default setting can be changed. Go to Settings, then Backup Options, then choose additional Pet Types. The next time you save your photos, the Pet Photo Saver will scan for the selected pet types! Once you’ve backed up your pet photos to the drive, it can add new images as you take them with your phone.

A wonderful Holiday 2018 gift to give (or receive), purchase Pet Photo Saver at at its introductory sale price. Once downloaded, order puppy prints or kitty accessories and gifts directly with the app’s Gift Shop!

NEW! Pet Photo Saver • $49.99 Introductory Price
A must-have for all pet lovers! Pet Photo Saver will find and backup all your pet photos. Plug device directly into your phone or tablet for a simple, easy download of your precious pet pictures right to a portable drive. Once your pictures are downloaded, create custom gifts and prints.

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Based in Atlanta, GA, Simplified IT Products, LLC is a pioneer in developing simple, affordable solutions for the mass market. Simplified IT products are currently available online at, Amazon, on TV at HSN, Evine, QVC, in many independent photo retailers and craft/hobby stores. Or purchase from many widely distributed catalogs such as Sharper Image, Potpourri, Solutions and Stoneberry.


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