Raise A Virtuoso With Amadeus Or Ludwig Because Whenever They Are Near, You’ll Hear A Symphony!

Virtuoso Plush Bears Introduce The Beauty Of Classical Music Recordings To American Families (Via Amazon) With Cuddles Included!

Singapore (April 5, 2018) – Quick! Name your go-to music for soothing baby.

Did you say Piano Sonata No. 14 in C Minor? The classics by Beethoven and the equally brilliant Mozart are precisely the sounds that every newborn should be hearing. Piano concertos or lush symphonies relax children (and new moms) while inspiring a lifelong affinity for music. Now imagine a teddy bear dressed in period clothing with a hidden switch that can play seven tracks of Mozart’s most recognized melodies. Sounds like the ultimate baby shower gift!

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Introducing Virtuoso Bears ($49.99) with the adorable likeness to Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven. These cuddly pals carry 40 minutes of carefully selected tracks of sonatas, concertos and symphonies. Parent company Vosego of Singapore debuts a glossy website this month for American audiences at http://www.vosego.org. Here you can sample pieces of the classical tracks, zoom in on the rich details of each bear and learn the many benefits of listening to classical sounds.

Know someone expecting? As family and friends pitch in for a stroller or high chair, this toy will be the present cherished by the child, forever. Now that’s a WOW gift. Each bear arrives in a stylish, decorated box, perfect for baby shower giftwrap. The plush gift enriches not just babies but moms and dads!

Playing classical music during the final weeks of pregnancy, according to Vosego’s research, “produces a calming effect by releasing pleasure-inducing dopamine and inhibiting the release of stress hormones. At around 24 weeks, the baby’s ears are rapidly developing in the womb. Introducing newborns to classical tunes can brighten their mood, stimulate their brains, and build bonds with their parents.”

Once baby is settled at home, Virtuoso Bears create a stress-free environment for parents and baby as the lush soundtracks play. As baby and the bear bond into the toddler years then childhood, each family member discovers that music makes precious memories and more. Imagine mother and infant listening to Virtuoso Bears while breastfeeding. Baby is developing good habits of focusing on the regular harmonic sounds and longer time scales. In fact, classical music offers less direct repetition than other genres of music. Children are drawn into music they are listening to and it blocks out external noises.

This all makes perfect sense to Virtuoso Bears inventor Joanna Skubisz. She came up with the musical bear concept when, as an adult, she decided to resume piano lessons — after a 20-year gap. She was surprised how hard it was to pick up where she left off! An a-ha moment came just as she was preparing to have her first child. She wanted a musical toy that played a full-length classical tune wrapped inside an iconic plush toy. Seeing none, she invented one!

And she quickly discovered what scientists already know — classical music has positive impact on mental and physical health for children and grownups. Children gain better concentration, pattern recognition and memory. Adults gain improved sleep, reduced stress and even lowered blood pressure! Think of that at 4 am while calming a fussy baby!

With the launch date this week, the very first reviews are coming into Amazon. A five-star Fantastic 🙂 subject line of Amadeus was followed by “Great build and music quality wrapped up in a really cute package. You can tell this was made with a lot of heart. Getting Ludwig is next!”

Each bear is easy to operate with all functions controlled with one button. Volume control is important and safe for infants’ ears as it can play softly for naptime and strongly for wide-awake play dates. The music device is safely concealed in an interior pocket. Each bear has a short biography of their namesake artist tucked inside the inner pocket, giving families an entire experience of music plus the bear resembling the composer and his life story. A bonus for caregivers — these bears are easy to clean. Simply hand-wash your bear after removing the music device.

Look for these two musical masters this month on Amazon. Gift-wrapping and gift cards are available! Virtuoso Bears’ parent company Vosego offers direct links to buy.

To order Amadeus, click on the website link: https://www.vosego.org/amadeus-mozart
To order Ludwig, click on the website link: https://www.vosego.org/ludwig-van-beethoven

Amadeus-Virtuoso Bear • Ages Newborn+ • $49.99
With his bright red coat embellished with musical notes, this plush pal entices all the senses to touch, see and hear. Turn him around and notice his black hair ribbon. Peek inside the bear’s inner pocket for a short composer’s biography. Listen and enjoy up to 40 minutes of Mozart’s most loved compositions. The music tracks can be switched and the volume easily controlled.

Ludwig-Virtuoso Bear • Ages Newborn+ • $49.99
When propped to a sitting position, Ludwig measures 11 inches high. Loving details include his red ascot and thick grey mane. Choose one or all seven tracks from Emperor Concerto to Moonlight Sonata. One day, baby will be able to “name that tune” without prompting. Like plush pal Amadeus, tracks can be switched with a touch and the volume easily controlled.

Amadeus Bear plays seven tunes:
Rondo Alla Turca
Symphony No.40
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Allegro)
Piano Concerto No.21
Le Nozze di Figaro
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Romance Andante)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Ludwig Bear plays seven soundtracks:
Fur Elise
Symphony No.5
Moonlight Sonata
Pastoral Symphony
Emperor Concerto
Sonata Pathetique
Ode to Joy

Many infant toys are cute but their appeal wanes after a few weeks or months. Virtuoso Bears will stay with your child for a lifetime. When children are at school listening to classical music or hear a familiar passage in the midst of their day, they will stop and smile. That familiarity breeds comfort, enjoyment and beauty!

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Translating from Latin “You before Me” (vos + ego), Vosego launches educational and musical toys in 2018 with a commitment to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Their Virtuoso Collection is an enchanting introduction to classical music for babies and kids. Each plush toy bear emulates famous composers and plays 40 minutes of their key pieces. Visit their website at http://www.vosego.org.

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