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Discover Santa’s Magical Plush Friends and More at Walmart or Barnes & Noble This Holiday Season

Montreal, Canada (November 4, 2019) – As the tablet rings through the house, the littlest child answers. To her surprise, it’s Santa directly from the North Pole on the screen—and he calls her by name and knows much more about her as he reports that his elves have been watching over her all year long, and have updated her Big Book with the long list of all the good deeds she’s done for her loved ones.

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But how did Santa know her name, have her picture, and know so much about her? This is how Christmas magically comes to life with the help of Portable North Pole. Discover a new Christmas tradition with a personalized message from Santa via video or phone revealing if your loved one made it onto the Nice List and encouraging them to keep doing good deeds throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

Portable North Pole (PNP, https://www.portablenorthpole.com)To create a new tradition the whole family will anticipate all year long, grown-ups secretly sign-up on Portable North Pole website or mobile App so Santa and his elves can create personalized HD-quality memorable keepsake video or call messages that will last a lifetime.

220 Million and Counting
Portable North Pole (PNP, https://www.portablenorthpole.com) is celebrating its 12th year of empowering loved ones to make Christmas even more magical. The personalized video and phone call tradition has caught on around the world, with more than 220 million video message views from PNP by Santa fans.

Portable North Pole has reached various achievements, such as:
• 768,000+ Fans on the PNP Facebook page @PNPSanta
• 1.4 million Facebook Likes
• #1 trending mobile App on iOS in the USA during the weeks leading up to Christmas
• Were the top trending Santa App in 67 countries on Google Play during the days leading up to Christmas
• Achieved a 4.6 rating for both Google Play and iOS with hundreds of thousands of joyful reviews

Portable North Pole (PNP, https://www.portablenorthpole.com)Parent company UGroupMedia Inc (UGM), based in Montreal, Canada, specializes in making Christmas magic for families around the world by creating, distributing, and publishing Portable North Pole personalized digital experiences via PortableNorthPole.com, mobile applications, television, consumer products, and in-store experiences. Not everyone gets the chance to celebrate Christmas with loved ones at home, so to help spread a little extra cheer to those who need it the most, Portable North Pole’s Children’s Hospital Program donates up to five percent of all online sales proceeds to more than 48 children’s hospitals around the world. Since 2012, more than $500,000 has been donated.

Portable North Pole wants to make sure everyone has the chance to hear from Santa. With such a diverse global audience, PNP offers a FREE video and premium options for kids and grown-ups alike in natural-sounding English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

The Portable North Pole Toys and Gifts Collection
What makes the Portable North Pole 2019 Do-Good Deeds Toys and Gifts Collection so magical? These enchanting gifts center around Santa and his world and are here to encourage kids to touch and interact with them. Best of all, these toys and gifts are great tools to help promote good behavior and good deeds.

All Portable North Pole friends arrive with a code for an exclusive, personalized video from Santa that grown-ups can redeem and personalized online. They’re only available with the purchase of the gifts, and those videos are related to the gifts themselves! In total, over a dozen PNP toys and gifts will be on store shelves and online for this season’s Christmas celebrations.

Discover all the Portable North Pole 2019 Do-Good Deeds Toys and Gifts Collection at Walmart and Barnes & Noble. You can also browse our collection online at www.portablenorthpole.com. Here are just a few:

Portable North Pole Do-Good Elf • From $22.97 (At Walmart and Barnes & Noble)
Creative Child Magazine 2018 Product Of The Year Award
Dressed in a high-quality velveteen outfit (it’s washable!) this elf wants to be taught the difference between naughty and nice. Passport and stickers are tucked inside to personalize your new friend’s travel passport. Find the included code to unlock FOUR personalizable videos from Santa for little ones with messages of how to be this elf’s friend and mentor.

NEW! Portable North Pole Hani Reindeer Plush • $19.99 (Exclusively at Barnes & Noble)NEW! Portable North Pole Hani Reindeer Plush • $19.99 (Exclusively at Barnes & Noble)
Baby reindeer Hani also hails from the North Pole’s Polar Ranch. Santa asks youngsters to teach him teach him how to do good deeds, to be kind and brave, and to have lots of festive fun! Hani also comes with a magic code that allows you to unlock a personalized message from Santa and Hani.

NEW! Portable North Pole Senoki the Owlet • $19.99 (Exclusively at Barnes & Noble)NEW! Portable North Pole Senoki the Owlet • $19.99 (Exclusively at Barnes & Noble)
Whoooo’s this? This snuggly owlet stands 7”tall and is from Santa’s village in the North Pole. Children will learn in the video that Senoki is afraid of the dark and needs their help to overcome his apprehensions about turning off the lights. Claim your included code for a personalized video message for your loved one from Santa and his elves.

