Olga Makes Her Debut With Her Goslings, Fox, Mice & Whale, Each With Magic Feathers To Take On A Trip To A Fairytale


Olga Makes Her Debut With Her Goslings, Fox, Mice & Whale, Each With Magic Feathers To Take On A Trip To A Fairytale

Portsmouth, NH (July 12, 2018) – Everyone knows that geese fly south in the winter but have been known to take a detour along the way. Olga is a true mother goose who brings her brood not from Canada but from France! Say hello to Moulin Roty’s newest line, Le Voyage d’Olga. Tykes can dream along with this fairy tale adventure of small, wild geese and their fellow travelers.

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“Our newest addition to the Moulin Roty collection,” revealed Robert Leuchtner, Founder & President of Magicforest®, importers of lush European toys, “is Olga, a magical goose. When Olga first came to the Magicforest®, her spirit inspired a story in me, a sort of prequel to Mother Goose. Olga’s feathers are magical and those that possess them are able to travel with her throughout the Magicforest® and beyond.”

The centerpiece of this new collection is mama Olga ($45), standing 15” tall and proud as she oversees a menagerie of forest animals – three goslings, two mice and a young fox. Just beyond the forest is a deep blue sea with a big blue whale named Josephine!

Parents and grandparents have the pleasure of choosing between a petit or large fox that both arrive wearing socks! Petit Chausett ($39) is 15” tall and is ideal for cuddling. Chausette ($55), with his perked ears, measures 22” with long arms just waiting to be toted about. (Chausette is French for “socks.”) Like all the Voyage of Olga animals, these foxes sport magic feathers.

As the 2018 Magicforest® catalog reveals, “cast in crisp colors against a pale blue sky, this unlikely troupe of brothers and sisters travel on their wonderful adventures and make amazing discoveries together. The great Voyage of Olga has begun!”

Look for this beautiful range of plush soft toy geese and animals in gentle blues, yellows, taupes and turquoise combinations coming to specialty stores before Spring 2018.

Olga • Newborn+ • $45Olga • Newborn+ • $45
Moulin Roty introduces Olga, the mother goose with cuddly soft taupe body, baby blue wings and a bright white belly. Measuring an armful 15”, Olga’s large wings are velvet. Splashed with magical feathers. Soft and sweet have never been so imaginative.

Olga’s Goslings • Newborn+ • $27.50
Choose one or collect all three of Olga’s children – Bambou, Plumette and Flechette — who measure
about 9” and wear feathers around their necks as good luck charms to offer to those they meet in theirtravels.

  • Bambou – a golden goose perhaps? Bambou has soft feathers and wings in yellow-gold printed cotton.
  • Plumette — the second of Olga’s flock, this little goose has blue-grey wings in velvet and linen.
  • Flechette – soft little gosling has distinct taupe and cream wings with floral printed cotton underneath.

15” Petit Chausette • Newborn+ • $39
Petite Chaussette is the little fox with socks and gentle friend of the wild geese. Babies love to cuddle his soft curly fur!

22” Chausette • Newborn+ • $55
Discover Chaussette the large fox with distinct socks. He wears lucky feathers around his neck as a souvenir of his many trips.

Josephine the Blue Whale • 23.5” • 10 month+ • $43

Josephine the Blue Whale • 23.5” • 10 month+ • $43
She’s reassuring, maternal and a quiet friend. Measuring almost 2 feet long, this soft blue whale has magical feathers in her spout.

Pablo The Mouse • 10 months+ • $27.50
Pablo is an adorable pale grey mouse with fabric-lined ears and blue plush stitched shoes, long wispy whiskers and removable turquoise velour fabric jacket. A fun soft toy mouse, he’s small enough to carry in a diaper bag or handbag. His outfit is completed by the little good-luck feathers he wears on his head.

Lisette The Mouse • 10 months+ • $27.50
Sweet Lisette is a pale grey plush mouse with pink plush stitched shoes; long wispy whiskers and removable velour fabric dress in bright mustard yellow with frilled short sleeves. She accompanies the whole wild geese family as they set out to discover the world. Like Pablo, she wears little good-luck feathers on her head.

Wonderful, enchanting, multi-cultural toys designed in France,Italy, and Australia have kept importer Magicforest® at the top of everyone’s must-have gift list for more than a dozen years! Lush brands Moulin Roty, Trudi, Sevi, Vilac, and Papoose make up the vast toy closet at Magicforest®.

For those that are new to the toy world, Moulin Roty from France produces wonderfully whimsical plush and uniquely fun novelties. Sevi is Europe’s oldest wooden toymaker since 1831. Trudi produces high quality hand-made plush toys including puppets. while Papoose Toys offers a full catalog of handmade fair-trade from Nepal and Indonesia.

Browsing is encouraged at www.magicforest.com or on any of their social media outlets.

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Celebrating its 14th year in business, Magicforest® is an American toy importer and proud to be the exclusive distributor of seven European brands including Moulin Roty — its flagship brand — currently sold in 900 specialty toy and gift shops. The company has a simple operating principle: provide the very best in children’s toys and games. They like to think of the Magicforest® as a friendly place where kids learn, play and grow. Plus parents are confident that their products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Find their wholesale site online at www.magicforest.com.

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