Newcomer Sharingland Wins Seven Toy Industry Contests Including Tillywig Fun Award, Hot Diggity, Creative Child and Mom’s Choice


Newcomer Sharingland Wins Seven Toy Industry Contests Including Tillywig Fun Award, Hot Diggity, Creative Child and Mom’s Choice

San Antonio, Texas (November 12, 2018) – Plan on buying that big roll of holiday giftwrap as newcomer Sharingland, makers of enchanting cardboard playsets, has the perfect present for wide-eyed boys and girls. Once unwrapped and opened to its full potential, these magical playhouses measure 45 inches tall by 45 inches wide! More than just works of art inside and out, the five themed sturdy playhouses spark imaginations and sharing.

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The five pop-up playhouses — including Ancestral Teepee ($99.00) and Windmill Farm ($99.00) — are sturdy and inviting for active preschoolers. Children intuitively know how to explore the inside of a very large box. However, these playhouse kits are not just cardboard boxes; they are a starter point for a memorable adventure.Ancestral Teepee ($99.00)Ancestral Tepee is full of accessories to imagine another place and time. Kids transform into character wearing the Chieftain Headdress or Tribe Vests while holding a tomahawk. Go ahead and dance around the teepee adorned with a Bull Head and Spirit Animal totem pole.

Sharingland Windmill Farm ($99.00)Down on the Windmill Farm, little ones position the three pigs and rooster while wearing a farmer’s hat and denim overalls (all included!). Friendly social play comes naturally between siblings or a playdate buddy.

Each of the five playhouses boasts 90% recycled and 100% recyclable materials that comply with the all-important CPSC safety requirements. Parents appreciate the easy-to-assemble and easy-to-store kits that sit flat in a closet, on a shelf or under a child’s bed.

And now, there are seven more reasons to love Sharingland’s 2018 Collection. All themed playhouses, including Grand Palace, Space Odyssey and Epic Castle, earned kudos from (count ‘em):
Sharingland Playhouses Awards

“Children react to Sharingland pop-up playhouses as though they have just stepped into another world,” begins the glowing review by Tillywig Toy Awards – Top Fun 2018, “one where anything and everything is possible! Stunningly designed and gorgeously illustrated inside and out, these sturdy cardboard playhouses stir kids’ imaginations and spur them to great heights of creative play. Currently available in five diverse models (Grand Palace, Epic Castle, Space Odyssey, Ancestral Teepee and Windmill Farm), each set comes with a unique set of characters, wearables and accessories that inspire spontaneous storylines and endless play. These colorful, roomy structures (45″ x 45″ x 45″ assembled) easily accommodate multiple children, providing a haven for constructive social interaction and soaring adventures!”

For those with tight spaces at home, consider Sharingland’s smart design of now-you-see-it, now-we fold-it- away! Wrote one National Parenting Products Awards tester: “Great packaging! The package is the storage! The box is also flat and fits almost everything that comes in the box. Easy to store under a bed, in a closet or behind a desk (these are all places I have tried, as I have a very small space and storage is KEY for me).”

Grab that giant roll of giftwrap and look for these playhouses online, at the Grommet and Uncommon Goods online, on Amazon soon and in specialty stores:

Ancestral Teepee Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99Ancestral Teepee Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99
The geometric folds of this teepee resemble a work of art with pretty patterns and accessories. Look for the Dreamcatcher tucked inside! Upon its launch in New York earlier this year, the tepee kit lauded another honor — 2018 Best New Product Award 2018 • NY Now Home, Lifestyle + Gift Show.

Windmill Farm Playhouse • Ages 3+ • $99.99Windmill Farm Playhouse • Ages 3+ • $99.99
The rooster wind compass atop the playhouse let’s everyone know which way the wind is blowing today! Play Old McDonald with a straw hat, denim overalls and an oink oink here (3 little piggies) and a cock-a-doodle-doo there (1 rooster).

Epic Castle Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99

Epic Castle Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99“What a fun family activity as everyone pitched in to assemble this beautifully illustrated, brightly colored playset,” wrote the Hot Diggity Awards judge. “We tested “The Epic Castle” which was very easy to put together and in no time, we had a brilliant castle with fun props for dress up. The materials are sturdy and all the pieces fit nicely into the box after playtime is over. The kids loved the castle, as it wasn’t like any other cardboard playset we’ve seen. The price point is a bit high but worth the splurge as I see this set lasting a long time. Great for photo ops and birthday party fun.”

Space Odyssey Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99Space Odyssey Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99
It’s been almost 50 years since man first landed on the moon. Reignite the passion for an out-of-this-world adventure with this space capsule, all ready for take-off. Added pieces like jetpacks, tele-transporter armbands and a few Martians (!) makes this a memorable way to introduce STEM subjects.

Grand Palace Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99
Grand Palace Playhouse Kit • Ages 3+ • $99.99With so many royal weddings this year, being a Princess is a newsworthy event. Hail, hail the make pretending with a sparkling Tiara and a Magical Scepter. Fairy wings, Palace flags, Royal Armor and a 45” x 45” x 45” palace create the perfect setting for a young princess!

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Helping kids unleash their full potential by learning the value of sharing and imagination is the motto of Sharingland, a subsidiary of “e3 – estrategia, equilibrio, evolución S.A. de C.V.”, the Mexican-based cardboard products manufacturer. Over the last decade, e3 has specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing cardboard products in México and North America. Discover their playful world at


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