NEW! Portable North Pole Santa Letter Kit • From $9.97 (At Walmart and Barnes & Noble)NEW! Portable North Pole Santa Letter Kit • From $9.97 (At Walmart and Barnes & Noble)
Write a letter to Santa so he knows how good you’ve been this year, and to tell him what you’d love to get for Christmas! And since it is from PNP, Santa will reply to your letter with a personalized message that will include the letter you sent him! Kit includes Letter to Santa, Thank You Santa card, Envelopes, Stickers, Stamp and Ink, and a code to unlock a personalized video.

NEW! Portable North Pole Activity Book • From $5.97 (At Walmart and Barnes & Noble)NEW! Portable North Pole Activity Book • From $5.97 (At Walmart and Barnes & Noble)
Here’s a collection of seasonal activities including 30+ games and activities in full color. Give the gift of hours of Santa-approved family fun, including a code to receive a personalized video message from Santa.

NEW! Portable North Pole Do-Good Deeds Game • $12.97 (Exclusively at Walmart)NEW! Portable North Pole Do-Good Deeds Game • $12.97 (Exclusively at Walmart)
How do you guarantee a spot on the Nice List? Close your eyes and pick a good deed every day during the countdown to December 25. Kit includes 12 Good Deed cards, sticker sheet, and game poster, all packaged in a game box—plus a video redemption code for a personalized message from Santa!

NEW! Portable North Pole Mini Plush Ornaments • $5.97 (Exclusively at Walmart)NEW! Portable North Pole Mini Plush Ornaments • $5.97 (Exclusively at Walmart)
Brighten the Christmas tree with one—or all three— of these adorable friends from the North Pole—Karamelli the Reindeer, Okidä the Husky, and Kiki the Cardinal. Each plush ornament comes with a magic code that can be used to create a personalized Santa greeting for your loved one!

NEW! Portable North Pole Magic Key • $4.97 (Exclusively at Walmart)NEW! Portable North Pole Magic Key • $4.97 (Exclusively at Walmart)
Hang this magic key the night before Christmas to help Santa! The key is made from magic stardust so Santa can find every boy and girl, no matter where they sleep. Includes heavy-duty plastic Magic Key and a code for an exclusive personalized video from Santa, only available with the purchase of the Magic Key.

When ready to shop, find easy-to-follow instructions and links to customized calls, videos, and products at www.portablenorthpole.com or at Walmart and Barnes & Noble.

The Portable North Pole Digital Collection
Exclusive premium messages and video and call packages range from FREE to $14.99, delivering unlimited access to an exciting range of unique and extended videos that offer extra personalization options and more! PNP also has a special Reaction Recorder to capture the moment of joy when Santa says your child’s name—a keepsake that can be downloaded and enjoyed year after year.

Follow PNP on Facebook and Instagram @PNPSanta for messages straight from the North Pole—Santa will write you back himself! In July, Santa’s elves reported that there are “20% more children on the #naughtylist than last #Summer, looks like there’s a lot of work to do before #Christmas!”

Santa and his elves want nothing more than to fill the Nice List with children’s names from around the world. Portable North Pole offers a range of magical digital options designed to help loved ones reinforce good behavior with a little help from Santa.

What’s New for 2019?

• A brand new special multi-device scenario straight from Santa’s sleigh on Christmas eve with a personalized video message from Santa on one device (desktop, smartphone, or tablet) and integrated into the video message is a call from Santa to your phone during the video message. This message can be made for one child or the whole family. *
• 2019 kids and grown-up editions of our free personalized cinematic video messages from Santa with amazing outdoor shots with husky dogs and reindeers.
• Download messages in 1080 HD.*
• An all-new Premium personalized birthday message from Santa that can be enjoyed all year long. *
• a total of five new Premium personalized videos with even more ways to personalize the message. *
• Another new multi-device Premium video scenario with a group option. This is great for parents looking to encourage good behavior from their children in the days leading up to Christmas. *
• Two new Premium personalized video calls. *
• Six new Premium personalized voice calls. *
• The Reaction Recorder is now available on Google Chrome for desktop and laptop, as well as on the PNP mobile app to capture the moment your loved one realizes it’s Santa speaking to them directly on one of our Premium videos and create a lifetime keepsake. *
• Fun games in the Kid’s Corner section on the PNP mobile app for year-round play.
• New personalization options. Santa will know even more about your loved one, than ever before. *
*Features only available with purchase.

Read the press release as a PDF

Portable North Pole (PNP), a new Christmas tradition, is a platform (desktop/mobile app) used by Santa and his elves to send personalized video messages and calls to the people you care about most. In just a few simple steps, you can help Santa gather all the information he needs about your loved one and create a personalized video message or phone call that is positively magical. To create truly unforgettable memories and keepsakes, you can download a 1080P HD version of your message and your child’s reaction to keep for years to come. Discover the North Pole and all its magic at www.portablenorthpole.com.


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