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Pop-Oh-Ver Has The Perfect Ingredient For Make-Believe Fun With Durable (And Adorable!) Kitchen Play Sets Designed To Pop Over The Nearest Chair

Tempe, AZ (April 12, 2018)– Ever visit a Pop Up shop? It’s the latest retail craze of temporary physical space to create a long term, lasting impression. Imagine the same concept in the home as preschoolers play with a pop up kitchen that disappears when play is done. Say hello to Pop-oh-ver, the clever brand of durable and detailed kitchen play sets that assemble in two minutes over a sturdy household chair!

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These pretend-play sets are fabric coverings for any kitchen or dining room chair that unfold to resemble real-world kitchen, stove and counter tops. The Pop-oh-ver Stove Set ($39.95) features a microwave door and oven door that opens and closes. Kids can’t resist touching the large black “knobs” as they pretend to cook.

Pop-Oh-Ver Kitchen setLaunched at New York’s Toy Fair 2018, Pop-oh-ver impressed every retailer that visited parent company Kangaroo Manufacturing’s booth. Within weeks the cloth sets were featured in the Spring 2018 Good Toy Group catalog, a must read for specialty toy retailers!

Online shoppers are just discovering the first four sets. And they have wasted no time to gush, paragraph after paragraph, on Amazon and Facebook sites, at these now you see it – now you don’t toys.

“I’ve seen our friends’ playrooms which are littered with giant expensive wooden kitchens or plastic molded play sets,” wrote one happy Pop-oh-ver customer on Amazon. “Other toy kitchens go overboard and get too cluttered because they have too much going on: a microwave toy, a toy sink, a toy fridge with cheap plastic food toys… Now that we have the Toy Kitchen Pop-oh-ver, I’m realizing THIS is all that’s needed for a child to use their imagination and pretend to cook. They say that it’s better to leave something to the imagination to encourage true creativity. You don’t need separate toy toaster and toy blender! You just need this amazing fold-away POP OH VER kitchen and you can bring it with you wherever you go.”

“A kitchen playset that fires up the imagination,” wrote one online buyer. Another typed the subject line “A genius idea and excellent quality!” before giving a 5 out of 5 stars review. Parents and grandparents chimed in with the many benefits of Pop-oh-ver sets.

“I saw this and had to get it for my grandson. This is the perfect kitchen playset for boys and girls. I love it for him because he likes helping in the kitchen and the set installs perfectly on the chairs and is durable for a rough little boy to play with for hours at a time. He loves that the play oven and microwave both open. This is his favorite new toy and mine too.”

“Oh my goodness, this is awesome,” exclaimed another online shopper.” It comes in a carrying case with a handle, so the kids can take it to sleepovers. The microwave and oven doors stay securely shut with the magnets. You can put small food in. The microwave or the oven to pretend cook them 🙂 I can’t believe I can pack it up into a fairly small box when I am not using it. I don’t have a lot of space in my house so this works perfect for me. It fits the two different size chairs I have in my house.”
Facebook postings popped up during the late March snowstorm in New York, “Snowed in with the nor’easter and forgot to go food shopping? Thankful for my chef making me food with her #popohver stove by #kangaroomfg. She’s so excited for finally having her own kitchen stove. And Daddy can’t complain it’s taking up room as you just pop this over a chair. How cool is that.”

It’s not just family members that have discovered the imaginative toy that is portable and nurturing.
Therapists and teachers who travel find the sets to be “genius.”

“This is one of the more genius kids toys I have ever seen and purchased! Not only that but it is perfect for teachers and early education therapists and special instructors who need toys that can travel! It sets assembles in minutes and sets up in minutes. And then when play time is over, just pack it back up! Our chairs are a big oversized, with a cushion, and it still fit well. If you have a folding chair that would be a perfect size! It’s well made, nice thick canvas and excellent durable stitching. It’s great quality, and gives kids the ability to have a play kitchen, without having to dedicate a huge chunk of space.”

Pop-oh-ver’s YouTube video models the play all day then put it away™ sets without saying a word

It’s BYOC (bring your own chair). Look for these three sweet sets at Popohver.com:

Pop-oh-ver Counter Top Set • $39.95 • Ages 3+
This portable kitchen set inspires endless play. Just fasten the counter top set over a chair, tie the ties and like magic you have a place to fix your food anywhere you want it. The canvas-like material boasts a toaster, scale and drawer detailing and a pop out shelf that actually holds items!

Pop-Oh-Ver Stove Set by Kangaroo ManufacturingPop-oh-ver Stove Set • $39.95 • Ages 3+
This portable Kitchen Stove set brings an exciting new twist to pretend kitchen play. Just fasten the fabric over a chair, tie the ties and like magic you have a place to cook and warm up a tasty meal. Pop-oh-ver Stove is made from canvas-like material with realistic oven, stovetop, and microwave detailing.

Pop-oh-ver Deluxe Kitchen Set • $29.95 • Ages 3+
Cook up some delicious pretend play dishes with this sturdy, stainless steel deluxe cookware set. Your little one will feel just like a professional chef using these pots, pans, and cooking utensils. The 12-piece kit includes whisk, strainer spoon, wooden spoon, spatula, oven mitt, saucepan, lid, ladle, bowl, cooking pot, colander, and skillet. Don’t worry if they make a mess, as these accessories are dishwasher safe.

Pop-oh-ver will be expanding its collection with other food and baking sets in time for Summer 2018:

Pop-oh-Ver Master Chef Set • $24.95 • Ages 3+
Looking the part of a Master Chef is half the fun of make-believe. Pop-oh-ver offers rich details on a chef’s jacket with soft blue piping, collar, pocket and a spot for a name badge. Kids can whisk up a yummy recipe with the bowl, measuring spoons, wooden utensils while wearing a crisp white chef’s hat. Bon Appetit!

Plush Pretend Food Set • $19.95 • 3+
12–piece plush set includes the makings of hot dog and bun, a drumstick or a mile-high stacked

Plush Baking Food Set • $19.95 • 3+
Kids serve up a warm tray of baked goods from donut and cookie to brownie or gingerbread man.

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Kangaroo Manufacturing launched in 2014 and from the start has been dedicated to enhancing children’s play and imaginations. Starting with only a dozen items, Kangaroo Manufacturing’s product assortment continues to expand, encompassing a range of interests, such as toys, pool floats, novelty, costumes, housewares, party supplies, and much more. Kangaroo Manufacturing has taken the phrase “something for everyone” to heart and develops creative and engaging products that people of all ages can enjoy. Brands include PopOhVerTM, Coconut Float®, Original Super Cool® Slime and Emoji Universe. Visit www.popohver.com to see more.

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