Tangle Free Parachute with Flashing Lights & Sky Scrapers Silver Streak Edition STEM-Themed & Rocket Scientist Lab Coats & NASA Jackets.

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Lake Barrington, IL (March 17, 2016) – If clothes make the man, can a Rocket Scientist lab coat in a kids’ size 6 make a NASA engineer? You’ll have to wait and see.  Today’s preschoolers can don the Aeromax collection of new brainy gear, such as the adorable STEM lab coat ($26.50) or an incredibly realistic NASA blue Flight Jacket ($39.95).

For almost two decades Aeromax has been promoting an aim for the stars philosophy, including the company logo that features a toy parachute. The skyward trend continues in 2016 with two aerodynamic toys – Flashing Light Tangle Free Parachute ($5.95) and for older kids, the Sky Scrapers Silver Streak ($9.95). These budget-friendly toys introduce physics, fun and performance that will amaze you.

Beyond toys, quality authentic dress-up has been a hallmark for Aeromax fans. Their Get Real Gear and My 1st Career Gear have won every toy industry award over the last 19 years! Parents will want to make room in the kid’s closets for the newest STEM-themed buttoned lab coats and NASA flight jackets designed for children and adults.

Once kids place their arms into these realistic looking lab coats and jackets, don’t be surprised if they start a penchant for tinkering! The items are enticing to girls as well as boys. With an emphasis on STEM and STEAM and even STREAM studies, the appealing apparel might be just the encouragement to launch a science career. Rocket scientist anyone? Pocket protectors and slide rule are optional!

Rocket Scientist Lab Coat • $27.95 • Sizes 4/6, 6/8, 8/10
When announcing all systems go…ready for lift off, you will need to look the part while manning the controls. This NASA-inspired white lab coat is made of a high quality poly/cotton blend. The words “Rocket Scientist” lets everyone know of your lofty goals. It’s embroidered in all caps above the pocket on the left chest. The colorful NASA patch is embroidered on the right chest.

STEM Lab Coat • $26.50 • Sizes 2/3 to Adult
Whether you lean toward science, technology, engineering or math, every budding scientist should have a white lab coat. This Aeromax lab coat makes kids look like a STEM Superstar.  Note the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math logo on the chest of this ¾ length lab coat. Three roomy pockets complete the crisp look.

Flight Jacket • $39.95 Youth to $56.95 Adult • Ages 5-12 and Adult
This handsome jacket is fully lined and is the perfect addition to all things space. Future astronauts and aeronautical engineers will love its looks and lightweight feel. Moms will love its quality and durability. Colorful, sewn-on patches, pencil pockets and sturdy zipper gives it an authentic NASA look. The American flag lets kids wear their patriotism on their sleeve. The Adult Flight Jacket is perfect for dress and play. The shell is 100% cotton and fully lined with 100% polyester. Choose jackets in Youth sizes Small (Ages 5-9) and Large (Ages 9-12). Adults can choose from 5 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.

Robot Helmet • $16.95 • Fits Most Ages 3-10
This sci-fi helmet is a great addition to the Robotic Engineer shirt. It’s designed so younger kids can be enchanted. Kids will adore rich details, like a moving visor and colorful artwork including exposed gear on the back. Look out for the next robotic creation! Take me to your leader!

Flashing Light Up Tangle Free Parachute • $5.95 • Ages 3+
For just a few dollars the world’s finest Tangle Free Toy Parachute, as stated by thousands of Aeromax customers, is now available with flashing lights. It has no strings to tangle and no assembly is required. This 2016 model comes in three bright colors — red, blue & green. Simply toss it high then watch it fly! Batteries included.

Sky Scrapers, Silver Streak Edition • $9.95 • Ages 9+
Bigger kids will be amazed that the Sky Scraper lives up to its name — able to leap a 10-story building with the pull of a string. Whoa! It soars over 100 feet without batteries. Simply pull the string and watch it fly through the sky.  Each pack includes a Launcher and 3 flying discs. Kids will be busy for hours upon hours of outdoor fun. Scan the QRC code to see it in action.

Aeromax products are found in hundreds of retail outlets coast to coast. Their toys and career clothing have been spotted in airports, museum shops, specialty toy stores and gift shops. Check out the entire line of products at, follow them on Facebook and subscribe on YouTube.

Mark Levine started Aeromax in 1997 with one product. Fans of Aeromax products appreciate how the company has become synonymous with innovation.  From its start with a tangle-free toy parachute to its “Get Real Gear” career-oriented costumes, toys, hats and accessories, Aeromax continually earns industry awards and national media recognition.