Introducing SackPals, The Cozy Mini-Sleeping Bag With Attachable Pals Named Henry, Elliott, Emilee and Theodore

Portland, OR (July 12, 2017) – The word sack conjures up old-timey childhood pleasures from a potato sack race to Santa’s big red bag. Now the Sack has been reimagined as a cozy mini-sleeping bag full of friends who will always stick around. Introducing SackPals ($39.95), the perfect pastime for boys and girls who like to snuggle and interact with an imaginary landscape that includes a dog, an elephant, a kitty and a turtle.

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“SackPals enables children as young as three to put themselves in the middle of their own daydream,” explains creator Susan Berggren. “Tots become instantly engaged and bring to life a fantasy world right in their lap.”

Whether sitting on the floor watching television or traveling in a car or plane, youngsters simply put their feet and legs into the sack and pull it up to their waist. The soft warm fabric not only keeps kids cozy but also becomes a play surface for the attachable pals. SackPals animals Henry (dog), Elliott (elephant), Emilee (kitty) and Theodore (turtle) host a hidden hook that attaches to the sack’s many loops. Kids can place their stuffed animals anywhere on the sack and create an adventure.

Each pal has captivating eyes, colorful designs and is placed to look up at the child when positioned on the blanket. The animal’s legs offer just enough room for the pals to attach or detach from the sack without a grownup’s help.

“These are the best toys for keeping little ones interactive with their new buddies,” wrote a 5-star reviewer on Amazon. “It has lots of positive features that make this both a learning experience while promoting both cognitive and motor skills as well as emotional bonding with their new friends. All the SackPals adhere really well to the material and we hope to have years of fun and imagination with this set. This is a definite buy again as future gifts for friends, cousins and others. Can’t wait to throw a SackPal party!!!”

The SackPals Starter Set includes a bit of SackBling. The brightness comes from accessories Sun, Star, Butterfly and Ladybug. The foursome enhances the imaginary journey created in the mind of a child.

When playtime is over or once everyone has arrived at their destination, simply unhook the pals and
turn the sack inside out. Now there’s a cozy spot for the pals to stay put until the next adventure.

A bonus of owning these four huggable pals is being able to play without the sack. As Berggren reminds us, “don’t forget them, because the best friends in life are the ones that stick around.”

SackPals Starter Set • $39.95 • Ages 3+
Open up the sack and discover Henry, Emilee, Elliott and Theodore, the four best pals a kid could have. Start the storytelling by placing the plush on the sack’s exterior with a unique hook and loop system. To round out the storytelling is a group of SackBling – butterfly, ladybug, sun and a star. Moms will be thrilled to know the sack is washable!

Already on the drawing board are more SackPal collectibles: Jewell (panda), Oliver (squirrel), Molly (polar bear), Charlotte (bunny) and Charlie (piggy). Order them online at

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SackPals LLC is a family-owned business located in Portland, Oregon USA and Calgary, Alberta CAN. The toy company offers a fresh way to play with stuffed animals that includes a cozy snuggle sack to keep children safe and warm. Kid’s can attach the plush Pals to the sack’s play surface that is patent pending attachable and detachable surface. The easy-to-carry sack can be turned inside out keeping the Pals and SackBling safe inside with a pocket for snack and other items. Additional Pals are expected to be available soon to add to a child’s collection. SackPals motto is the best friends in life are the ones that stick around.

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