Kids Discover Sharing And Kindness When Playdates Include Aria The Alpaca, Brie The Bunny, Fiona The Fox, Sofie The Sloth & Piper The Unicorn

Cleveland, OH (November 22, 2020) – Rainbows and unicorns really do exist when youngsters venture into Sharewood Forest, the newest 18” plush doll collection from the toymakers at and Each of the eight Sharewood Forest Friends ($24.99 special seasonal price) come dressed in their one-of-a-kind adventure outfit that includes a pair of comfy pajamas with a sleeping mask. Unfolding the attached packaging reveals an enchanting bonus — a Sharewood Forest playscape! Every outfit and accessory in the collection can be mixed and matched with each of the cuddly 18” dolls.

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The five plush animals – an alpaca, bunny, fox, sloth and unicorn – arrive with a tale to tell. Boys and girls are invited to imagine frolicking through their forest. Best seller Fiona the Fox spends her days tending Goldenrod Gardens. When the flowers bloom and the fruits and vegetables grow strong, she uses the beautiful things she’s grown to make gifts for her best friends. She teaches youngsters how sharing her gifts is her favorite way to make everyone in Sharewood Forest happy.

Lillypad Lake is where you might find Sophie the Sloth, (an animal rarely seen in North America!) as she spends her time after school helping to keep the wildlife happy and the water clean. She’s always there to share an open heart and a listening ear when her friends need someone to talk to. Mosey on over to Moonflower Meadows and look for Brie the Bunny. Plan to play games amongst the beautiful wildflowers and have picnics in the soft green grass.

Share a warm hug and overcome any fears with Piper the Unicorn. She can be found at Bellflower Bridge or splashing in Clover Creek when the days grow hot. Keep an ear out for Aria the Alpaca who sings from the top of the Marigold Mountains every day, bringing happiness and smiles to everyone in Sharewood Forest.

The Sharewood Forest Collection is a wonderful introduction to imaginative play. Here boys and girls can safely role play, with no goals, just spontaneous adventures. Using the back stories from each forest animal, these snuggly 18” dolls provide supportive, warm interactions and build relationships. As mom and dad peek in on their adventures, they can observe a child’s budding interests and have a better understanding of how they communicate.


Not only are the Sharewood Forest Friends all about kindness, they also love to share! Sharewood residents can share ensembles with any 18″ doll. Each Forest Friend comes with an enchanting playscape that reveals their favorite Sharewood Forest landmark. Collect all five adventurous friends to transform the bedroom or the family room into Sharewood Forest.

Families already familiar with Playtime by Emmie dolls will be joyous at the three new additions under the Sharewood Forest brand, Eimmie, Kaylie and Allie arrive with two outfits each – one for day and cozy pajamas for a restful sleep. Each doll measures 18” and their clothing are interchangeable with each other. In fact, all eight new 18” plush pals can share clothes with beloved dolls such as Playtime by Eimmie, American Girl, and Our Generation.

Sharewood Forest Friends come in a reusable box that can be unfolded to reveal an adventure-worthy playscape. Discover them all online at – Each is safe and fun for children of all ages and priced at $39.99 each, with a special seasonal offer of Buy One, Get One Free through the holidays.


Aria The Alpaca
Aria arrives donning a plaid skirt and cozy shawl. an adorable blue and pink dress that is as soft as is unique. Her matching plaid hairbow completes her daytime look. When it’s time for bed, Aria’s cozy pajama set, and sleep mask make for the best cuddles. Unfold Aria’s packaging to reveal the Marigold Mountain playscape.


Brie The Bunny
Brie arrives donning a pink scalloped dress that’s made for skipping through Sharewood Forest. Her matching flower headwear completes her adorable ensemble. Unfold Brie’s packaging to reveal the Moonflower Meadows playscape. After a day of adventures, tuck Brie in bed wearing pajamas and a sleep mask.


Fiona The Fox
Look at stylish Fiona with a faux-denim jumpsuit dress with a classy white tee. Her matching denim headband completes her look. Fiona’s favorite place in Sharewood Forest is Goldenrod Gardens — unfold her packaging to reveal this magical playscape. At night, change her outfit to comfy pjs and a sleep mask.


Sophie The Sloth
With a matching headband, Sofie arrives in an adorable blue and pink dress that is as soft as it is unique. Did you know her favorite place in Sharewood Forest is Lilypad Lake? Take a tour by unfolding Sofie’s packaging to reveal the lake playscape. Like all forest friends, she comes with a set of pajamas and a sleep mask.

Piper the unicorn -from Sharewood Forest Friends

Piper The Unicorn
Who likes sparkles? This unicorn arrives in a sparkly purple and pink tutu dress that is just as spunky as she is. Piper’s unique leggings complete her look. Let her take you to her favorite place in Sharewood Forest. Unfold Piper’s packaging to reveal the Bellflower Bridge playscape.


Pigtails and a green jumper are the first things you notice about Allie. Allie’s favorite place in all of Sharewood is the playground! Unfold the fun playground playscape and start an indoor adventure, no matter the weather or season outside. Tuck her in bed with her enclosed pajama set.


Eimmie comes all dolled up, complete with a pink hair bow and stripey socks! A set of cozy pajamas and matching sleep mask is a trademark of all Playtime by Eimmie characters. Eimmie’s favorite place in all of Sharewood is her clubhouse. Start an adventure by unfold her clubhouse playscape.


Kaylie’s favorite place in all of Sharewood is her boutique! Being 18” tall and a smart dresser, it’s her yellow, white and purple long-striped-legs that you notice first. Her pretty ruffled dress, with a purple belt tied in a bow, looks so chic. Unfold her playscape and shop through her boutique. As the sun goes down, change outfits into a pajama set is covered with hearts, a symbol of her loving spirit.

Amazon shoppers can find all of these collectible plush pals at Plushible Bridging Miles With Smiles for $34.49 with free shipping and a $5 coupon.

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