Themed Scenery That Unfolds in Seconds Becomes Ideal Backdrop For Pretend Playing The Day Away With Favorite Cars, Dolls Or Action Figures

Dana Point, CA (November 14, 2018) – Looking for a holiday gift powered by imagination and not by Wi-Fi or batteries? Even Santa has to stroke his white beard when coming up with something new, considering kids have a toy chest of cars, dolls and figurines already stashed around the house. Thanks to reviews from four new toy awards, Santa is ready to gift brilliant 3D scenery sets called ReadySetz. An adventure in space or in an urban setting is ready in seconds.

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“A detailed set appears right before your very eyes,” writes a Hot Diggity reviewer when playing with the ReadySetz Space Base and ReadySetz Urban Landscape, “providing great scenery for cars, dolls, and figurines. The illustrated pop-up buildings are so detailed, that the playset alone is a work of art. Makes a great backdrop for stop-motion animation for the uber creative-types. Easy to assemble and just as easy to fold up and store.

ReadySetzProducts that stand out in exceptional design, construction, and play are granted a Tillywig Fun Award. The photo realistic backdrop of the Space Base caught the eyes and approval of Tillywig’s hard-to-impress judges.

“The Space Base Playset is yet another remarkable achievement from ReadySetz,” begins the Tillywig review just posted online, “maker of exceptional 3-D foldable play environments for kids. With vivid graphics so realistic it’s as though a real-life space station has been miniaturized, every square inch of this sizable playset fuels kids’ imaginations to the max!… Its three levels of surfaces, rooms, and semi-enclosed areas are perfectly suited for play with action figures, dolls and toy vehicles. Toys that may have been gathering a little dust around the house suddenly have a new, enlivened purpose! This Made in the USA Playset is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, requires no assembly, and folds flat for easy storage in seconds.”

ReadySetzThe National Parenting Center just awarded its Holiday Seal of Approval to both playsets. Here are some enthusiastic from judges that explain why they won:

  • Wow, the Urban 2.0 and Space Base Playset is so impressive!
  • Kids were so excited watching it unfold into an entirely photorealistic space station scene.
  • Love that it’s non-toxic, made of sustainable materials, is one hundred percent recyclable, and folds up and fits under a bed or behind a door
  • Innovative and beautifully designed
  • Creates an environment where children can use their existing toys – small dolls or cars seems most-suited – to play.
  • Pleasantly surprised at how sturdy the structure was

Other customers rave about the sturdiness of the playsets and are absolutely bowled over at how easily opened for play and folded closed for storage they are.

NAPPA chimed in: “It is a 3D foldout children’s playset that encourages imaginative open-ended play. It has everything a kid could dream of – landing pad, ramps, trap doors and tunnels.”

ReadySetzReadySetz are individually printed and made only in America. Order from four varieties online at and enjoy free shipping within the U.S. For gift giving across the pond or to our North American neighbors, international shipping is now available to U.K., Denmark, France and to Canada, Mexico plus Australia!

Space Base Playset • Ages 3+ • $95
Transport an afternoon to outer space where imaginations take flight in 3D photographic scenery. Start in the Main Control Room then venture to the hatches, airlocks, multi-levels, doorways and ramps. This large set is great for 6″ action figures, toys, and cars! It’s plenty big enough for several kids to play at the same time. Once unfolded, it measures approximately 28” (h) X 38” (w) X 21” (d).

Space Base 18 • Ages 3+ • $65
This is the smaller version of the Space Base and boasts all of the same impressive features such as the all-new “convertible” layout, upper control deck, catwalk, oversized landing pad, medical bay, and more! This junior playset has a 1:18 scale and is great for 3.75″ action figures, toys, and cars! Once unfolded, it measures about 19” (h) X 12” (w) X 6” (d). A great distraction to keep kids occupied at a restaurant so parents can take their time.

ReadySetzUrban Playset 2.0 • Ages 3+ • $95
Already a seven-time toy industry winner, this Urban playscape includes fun add-ons like crate boxes and stickers plus catwalk feature! Playset has a 1:12 scale and is great for 6″ action figures, trinkets, and cars. Unfolded for Play: Approximately 33” (h) X 43” (w) X 22” (d).

Urban 18 • Ages 3+ • $65
This is the smaller version of the Urban 2.0 and has the same refreshed artwork and new “catwalk” feature. It’s called “Urban 18″ because of the 1:18 scale. The junior scale is ideal for 3.75” toys already in the house. Unfolded for Play: Approximately 19” X 12” X 6”.

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Proudly made in America, each ReadySetz foldable playset is the result of many gifted artists and designers dedicated to creating play environments that encourage imagination, innovation and unstructured play. No plugs, cords or batteries are ever needed. Power up with a child’s imagination and ready, set, unfold. To purchase or learn more, visit


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