Yes, The Scoop On Poop Is No Longer Taboo But A Family-Friendly Game Involving (On Paper) Pooping, Wiping, Washing And Repeating

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Snohomish, WA (April 28, 2016) – Is it the wall-to-wall coverage of the Presidential elections or has everyone recently lowered their standards of decorum? Coincidence or not, the buzz in the toy world is a new game that most parents would not let their children say aloud – until now! Poopyhead ($16.99) is a hilarious game of cards where being #1 requires “doo” diligence in #2! This up-until-now taboo theme is getting a lot of attention from retailers and families.

Already a big seller online at Target, Toys R Us and Amazon, expect to see shelves full of Poopyhead at Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Hastings. Toy reps report endless independent and specialty stores have signed up for deliveries. It’s no wonder with the thought of poopy (human and four-legged family-member variety) on everyone’s minds. It’s just not typically spoken aloud beyond the age of five.

Grownups may say excrement, cow chips or manure but it all boils down to poopy and admit it, everyone does it! So why not make a game of it? Some who have played the game have actually found it to be a teaching tool for kids (see below!).