Giftwrap A Beautiful And Intelligent Puzzle For The Gardener, Traveler Or Birder To Create Special Memories With A Loved One In The Same Room Or from Afar

New York, NY (April 14, 2021) – Chances are if you ask a mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, she’ll say “just to spend time with you!” As a woman-owned and mother-run boutique lifestyle brand, the folks behind eeBoo and Piece & Love know exactly what she means. Plan some quality time on Sunday, May 9th piecing together a beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle. With so many to choose from at https://eeBoo.com pick the perfect theme to capture her interests – traveling, gardening, reading, bird watching or dreaming. Create space for conversation and enjoy the pleasure of puzzling while forging bonds through time spent together.

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Songbirds TreeFor the mom who loves to travel, eeBoo suggests Venice Open Market ($21.99) with the Grand Canal and the Bell Tower of San Marco. Poppy Bunny ($21.99) catches a rabbit among a blooming flower patch with butterflies and bees hovering nearby.

“This puzzle was fantastic!” wrote an April 2021 Venice Open Market puzzler. Another April 2021 review of Poppy Bunny echoed similar sentiments, “very lovely and well-made puzzle. The artwork is gorgeous and gave me many hours of pleasure!”

Whether you have just an hour by zoom or a whole day to visit, consider giving a beautifully painted bouquet with Still Life With Flowers ($21.99). This circular puzzle will challenge with 500 sturdy pieces showcasing magnificent flowers and birds in Delft blue vase. If the sight and sound of birds brings your mother happiness, she’ll enjoy learning name every species perched along the Songbirds Tree ($21.99).

Giftwrap A Beautiful And Intelligent Puzzle For The Gardener, Traveler Or Birder To Create Special Memories With A Loved One In The Same Room Or from Afar“Beautiful, unique, and not too difficult,” one puzzler says of Still Life With Flowers. The glowing review included, “The design is as lovely in person as it is in the image, with a smooth glossy coat to the pieces…some of the pieces have fun and SUPER unique cuts as compared to the basic puzzle pieces most puzzles come with due to the circular shape.”

For the reader of great literature by female novelists, eeBoo has the Jane Austen’s Book Club ($21.99) that will inspire conversation about great books and perhaps a new reading list.

Mia Galison, eeBoo’s and Piece & Love founder President and Creative Director, welcomed the topsy-turvy life of being a mother and a businesswoman., “I never tried to conceal that we had kids and dogs running and barking in the background or tried to stop my mother from walking into the office during a meeting. I embraced this early chaotic mix as my brand, and I was proud of it.” Today, her children have graduated from college but that mompreneur spirit lives on at eeBoo every day. Looking back on the last 28 years, I am proud of the children we have raised and glad that the meaningful assortment of products we offer to the world embodies our values as family and as parents.”

Make a plan to create a Mother’s Day memory with any of these Piece & Love puzzles by dynamic female artists from around the world. Launched in 2017, Piece & Love Jigsaw Puzzles offer a fresh, impactful way to spend time at home in, contemplation and conversation.

Piece & Love Jane Austen’s Book Club • $21.99Piece & Love Jane Austen’s Book Club • $21.99
Puzzle your way through this Jane Austen’s Book Club 1000-piece puzzle, featuring five notable novelists responsible for some of the world’s greatest stories. Ask mom to retell her favorite story by writers Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, George Eliot, Zora Neale Hurston, and Virginia Woolf.

Piece & Love Songbirds Tree • $21.99Piece & Love Songbirds Tree • $21.99
You know spring has arrived when you see English Songbirds in all their radiantly colored plumage. Enjoy the details of the 12 varieties of birds perched on a tree amidst the beauty of the garden surrounding them. Songbirds Tree 1000-piece puzzle features an illustration that finds inspiration and patterns from William Morris and the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement.

Piece & Love Poppy Bunny • $21.99Piece & Love Poppy Bunny • $21.99
This artwork gives a nod to the etching masters of the past with the finest attention to natural details. Poppy Bunny 1000-piece puzzle shows springtime animals and flowers awakening and rejoicing. A vibrant and rich illustration that celebrates this glorious season.

Piece & Love Still Life for Flowers • $21.99Piece & Love Still Life for Flowers • $21.99
The deep reds, lilacs, and peach hues of the floral arrangement in the Delft vase pop against the intense midnight blue backdrop. This 500-piece round puzzle pays homage to still lifes from the Dutch masters. Little creatures, such as the snail, frogs, caterpillars adorn the tabletop and green leaves, becoming part of the portrait as they did in their 17th century Dutch forebearers.

Piece & Love Venice Open MarketPiece & Love Venice Open Market • $21.99
The City of Water’s famous architecture and the Grand Canal with its gondolas and charismatic gondoliers are illustrated in a fresh summer palette of color. Venice Open Market 1000-piece puzzle transports mom to the city’s green market featuring the bounty from the Italian countryside.

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ABOUT eeBoo and eeBoo Piece & Love

Woman Owned • Mother Run • Sustainably Sourced, eeBoo is a boutique toy and lifestyle brand that specializes in useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games and gifts. eeBoo’s products for children are developed in consultation with educators, psychologists, writers, artists, and parents to nurture creativity with vibrant artwork that celebrates diversity and encourages empathy and learning about the world we share. A few years ago, eeBoo entered the adult jigsaw puzzle market with eeBoo Piece & Love, bringing its longstanding commitment to beautiful design, durability, and environmental sustainability to an array of carefully art-directed and exquisitely illustrated 500- and 1000- piece jigsaw puzzles. Both lines encourage mindful, screen free, wholesome activities to share with friends and family, designed to encourage imagination while inspiring conversation and learning. eeBoo can be found in both specialty toy stores and high-end gift shops as well as museum stores, bookstores, art supply stores and other boutique venues. Discover their puzzles, gifts and games at eeBoo.com

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