Cozy Mini-Sleeping Bag Just Named 2017 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Product

Portland, OR (September 15, 2017) – Ho ho whoa! News has reached the North Pole that there’s a new sack that is getting rave reviews from parents and toy industry judges. SackPals ($39.95), “is an exceptionally cozy play environment” starts the rave review from Tillywig Toys judges. They just awarded the SackPals Starter Set with an impressive 2017 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products honor.

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Mom bloggers who have gotten their hands on (and their kids inside) the adorable playtime plush also gush to their readers how this is “the” must-have toy for the home and on-the-go.

“This toy is definitely the current favorite in our house,” writes blogger Emily Reviews. “Every time our daughter sees it she wants to take it out and play with it. She loves the super soft feel of the Sack, and loves to rub it against her face. She also loves to snuggle each of the cute Pals. I’m planning to bring the SackPals along on our next road trip. I think it would be perfect to put over her legs to keep her warm in her car seat and keep all of her toys within arm’s reach.”

Echoed another mom blogger, MomFabFun, it’s the softness that appeals to kids! “She kept commenting on how the sack was the softest and coziest blanket in the world!” this writer shared about her daughter, and then advised her readers, “SackPals would make great gifts for birthdays and other events.”

We think Santa (and those that are on the hunt for a perfect Hanukkah/holiday child’s gift) is getting the message!

What exactly is SackPals? Open up the sack and discover Henry, Emilee, Elliott and Theodore, the four best pals a kid could have. Start the storytelling by placing the plush on the sack’s exterior with a unique hook and loop system. To round out the storytelling is a group of SackBling – butterfly, ladybug, sun and a star. Moms will be thrilled to know the sack is washable! Since SackPals were invented by a mom and made by a small start-up company, gift-givers are sure their gift will be unique and not something the child already has.

The SackPals Starter Set includes a bit of SackBling. The brightness comes from accessories Sun, Star, Butterfly and Ladybug. The foursome enhances the imaginary journey created in the mind of a child. When playtime is over or once everyone has arrived at their destination, simply unhook the pals and turn the sack inside out. Now there’s a cozy spot for the pals to stay put until the next adventure.

Already on the drawing board are more SackPal collectibles: Jewell (panda), Oliver (squirrel), Molly (polar bear), Charlotte (bunny) and Charlie (piggy). Order them online at http://www.SackPals.com.

SackPals Starter Set • $39.95 • Ages 3+
2017 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Product
“SackPals is an exceptionally cozy play environment into which kids slip themselves inside as they would a sleeping bag. The aptly named Snuggle Sack comes with four soft, sweet citizens attached to its surface, a plush puppy, elephant, kitty and turtle who look for all the world as if they have just found a home. Each animal has a small velcro-like strip on its belly that lets it be detached and reattached to the Sack in the blink of an eye, a feature that transforms SackPals into its own imagination-fueled little world. Kids joyfully immerse themselves the cozy comfort of the experience, spontaneously acting out countless scenarios with their adorable new friends. Also attached to the Sack are four felt characters known as Sack Bling, a felt butterfly, ladybug, sun, and star that bring the total cast of playmates up to eight. The Pals won’t get lost or fall off during play, and when playtime’s over, cleanup is as simple as turning the Snuggle Sack inside out.” – Tillywig 2017 review

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Visit their website at http://www.sackpals.com and order online or call toll free at 800-735-1058. That’s one number that Santa will have on speed-dial! Ho ho ho.

SackPals LLC is a family-owned business located in Portland, Oregon USA and Calgary, Alberta CAN. The toy company offers a fresh way to play with stuffed animals that includes a cozy snuggle sack to keep children safe and warm. Kids can attach the plush Pals to the sack’s patent-pending play surface. The easy-to-carry sack can be turned inside out, keeping the Pals and SackBling safe inside with a pocket for snacks and other items. Additional Pals are expected to be available soon to add to a child’s collection. SackPals motto is the best friends in life are the ones that stick around.

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