Pop-Oh-Ver Collects Two More National Toy Honors To Add To Its Armful Of Industry Compliments For One Of The Cleverest Lines Of Indoor Play


Pop-Oh-Ver Collects Two More National Toy Honors To Add To Its Armful Of Industry Compliments For One Of The Cleverest Lines Of Indoor Play

Tempe, AZ (August 30, 2018)– “If you have little ones who love helping in the kitchen, the Pop-Oh-Ver Kitchen Deluxe Set ($29.95) is a must-get imagination playset,” begins one of two glowing review by The National Parenting Center for the cleverest line of indoor play this year. The National Parenting Center joins six other toy industry influencers who were overjoyed with Pop-Oh-Ver’s endless possibilities for imaginative play that’s put away… until next time. Rare is a review that instructs parents of a “must-get” toy!

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The centerpieces of Pop-Oh-Ver’s appeal are the now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t Stove and Kitchen Counter Sets ($39.95). The National Parenting Center called them ingenious! This is from a nationwide parent advocacy organization that has seen and tested every possible toy on the market, for decades! Pop-Oh-Ver has already won eight additional industry awards for its great design this year.

“This 12-piece toy kitchen accessory set includes all the pots and pans your little cooks will need,” continues the rave review that won a Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2018 from The National Parenting Center, “to become fabulous pretend chefs. Most of the pieces are made of sturdy stainless steel so you can wash in the sink or stick them in the top rack of the dishwasher. The kick here is that you can use all the parts with real food. Yes, they are food grade!”

“The quality of the assortment and the variety of accessories it includes for such a reasonable price point really impressed testers. It was clear from the outset that the set is designed to withstand the test of time, and it has a fantastic realistic look. Kids will feel like grown-ups using the same accessories as mom or dad. This set comes with a whisk, spatula, strainer spoon, ladle, wooden spoon, dutch oven with lid, saucepan, skillet (made of molded plastic), bowl, colander, and an oven mitt. The size of the pots, pans and utensils are larger than most sets, but still light enough for small hands to use.”

One more bonus to the Kitchen Set was its appeal to boys as well as girls. “Finally, the fact that the set is distinctly gender neutral, was seen as a big plus,” concluded the first of two Pop-Oh-Ver product reviews.

A second Seal of Approval Winner went to the Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Set. The gushing review begins, “The Pop-Oh-Ver Stove & Kitchen Counter Sets are an ingenious idea for people who do not have space for a traditional kitchen set. The set consists of one thick canvas fabric piece that fits over a flat backed chair. It is basically a slipcover for an armless chair which allows a child to play in a kitchen setting for a time and then the whole thing can be taken off, folded up and put away. It inspires and encourages role play while keeping set up and mess to a minimum.”

“That simple set up and the included instructions are quite easy to follow,” continues The National Parenting Center write-up. “The portability makes it perfect for storage and for travel. There are two versions, one is the kitchen countertop for food prep and the other is the stove and microwave. The “stove” and “microwave” actually open and close using heavy magnets and there are thick plastic envelopes inside both for your child to place the play food for “cooking.” Parents felt this innovative idea that is also an imagination station, stood out for them based on its unique ability to operate in small spaces, all while maintaining an exceptionally fun and sweet opportunity for role play.”

The list of kudos to date could fill up the entire kitchen counter! They include:

Look for these “must-have” multiple sets and accessories online at Popohver.com (all items are for 3 years +):

Pop-Oh-Ver Deluxe Kitchen Set • $29.95 Pop-oh-Ver Master Chef Set • $24.95 Plush Pretend Food Set • $19.95 Plush Pretend Fruits & Vegetables Set • $19.95 Plush Baking Food Set • $19.95

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Justin Ligeri, the successful entrepreneur behind Yagoozon, Inc. — the largest reseller on Amazon and #1 on the 2013 Inc. Magazine “Inc. 500” list — launched Kangaroo Manufacturing in 2014.

Kangaroo Manufacturing was born with only a dozen items, including the unique and incredibly popular Super Cool Slime and Do You Want to Build a Snowman. Ligeri then began development on over a dozen additional product lines, with an ambitious goal of releasing about 100 new products every year. His products span a range of interest from kitchen products, toys, novelty items, costumes, and much more. Ligeri also pushed Kangaroo Manufacturing to become a deluxe pool float industry leader branded as Coconut Float introducing many fun and exciting designs every year. Now Ligeri is excited to debut his latest creation to the world: Pop-Oh-Ver play sets – the perfect play kitchen set that’s also portable. Kangaroo products can be seen on the shelves of brick & mortar stores as well as ecommerce retailers. Visit www.popohver.com to see more.


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